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California Automobile Compliance History

There is no need to move any further to sell your auto junk in New Franklin, Firestone Park, or the Portage Lakes—we will tow it away.   To get cash for scrap cars from BJC, those in Norton, Brimfield, and Uniontown can simply contact our vehicle buyer to see how much money for a scrap car you can receive. Many are potentially still in denial throughout Tallmadge, Peninsula, and Granger Township that they truly need old car removal—move that junky car! Want to get cash for cars in Canal Fulton, Coventry Township, or the Chapel Hill area? Contact the area’s top scrap car hauler and junk vehicle removal service

The University of Indiana’s 2017 study regarding the auto industry and environmental compliance told us some interesting historical information as follows: “Traditionally California has taken an aggressive leadership role in seeking to reduce auto emissions. In the late 1960’s, the state pioneered the plan, which is over a decade prior to the federal government’s initial programs. During the Clinton and George W. Bush governments, environmental proponents and their allies among the CA lawmakers started increasingly disenchanted with the U.S government’s management of the CAFE program. Despite oppositions from the auto makers and dealerships, the state legislature passed AB 1493, which set limits on GHG emissions from new automobiles vehicles sold in the state. The law called for CARB to generate significant reductions in GHGs, and it set some standards for cars starting in the 2009 model year.

This level for year 2016 is approximately 36 miles per gallon. The state governments in NY and MA have also pursued some goals regarding these issues. Opponents claimed that the state did not have the independent authority to set their own set of standards, citing federal priority. A federal court back in 2007 did confirm that CA may proceed with their regulations. The Obama environmental departments took sought guidance from CA when working through their policies based on their longer period of handling these issues. Ultimately, the federal goals became fairly similar to those in California. In 2012, automakers that were compliant could basically use either regulation as their barometer because they were essentially the same. Currently, the state’s standards extend no further than the federal ones as it relates to compliance.” The full study is available here.

Summit County Scrap Car Hauler

We strive to have a positive environmental impact in efforts to protect vital resources. Your old broken down vehicle is likely a headache for owners in Kenmore, North Akron, and Doylestown and is auto junk. The process of paying cash for scrap cars is one of our core functions in Sharon Center, Mogadore, & Stow. Today is a great day to let go of that crappy car in Monroe Falls, East Akron, Silver Lake —call for old car removal The work of a scrap car hauler isn’t the most exciting work, but we strive to deliver satisfactory results with friendly service in Wadsworth, Medina and Kent.


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Non-Running Vehicles Must be Removed

Recently the cash for scrap cars market has been poor in New Franklin, Firestone Park, and Highland Square, due to economic problems in the steel industry. We will send an appropriate truck for damaged vehicle removal in the greater Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna localities. It is in accordance with local law and environmental standards that junk my car provides in the Merriman Valley, Bath, and Lakemore abide by. From our website at http://www.Cash4CarsAkron.com you can receive a quote for an old car in Clinton, Rootstown, or Mogadore. We have long been scrapping cars in the Portage County region of northeast Ohio, including Shalersville.  We are a recycler with a commitment to “green” practices, our auto recycling of steel uses 60% less energy.

“If you have one or more inoperable autos stored outside on your property, it’s time to transport them indoors. If not, you could receive plenty in fines and even jail time. Effective Oct. 3, NY State has adopted the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code, which states in section 302.8: “Other than as provided for in other regulations, no non-running or unlicensed autos shall be parked, kept or left on any premises, and no auto shall at any time be in a condition of major disassembly, disrepair, or in the process of being recycled or dismantled. The painting of cars is prohibited unless done inside an approved spraying booth.” There is an exclusion that states that “a car of any type is allowed to undergo major overhaul, including auto body repair, provided that repairs are performed inside a garage or some enclosed area geared and approved for that purpose.”


Auto mechanics that are accepted by the local city would be exempt assuming the vehicles were there for service work and not a dump for junk cars, according to Roger Cook, enforcement officer. Motor vehicles are all this law refers to. NY’s prior property maintenance code stated residents could have at least (1) unlicensed or inoperable car on their property, but the one doesn’t allow such an allowance. The consequences for violating such laws will result in a maximum penalty of up to $1K per day from the day of citation, or 15 days in jail. Cook says the enforcement starts when they observe an offending vehicle or get a complaint and they issue a mailing of the violation to the property owner. Then–he or she 30 days remove the car. If the auto is not moved, they must appear in court. If the auto is removed the vehicle by a 30 day limit there aren’t fines or penalties.

