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California Automobile Compliance History

There is no need to move any further to sell your auto junk in New Franklin, Firestone Park, or the Portage Lakes—we will tow it away.   To get cash for scrap cars from BJC, those in Norton, Brimfield, and Uniontown can simply contact our vehicle buyer to see how much money for a scrap car you can receive. Many are potentially still in denial throughout Tallmadge, Peninsula, and Granger Township that they truly need old car removal—move that junky car! Want to get cash for cars in Canal Fulton, Coventry Township, or the Chapel Hill area? Contact the area’s top scrap car hauler and junk vehicle removal service

The University of Indiana’s 2017 study regarding the auto industry and environmental compliance told us some interesting historical information as follows: “Traditionally California has taken an aggressive leadership role in seeking to reduce auto emissions. In the late 1960’s, the state pioneered the plan, which is over a decade prior to the federal government’s initial programs. During the Clinton and George W. Bush governments, environmental proponents and their allies among the CA lawmakers started increasingly disenchanted with the U.S government’s management of the CAFE program. Despite oppositions from the auto makers and dealerships, the state legislature passed AB 1493, which set limits on GHG emissions from new automobiles vehicles sold in the state. The law called for CARB to generate significant reductions in GHGs, and it set some standards for cars starting in the 2009 model year.

This level for year 2016 is approximately 36 miles per gallon. The state governments in NY and MA have also pursued some goals regarding these issues. Opponents claimed that the state did not have the independent authority to set their own set of standards, citing federal priority. A federal court back in 2007 did confirm that CA may proceed with their regulations. The Obama environmental departments took sought guidance from CA when working through their policies based on their longer period of handling these issues. Ultimately, the federal goals became fairly similar to those in California. In 2012, automakers that were compliant could basically use either regulation as their barometer because they were essentially the same. Currently, the state’s standards extend no further than the federal ones as it relates to compliance.” The full study is available here.

Summit County Scrap Car Hauler

We strive to have a positive environmental impact in efforts to protect vital resources. Your old broken down vehicle is likely a headache for owners in Kenmore, North Akron, and Doylestown and is auto junk. The process of paying cash for scrap cars is one of our core functions in Sharon Center, Mogadore, & Stow. Today is a great day to let go of that crappy car in Monroe Falls, East Akron, Silver Lake —call for old car removal The work of a scrap car hauler isn’t the most exciting work, but we strive to deliver satisfactory results with friendly service in Wadsworth, Medina and Kent.


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PE Vehicle Demand Analysis

Processes of recycling auto junk should be done with the environment in mind in areas like Peninsula, Granger Township, and Canal Fulton.  We now offer junk my car services directly from transmission shops, local Goodyear stores, and Midas locations. If you are in search of a sell my car for cash buyer in Coventry Township, Chapel Hill, or Hudson, you have reached a good place. When you take action to sell us your car in Brimfield, Uniontown, and Tallmadge, the process of scrap recycling begins.

The UCLA Alternative Renewable Fuel Vehicle and Tech Program discussed the demand for such automobiles: “The South Bay area is leading the way in adopting plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) in SoCal. By 2015, the region was home to 22 census districts in the top 20% for PEV registrations across LA County. Overall, the region is home to over 5,000 PEV drivers. This section provides a view of where the demand is the greatest and where this demand is greatest among multiple-unit dwellings (MUD). The latter is determined using a likelihood to purchase score that estimates PEV demand based on historical PEV buying trends and income levels and MUD value. Localities and other interested parties can prioritize neighborhood marketing and organizational efforts.

Consistent with statewide trends, early PEV drivers are more likely to be upper income households. The Beach Cities, the Peninsula Cities and the City of Torrance account for over 75% of PEV registrations. When moderate-income households begin to consider PEVs as a viable transportation solution, registrations will expand beyond the upper-income census regions. Regions with high PEV registration and a high volume of MUDs are possibly going to exhibit higher demand. If these individuals don’t have accessible home charging, it is may inhibit adoption by being a constraint to those areas with PEV adoption potential. In Manhattan & Hermosa Beach there are many duplexes & triplexes, and outreach should include this MUD segment. The Torrance region consists mostly of larger MUDs (20-49-unit and 50+ units).The per unit cost of implementing charging capability can be reduced if multiple units share the cost. The complete story is available here.