They seek compliance, when we notice these we’ll let people know they are violating and give them a adequate time. Cook said he felt it important for residents to comprehend that this is NY law, and not one that was enacted here locally. The code was formed by a development group that was appointed consisting of representatives of the (3) members of the ICC, including representatives. The code is based on principles intended to create provisions consistent with the range of a reasonable property maintenance law that protects the environment.” The full article is available here.

Obtain cash for scrap cars

Millions of cars breakdown annually needing damaged vehicle removal in the Portage Lakes, Norton, Brimfield, far too many of these end up residing in driveways and yards. Most people aren’t aware they are eligible for junk my car service now in Tallmadge, Peninsula, and Granger Township. Our purpose is to provide quicker, stress-free quote for an old car the areas of Rolling Acres, Coventry Township, and Chapel Hill. We are committed to being the fastest method for scrapping cars, a simple solution to get paid for a junk vehicle in the region of Hudson, or from Firestone Service locations and Conrad’s shops.   

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Vehicle Lender Banned

Cash 4 Cars Akron operates in a field involving auto recycling of junk cars. The auto scrap and recycling business is far from glamourous, working with junk car scrap. Are you seeking someone to buy my junk car today? We pay cash for scrap cars 6 days a week and are an environmental advocate. Recycling your old car with us is the responsible way to dispose of an end-of-life vehicle. Contact us today for fast cash with complimentary scrap vehicle removal.

In a recent May article in the News Herald titled ‘Online car title lender banned from NC for unlawful loans’ we learned the following: “An online auto title lender charging outrageous interest rates & took consumers’ cars with little to no warning is now banned from loaning in NC. Attorney General Roy Cooper says those who needed extra money deserved a loan–not a ripped off.  NC had made illegal loans with excessive interest rates. The lender does business as Autoloans, Car Loan, Sovereign Lending Solutions and Title Loan America. Average interest rates were 250+%  on $1K to $2.5 amounts. Title loans are low dollar loans secured by consumers’ car titles. NC law caps the rates on such loans at 30% for licensed lenders and at 16% for those who are unlicensed, such as the defendant.

Over 700 NC consumers took out title loans from them. In addition to charging interest rates of between 160-575%, most of the loans included “interest only’ payments for the first 11 months and a last “balloon” payment. The lawsuit contends that when consumers couldn’t make their payments, the defendants repossessed the vehicles illegally. The lender sent borrowers a GPS tracker to install on their vehicle, while placing a lien on their vehicles. If a consumer paid late or missed a payment, the defendants used the GPS tracker to find & assume repossession of the vehicle.

Affidavits filed with the suit show examples: A Greensboro, NC couple took out a loan from TLA to help with medically-related expenses. They paid over $3,300 on a $2,000 original loan and were told they owed a final balloon payment of $1,700—which they didn’t know because they never received a copy of the agreement. The couple could not make the payment and the lender repossessed their car and sold it at auction.

A Garner borrower of $1,250 paid more than $4K on the loan but was told he owed almost $4,500 more. He asked for an extension and was denied–the defendants still towed it & sold it. A suit is underway and the company and its owners are barred from conducting such business in NC. AG Cooper says consumers who are desperate for fast cash may be pressured to overlook the red flags of a bad loan. The complete article is available at http://www.morganton.com/news/online-car-title-lender-banned-from-nc-for-unlawful-loans/article_cba9dec6-1308-11e6-b1bb-47dd6030d857.html

Who will buy my junk car?

When the auto recycling of junk cars takes place, our auto scrap process involves reusing, recycling and repurposing. Those seeking cash for scrap cars are encouraged to call us at (330) 271-6464 for a junk car quote. Our price for junk car scrap includes pick up and removal of the vehicle. Our organization advocates waste diversion by aiming to reuse & recycle as much as possible. We seek to have favorable environmental outcomes and to preserve and protect resources.

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Junk Car Windshield Recycling

Junk Car Windshield Recycling

Our next article on the wonderful world of auto and scrap recycling takes a look at auto glass. Who hasn’t had a chip in or struggled to view out of a cracked automobile windshield? As a company that pays cash for scrap cars and buys junk cars for cash, we are constantly encountering vehicle glass. Scrap yards that but cars will generally not be concerned with the condition of a windshield in most cases. If you have a good running vehicle with a windshield related problem, the options are to repair it or to replace it. A good rule of thumb is that repair is possible for chips under ½ inch or cracks measuring less than 3 inches in length. The location of the damage is also a concern, as if the damage is directly in your field of vision, the repaired area may be slightly “blurred”. Obviously, a repair is less costly than a replacement and you may have to consider your individual auto insurance situation when deciding.