Summit County Auto Junk

We are now towing away auto junk throughout the regions of Highland Square, Copley, and Barberton, OH. To efficiently use our junk my car services in Ravenna, Merriman Valley, and Bath, contact us at (330) 271-6464. Complimentary towing of the old vehicle is included in our sell my car for cash program from the regions of Lakemore, Clinton, and Rootstown.  Our sell us your car recycling program is the latest in fast removal from areas such as the Rolling Acres area, the Portage Lakes, and Doylestown. Automobiles are one of the leading recycled products in the US; and recycling saves over 75M barrels of oil, normally lost in manufacturing newer components.

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Economic Changes in Automobile Market

Abandoned and unwanted cars, trucks and vans in Tallmadge, Peninsula, and Granger Township should be directed to our auto buyer.  Those located in the areas such as Rolling Acres, Coventry Township, and Chapel Hill should make efforts to reduce auto junk. We can retrieve junk yard bound vehicles from the Hudson area, Firestone Service Centers, and Conrad’s locations to buy junk cars. Owners of junky unwanted vehicles in the Portage Lakes, Norton, and Brimfield can rest assured that we buy cars for cash. Did you know that it can be hazardous to drain used auto fluids is ways that could harm our water, land and other key needs?

Matthew DeBord in a November 2016 article in Business Insider predicts as follows: “Trump won the presidential vote by winning the American heartland, the base of the auto industry. Ohio went for Trump, and in a real shocker, Michigan leaned for him also. Trump tangled with auto-industry leaders during the vote, including Ford CEO Mark Fields, over starting manufacturing actions in Mexico and taking credit for retaining production back to the US from Mexico. With US auto sales at high levels, the 2009 bailouts & bankruptcies of GM and Chrysler weren’t talked about, but they remain a notable legacy of the Obama team. What does Trump in the top seat mean for the US auto industry?

The auto manufacturers want to build cars in Mexico so that they can better make smaller vehicles that otherwise lack profit, with SUV & crossovers leading the US market. NAFTA allows them to utilize cheaper labor, in an area that has committed to being an auto-making powerhouse now. This can become politically more difficult, based on what really happens with NAFTA over the next 4 years. With a possible structural change in the US & other global markets toward SUVS, it’s going to gradually be a losing effort for the carmakers to build compact vehicles in the US. If unable to move production around, they have to limit US production, which will hurt if gas prices rise and consumers change their buying habits.

Trump already mistakenly to some credit for preventing a Ford plant from relocating to Mexico. He thought it was a Lincoln plant, but only a tiny number of Lincoln SUVs are made there, compared with the same truck as a Ford Escape. US auto number will likley match last year’s record total of 17.5M. Most market experts think that will continue through 2017 before dipping as the market drops back to something in around 16M. Overall market instability, combined with consumer fear about the future, could carry on a cyclical decline. Trump feelings on Wall Street led to a short-term stock rally, the Federal Reserve could — given the present full-employment — decide to heighten interest rates to cool off the economy, prevent inflation, and provide necessary space to reduce rates if a recession arrives.

That would hinder auto sales, although other things, such as low gas prices and high average vehicle age, could maintain a bit longer. Automakers could get a pause on higher fuel-economy standards. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) principles are supposed to rise considerably for automakers retailing vehicles in the US by 2025 — that’s the MPGs that the car makers have to reach on average for all their vehicles to satisfy regulators. The majority of vehicles sold are currently bigger trucks and SUV, the lofty new CAFE goals are at running counter to the market. Electric vehicles & hybrid cars have not been selling, making it harder for carmakers to make these vehicles for compliance. Automakers have been pushing back against the restrictions, and a Republican Administration is likely to be more help to their case. The article can be viewed in its entirety at http://www.businessinsider.com/trump-presidency-will-impact-us-auto-industry-2016-11