According to recycling.about.com there are about 15M windshields replaced in the US annually; this is an equivalent of 600 million lbs. of landfill waste. Rick LeBlanc, a contributor on recycling.about.com, has a post titled ‘Windshield Recycling Programs Launched’ with the following info: “Recycling of windshields is more complicated than the recycling of (i.e.) glass bottles because of their design; formed from 2 layers of glass sandwiching a plastic film of PVB. This design not only reduces the risk to people from flying glass in the event of impact, but also helps keep people inside the vehicle in a collision. So, windshield recycling falls within the realm of both glass and plastic recycling.

Process of Recycling

The recycling process involves pulverizing the windshields, and then a further step that involves separating the plastic film from crushed glass. The glass isn’t used in new windshield manufacturing, but various programs indicate that the glass material is used for fiberglass insulation, concrete blocks, as well as bottles. The plastic material is used for applications such as carpet glue.” Here is the link to the complete story:  http://recycling.about.com/od/Singlestreamrecycling/a/Windshield-Recycling-Programs-Launched.htm

Ohio Company Recycling Auto Glass

A large service provider is located right here in Ohio. Safelite Auto Glass, in Columbus, received many accolades for its social responsibility. Their website lists them as “Safelite Glass Corp., honored for its sustainability efforts with a Manufacturing Leadership Award, sponsored by Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturing Council.” Furthermore, they have a written code relating to excellence in social responsibility& ethics and their site states that they “comply with all environmental laws & other appropriate requirements, seeking best environmental practice wherever possible.”

Cash 4 Cars Akron is a locally-based cash for scrap cars buyer. We buy junk cars for cash for the purposes of environmentally sound recycling. There are many scrap yards that buy cars; however, few of them exhibit friendly & honest service in addition to cash for scrap cars. If looking to junk cars for cash in the areas of Kent, Peninsula, Firestone Park or Highland Square, give us a call at (330) 271-6464. If seeking out scrap yards that buy cars in Barberton, Ravenna, Springfield Township, or the Merriman Valley, then look no further than C4C Akron. Getting cash for scrap cars in Bath, Canal Fulton, Silver Lake and Canton is a “no-brainer”. Make the call to Cash 4 Cars Akron regardless of whether you have a wrecked car, damaged car or broken down car. We serve the areas of Copley, Mogadore, Warren and Stow, as well as the regions of Lakemore, Clinton, Medina and Coventry Township. If your car is facing costly repair bills from a repair shop such as Conrad’s or Firestone, located in Cuyahoga Falls, the Portage Lakes, Fairlawn or Norton—we will buy it. Sell your old car for cash in Monroe Falls, Tallmadge, New Franklin, Massillon or Kenmore by calling the junk car removal experts!

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Auto Trend Update

Auto Trend Update

A new year is here and we look at new trends within the auto industry. Although it will be years before we handle junk car removal of new cars, it’s good to look ahead. We pay cash for scrap cars and offer sellers a price for scrap cars along with about 25 other scrap yards that buy cars in Summit County. Joann Muller with Forbes released an article titled ‘5 Big Trends Driving the Auto Industry in 2015’ that featured the following highlights: “The U.S. auto industry is looking forward to a strong 2015, with sales likely to top 17 million units. A better economy, rising consumer confidence & easier access to credit have created ideal market conditions to put the 2009 crisis firmly in the rearview mirror. Here’s a look at five big ones (trends):

  1. More subcompact SUVs–like the Jeep Renegade, Honda HR-V & Mazda MX-3. Tiny but flexible crossovers targeted at young, urban explorers. Demand among U.S. buyers is uncertain, but these compact SUVs have huge global potential.
  2. Competition in the pickup truck segment, with the 3 big U.S. automakers vying for supremacy in both performance & fuel economy. Both Toyota & Nissan launching new pickups in 2015.
  3. In-car technology is becoming a major buying consideration. Automakers are redesigning their infotainment systems to make them safer & easier to use. Ford is dumping its ‘MyFordTouch’ system in favor of easier-to-use technology.
  4. Gas prices aren’t the concern they used to be, which is why sales of high-performance sports cars like the new Acura NSX & Cadillac CTS-V should pop this year.
  5. Even with falling gas prices, carmakers are experimenting with new powertrain technologies to meet new laws on fuel economy. Honda has a new FCV fuel-cell concept at the Detroit auto show, while Toyota will start selling its Mirai fuel cell vehicle in CA.”
    The complete article is available at this link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/joannmuller/2015/01/05/5-big-trends-driving-the-auto-industry-in-2015/2/