An Established Junk Auto Buyer

Your junk car will have travel down to our auto buyer and be recycled for all those residing in Wadsworth, Kent, and New Franklin, OH.  Depending on the condition, auto junk from Firestone Park, Highland Square, and Copley will be salvaged quickly and efficiently. We will buy junk cars from Barberton, Ravenna, and the Merriman Valley, making it easy, quick, and free of any charge. Selling your junk car with our cars for cash operation in Bath, Lakemore, and Clinton is likely able to be done fast.


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Scrap Vehicle Tire Pyrolysis

If your car, truck or van is officially auto junk, we are available to pick it up in Clinton, Medina, and Rootstown, OH. We are proudly offering same-day auto scrap services throughout the Portage Lakes, Norton, and Brimfield areas. Those residents of Tallmadge, Peninsula, and Granger Township seeking cash for wrecked cars are in luck. The process of junk car scrap insures that the maximum percentage of the vehicle in recycled in the Rolling Acres, Coventry Township, and Chapel Hill areas. We will pay you money for a junk car, but keep in mind that the market pricing is way down right now.

According to the US Department of Agriculture report “Pyrolysis is the warming of a material, in the absence of oxygen.  Since no oxygen is involved, the material doesn’t combust but all chemical compounds (i.e. cellulose, hemicellulose etc.) which make up the material thermally break into combustible gases & charcoal.  Many of the combustible gases can be reduced into a liquid, known as pyrolysis oil, though there are present permanent gases (CO­2, CO, H2, light hydrocarbons).”

The following is an excerpt on auto tire recycling from Vulcan Systems: “Americans throw away over 300M tires each year. Most states have forbidden discarding tires into landfills due to space-related concerns and the air & methane brought about during the disposal. Another system, burning, is dejected due to the discharge of carcinogens and other toxins into the air, as well as starting fires that are hard to extinguish, often smoldering for days. Thankfully, junk tires can be recycled via another method – pyrolysis – which involves braking them down into their original materials.

In the system of pyrolysis, tires are heated with an absence of. The tires melt its polymers break down into tiny molecules which eventually vaporize & leave the reactor. The vapors are finally burned to generate power or condensed into an oily liquid that can be used as fuel. Greater molecules that can’t be condensed continue as a gas and are used to supply heat to facilitate this process. The minerals & carbon in the tire (nearly 40% of the weight) are extracted as a solid. The steel wiring in the tire is removed using magnets and are then recycled. The left-over materials are a carbonaceous char, which then can be converted into carbon black. Carbon black is utilized in the making of new tires & other rubber-related goods. It can also be utilized as a fuel source in generating power and kilns.

Tire pyrolysis produces many different products, each with unique benefits:

  • Tire oil can a useful source for fuel
  • Carbon black can be utilized as a chemical strengthener in rubber materials or as a coloring agent
  • The steel wire is able to be sold as scrap

Did you know that a 20 pound tire creates 5-9 lbs. of carbon 1.5-2.5 gallons of fuel oil, 50,000+ Btu of gas, and 2-3 lbs. of scrap steel.” The complete white paper is available here.

What to do with your auto junk

We are operating in the auto scrap and recycling business and will pick up your car in Hudson, at Firestone Service Centers, or Conrad’s locations. Same-day junk car hauling is included when using our cash for wrecked cars service in Cuyahoga Falls, Green, or Fairlawn, OH. The junk car scrap prices have been in a relative state of flux this past month in Kenmore, Springfield Township, or North Akron. It is quick & easy—you only need the title in your name to get money for a junk car in Sharon Center, Mogadore, or Stow.  Those wishing to see an interesting article about auto scrapping should visit this link.

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Auto Service Oil Fee

We recycle auto junk and pay you money for a junk car. Call our buyer of scrap vehicles 6 days a week for a price for a damaged car. Do you have a junk car sitting around? We can be reached @ (330) 271-6464 for a junk car quote right over the phone and either the same-day or next-day scrap vehicle removal. Our next topic involves a fee added on by a service center for the recycling of auto oil, which is not legal in the state.

In May 17, 2016 article by Eric Reinhardt composed an article on the Business Journal News Network titled ‘Kost Tire to pay nearly $300,000 to settle state AG accusations over customer oil-change fees’ with the following news: “Kost Tire will pay NY almost $300,000 in a settlement of accusations for collecting a fee from consumers that the state’s law has prohibited specifically. NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman had charged Kost Tire of adding customer extra fees of $2 fee for oil changes which they performed for several years in violation of the law. They had levied an “oil & filter recycling fee” beyond the quoted price for the work.

NY Environmental Conservation Laws prohibit such service providers from charging fees for accepting & disposal of used oil. The Binghamton–based owner & operator of twenty-five service stations throughout NY. Kost Tire & Auto Service stores are a division of Mr. Tire Auto Centers per their website. The Munro Muffler & Brake organization owns the Mr. Tire brand.

Schneiderman says these stations are required to collect & dispose of used oil without additional charges. By adding on a $2 fee, customers were being charged a higher price for oil changes under false pretenses that the fee was a gov’t requirement. The agreement will continue to protect the environment and also protect consumers. The investigation discovered that Kost collected over $180K in improper fees since 2012.

Also, the settlement acknowledged that Kost’s separate oil & filter-recycling fee on its invoices is misleading, since it implies that the charges are required by law. As a part of the settlement, Kost Tire has agreed to pay the state of NY more than $181,000 or the amount of the “illegally” obtained oil & filter recycling fees, along with a civil penalty of more than $93K.” The full article is available at this link: http://www.cnybj.com/News/Articles/TabId/102/ArticleId/43389/language/en-US/kost-tire-to-pay-nearly-300000-to-settle-state-ag-accusations-over-customer-oil-change-fees.aspx#.VztaKmf2bq4

Where to receive money for a junk car

Cash 4 Cars Akron is a locally based buyer of scrap vehicles that recycles auto junk. For a fast junk car quote, simply send us the vehicle’s year, make and model. The price for a damaged car or price for a scrap vehicle can vary depending on scrap vehicle and recycling prices. Were you aware that currently in the US, approximately 13 million vehicles are scrapped annually, providing a significant amount of salvageable components & recyclable material. We are a junk auto recycler with a firm commitment to “green” business practices, our scrap auto recycling of steel and other materials is a great way to save vital resources.

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Scrap Vehicle Price News

Scrap Vehicle Price News

Cash 4 Cars Akron is among who buys old cars for auto scrap in North Akron, the Rolling Acres area and Cuyahoga Falls. Those of us who scraps cars are experiencing a significant drop in the auto scrap and auto junk prices. In this story we will look at factors that are precipitating the steep reduction in the market values of auto junk related materials. On November 19, 2015 Georgy Abraham composed a story titled ‘She Was Hot, But Now Cold’ on recycleinme.com with the following information: “Metal Scrap is amid a global famine, with a slowdown in the global economy, scrap metal prices have nose-dived. Material that sold for $220/ton in January now sells for approximately $80. A few years ago, US metal scrap was one of the hot exports to China, where it was melted & manufactured into new products. China’s economy has drastically slowed & industrial activity is down in other areas of the world, there is less demand for raw materials. A metal scrap businessman recently received $112 for a bin full of scrap that, not long ago, would have sell for about $600. If the price drops much more, he might have to pay someone to haul away the material from his business. A couple of years ago, people were stealing all kinds of metal because it was valuable.

The strength of the U.S. dollar, relative to foreign currencies, has made the auto scrap situation worse. The biggest factor has been supply & demand — the supply has outpaced the demand. Prices for aluminum, copper, nickel and other materials have also slid. The scrap metal industry (and those who buys old cars and such) isn’t going away, but businesses have closed or consolidated. Industry experts say they don’t expect much of an improvement until 2017. David Cauble, VP of Cimco Recycling says it’s a cyclical market and this is a difficult time. You have to manage your money — some have accumulated material while they wait for a price rebound. Cimco has 8 scrap yards; the company has learned to weather the downturns. Some businesses say they were getting about 3x more for the material a year ago. While the prices are down, many spending more time buying & selling old machines and components. The full article is available here.