Reflecting on this article, a few questions arise to me:

  • Is the new in-car technology is necessary? The majority is “copy-cat” that overlaps with what our mobile devices do already. Gimmick type technology evolves very quickly and if its development & implementation results in higher car prices, it could negatively affect sales. Also, the recent emphasis on reducing distracting driving may be contrary to the upswing of in-car technology & increase accident potential.
  • Per Truecar.com, the average US new vehicle transaction is $30,000+. Is this good or bad news? Let’s assume a 5-year loan on a $30,000 car. This scenario shows a $500 auto payment for a term of (60) months, which doesn’t include interest; therefore, we will estimate the payment of $530/monthly. At $530/monthly, we then add full-coverage auto insurance (required on financed vehicles) which based on the value of the car, is likely $70/monthly. Next, add costs of fuel & maintenance which we’ll estimate to be $90/monthly. The result is a monthly expense of $700. Annual US median household income is about $50,000, which equates to $4100/monthly making the $700 payment 17% of income. The problem is this: $4,100 is the household’s gross pay and net pay (take-home) is likely $3200, thus the $700 of auto expense becomes 22% of monthly income. More importantly, this is based on household income, which potentially means that both husband & wife (for example) could have $700/mo. in auto expenses. $1400/monthly is over 40% of the monthly income in this example, which is a dangerous recipe for potential default.

Looking to get cash for scrap cars? Our junk car removal service will provide a price for scrap cars that is competitive among the scrap yards that buy cars. Get cash for scrap cars in Barberton, Bath, Clinton, Cuyahoga Falls, Fairlawn, Firestone Park and Norton.  Is your damaged car at a repair shop in Monroe Falls, Peninsula, Tallmadge, New Franklin or Wadsworth in need of costly repairs? Get a price for scrap cars today and junk car removal in Silver Lake, Copley, Coventry Township and Springfield Township by calling 330-271-6464 today.

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Junk Auto Battery Site

Junk Auto Battery Site

A soon to be junk auto battery site is opening focused on recycling items through cash for scrap cars. Junk car haulers often specialize is certain niches. We chose our Akron scrap my car site because we wanted to remain local. On November 7, 2014 WTRF.com (News 7) posted a story named ‘Company to use former Weirton, WV football stadium to expand battery recycling business.’ Here are some excerpts from the article: “An abandoned stadium in Weirton has found new life as a recycling center. GA-based Metal Conversion Technologies will use the Jimmy Carey property in Weirton to expand its battery recycling operation. Owner John Patterson says this facility will address the growing need to recycle electric vehicle batteries, as well as other lithium-ion batteries. The business will initially employ about 12 people, but he hopes to expand into other recycling efforts. Mr. Patterson felt that easy access to the Pittsburgh International Airport and the Akron/Canton Regional Airport is a plus. Family-owned and operated MCT established its battery recycling facility in Cartersville, just 40 miles north of Atlanta and has recycled more than 9,500 tons of batteries.” The full story is available at www.wtrf.com

Those in the cash for scrap cars business are certainly eager to see how the scrap market prices will be impacted when electric (battery powered) cars begin to enter the (ELV) end of-life vehicle arena over the next 5-7 years or so. Could it be possible that junk car haulers will be paying more for these cars due to the presence of these electric car batteries? Here at Cash 4 Cars Akron, an Akron scrap my car company, we think that overall the electric vehicles will ultimately be about the same cost as standard vehicles. When we pay cash for scrap cars currently, the weight of the gas-driven vehicles will typically be higher (more scrap value) and since these electric vehicles do not have catalytic converters to drive the scrap value of the car, things should remain about the same. Where is an Akron “”scrap my car” facility? Where is a good place to get cash for scrap cars in Cuyahoga Falls, Stow or Tallmadge? Visit our website http://www.cash4carsakron.com for a junk car quote. We service most of Summit County, including the cities of Barberton, Norton and Copley. We are a junk car hauler offering free towing in the areas of Kenmore, Ellet, Firestone Park and the Portage Lakes as well.