Who buys old cars

What is the solution when it comes to scrap car removal? Contact the home of where to sell a junk car, Cash 4 Cars Akron, is a buyer who scraps cars 6 days a week. To sell a car for cash, you need only to call (330) 271-6464 for a junk car quote and you can sell a car for cash today. A non-running car, truck or van is auto junk that is an eyesore if left sitting around in streets, yards and driveways. You are much better off making the decision to have a provider who scraps cars come to retrieve the vehicle and pay you cash. Even if you have a car not worth fixing in Copley, Mogadore or East Akron—we can give you cash for your clunker. Residents of Springfield Township, New Franklin and Kenmore can call (330) 271-6464 for the easiest way to get cash for a junk or unwanted car. We can pick up junk cars from Firestone Service Centers and Conrad’s locations throughout the Chapel Hill area, Hudson, or Wadsworth.  If you have a broken down car at a transmission shop, Goodyear store, or Midas location in Peninsula, Firestone Park, or Highland Square, let us know!

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Companies on the move

Companies of the move

Welcome back to our news forum that reports on topics such as old car scrap, the value of a junk car and about how we buy scrap cars. Cash 4 Cars Akron is an outfit who will buy scrap cars in any condition and provides a quote for the value of a junk car right over the phone. Auto junk related articles are not all that we discuss, in fact, this topic involves how Texas is creating an attractive business climate. In the November 16, 2015 edition of bizjournals.com an article titled ‘Why companies leave California for Texas’ was composed by Bill Hethcock with the following information: “My story about a study indicating that California lost 9,000 business headquarters & expansions over the past 7 years — many of them to Texas — struck a chord with some. The Bay Area Economic Institute indicates that the Bay Area is on fire with business and job creation. San Francisco, along with Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Austin, lead the nation in job growth.

Joseph Vranich is a site selection consultant & president of Spectrum Location Solutions. I asked Vranich about his main takeaway from the study and he says it’s easy to do business in Texas. He breaks down the destination cities benefiting from CA disinvestment events. In Texas, Austin tops the list–others include Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and more.  Here are companies that recently moved or expanded in Texas:

MonkeySports Inc. will relocate its HQ and distribution to Allen, from Corona, CA. President Tom Arnold says they seek a more favorable business climate. Allen, TX, in particular, rates highly in economic climate, growth prospects, available labor, regulatory environment and quality of life. The online retailer of hockey & lacrosse merchandise with superstores in CA, MA, NJ and Sweden purchased a 261,000-square-foot building in Allen with a warehouse for expansion. Capital investment will total $30 million and they plan to relocate 25 employees from CA and plans to hire 200+ employees in the next two years.

CellPoint Corp. opened a new facility in Fort Worth. They specialize in repairing and refurbishing LCDs, touch panels, and LCMs, the facility takes in scrap displays and fixes them at a lower cost than buying new. Ehsan Gharatappeh, the CEO, says that even if CA eliminated the state income taxes, it wouldn’t be enough to put manufacturing operations back in CA.

Curls, a hair products company relocated its HQ from Sacramento to Frisco. Its new 3,500SF office could hire up to 40 once it begins manufacturing. CEO Mahisha Dellinger says that TX is more business friendly with fewer regulations & taxes.

Toyota Motor Corp., the world’s largest automaker, will move most its North American HQ to Plano. Toyota’s U.S. sales unit has been based in Southern CA since 1957. They indicated that it’s seeking efficiencies through consolidation. TX is emerging as a major player in the US auto industry and Torrance officials are trying to determine how to fill the hole the company will leave behind when it vacates and moves 3,000 jobs away. The cost for the new campus is estimated at $350 million. Saatchi LA, Toyota’s longtime advertising agency, will move a number of employees also in response to the automaker’s relocation.

True Mileage is a startup company, which markets a device that tracks miles driven & may bring about lower car insurance rates, moved to Dallas because of the region’s startup activity & resources. President Ryan Morrison says the startup scene in Dallas is vibrant & you can develop many contacts, in explaining relocation from Long Beach. The complete article is available here.

For several years now I have heard about Texas attracting new and expanding businesses with incentives and creating a “business-friendly” approach. California’s taxes are out of control. They have a sales tax of 7.5% to 10.0% and state income taxes are a staggering 8% for those earning over $37,000. Let’s take a look:

Income $40,000; Federal Taxes: -$5,800; State Taxes: -$3200; Minimum Take-Home Pay= $31,000; Purchases then subject to sales tax is 8%

Old Car Scrap

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland handles auto scrap and we buy scrap cars 6 days a week throughout Clinton, Medina and Coventry Township. To scrap a car for cash in Fairlawn, Norton or Monroe Falls, simply contact our buyer of scrap cars. The value of a junk car is currently at a low point in the US, with old car scrap purchase pricing down 50%. We will buy scrap cars in the Portage Lakes, Green and Tallmadge and pick them up at no additional charge. Residents of New Franklin, Kenmore and the Chapel Hill area are encouraged to contact us for a junk car quote, thus assessing the value of a junk car. Even if your car has a bad motor or bad transmission in the areas of Hudson, Wadsworth, or Firestone Park—we will buy it.


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Junk Cars Being Resold

Junk Cars Being Resold

Cash 4 Cars Akron, a unit who scraps cars and promptly coordinates junk car towing of vehicles and other auto junk throughout New Franklin, Kenmore, and the Chapel Hill area. Recently we have reported extensively on the decreasing value of a scrap car that has been plaguing those of us who scraps cars and facilitates junk car towing. The goal in working with auto junk is to recycle the maximum amount possible of the materials that compose the automobile. Much of the value of a scrap car is quantified by the values of certain commodities, such as steel, which has declined significantly within the global economy lately. In this article we investigate another form of auto recycling, specifically looking at how retail dealers operating within the secondary finance segment of the industry routinely end up selling the same vehicle over and over again. In an October 29, 2015 Action 9 (A9) investigation on wftv.com they reported the following: “Some ‘buy here pay here’ (BHPH) car dealers keep reselling the same vehicles that leave customers stranded & broke. Dealers make big money putting cars they’ve repossessed because the last buyer couldn’t afford repairs and/or payments, back on the selling block.

Action 9 tried to purchase a 2002 SUV at AutoMax (AMAX) in Melbourne, FL on camera. It’s the same car they sold to Laurie Wessel just 4 weeks prior. She says it had a rough engine, bad brakes & a collapsed window. Her son pried off the door cover to see the problem and a rotten stick had been used to prop the window open. She had to return the car & lost a $700 deposit. Channel 9’s Todd Ulrich found the same SUV at AMAX & a salesman stated it cost $5,000 and was in good shape. Still undercover, A9 got an inspection on the car before the purchase. Repair expert Howard Fulton found what A9 suspected–it’s horrible. There was a failed water pump and all the water drained out in an hour. Fulton said A9 would have trouble had it bought the car & driven away. He found brake pads so worn, one fell off. And he found that same stick propping up a busted window.

Fulton said critical problems were covered up. It’s called ‘churning’ when a dealer recycles vehicles with mechanical issues. When it breaks down and you can’t make payments it’s repossessed & the dealer sells it again. Ulrich went to AMAX in Melbourne for answers. Later AMAX said the SUV was not supposed to be for sale, and someone made a mistake. The dealership also said its “as is” cars come with a 50% voucher to cover repairs. Automax response:

We at AMAX would like to thank you for the opportunity to respond. During your September 25th 2015 visit to our establishment, the owner was not present due to the fact that it was his son’s 13th birthday. Unfortunately at this time, the 2002 vehicle with over 140,000 miles in which we spoke about on October 27th 2015, was mistakenly allowed to be taken for a test drive and a to a mechanic. The 2002 vehicle had been inadvertently parked up front as it was awaiting delivery for repair. We have hundreds of vehicles, some of which are rotated throughout the day each week for various reasons i.e. detailing, repairs, test drives, auctions, etc. With that said, we would like to assert that we encourage each customer to have their vehicle inspected by their mechanic. During the point of sale we offer each customer the option of purchasing a warranty for select vehicles in inventory. The inventory that does not qualify for the extended warranty purchase is sold “as is”. Customers that choose these vehicles are given a 50% voucher to a mechanic for our customers in the event that their “as is” vehicle needs attention. The voucher is outlined in the paperwork and the buyer is in receipt of a copy of the voucher with their paperwork upon completion of the sale.
The article can be viewed in its entirety here.

The BHPH segment of the auto market certainly deals in a lot of auto junk type cars. Their customers are less desirable and have bad credit and low income. The car inventory is more likely to be composed of used vehicles with high mileage. The dealer acts as the bank and in most cases has the customer physically visit the dealership to make payments. Often the dealers affix GPS type tracking devices to the vehicle to assist with locating the cars for repossession. The interest rates on these loans are very high and default is much more common. The BHPH dealer can frequently sustain losses such as if during the term of the loan the vehicle suffers a major mechanical failure, costing $1,500 – $3,000 to fix, such as with a motor or transmission repair. In these instances, the borrower is likely to abandon the agreement and begin trying to obtain another vehicle.

Junk Cars Being Resold

Are you wondering who scraps cars in Cuyahoga Falls, Copley or Springfield Township? Are you seeking to determine the value of a scrap car in Mogadore, East Akron or Kent? We give you a quote for an old car right over the phone and the junk car towing in included regardless of whether you are located in Peninsula, Firestone Park or Highland Square. Those in Barberton, Ravenna or the Merriman Valley that are looking to sell my car for cash should simply contact our junk vehicle buyer today. Even if the car is sitting at a repair shop such as Conrad’s, Midas, Firestone or Goodyear, we can pick it up the same-day in most cases.

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Flood Damaged Cars

Flood Damaged Cars

Cash 4 Cars Akron is back with another auto scrap related article. We are in the auto junk business and will make you an offer to get cash for a car regardless of condition, which includes complimentary vehicle removal. Recently, many areas of South Carolina were flooded out by Hurricane Joaquin. My initial reaction is: Really? In 2015 nice residential neighborhoods have turned into rivers? Looking through the history, you will see one devastating hurricane event after another. I fully understand that the winds from such events are going to uproot trees, powerlines and such, but over all this time it seems that people in these regions would have adopted a means to manage the in-land water flooding.

The top (5) dumbest things that hurricane “victims” repeatedly do:

  1. Planning to “ride out” the hurricane, rather than evacuate. If you endure loss of life—was it worth it?
  2. Failure to move your car to higher ground. If vehicle removal was handled these wouldn’t become flooded auto junk.
  3. Refusal to heed the warnings. This is the information age. You cannot turn on the TV, open a newspaper either in print or on-line, or listen to the radio without knowing about the coming storm for days in advance.
  4. Decide that they don’t want to pay for flood insurance and then whine to news crews in the aftermath.
  5. Figure out a way to manage the flow of water away from your property. There has to be a better way!

In the Oct 11, 2015 of The Post & Courier and article titled ‘From flood-damaged cars to phony charities and phone scams, beware flood-related fraud’ was composed by David Slade with the following information: “After record-breaking rain and flooding hit SC, huge numbers of frogs & mosquitoes appeared, and another pesky population multiplied — fraud perpetrators and scammers. State officials have warned of dishonest home-repair schemes, and the NICB has dispatched teams to try and get ahead of fraud involving flood-damaged cars. Dishonest people jump into action following disasters, seeking to take advantage of people who may be vulnerable. Some scams are an immediate concern, while others, such as the fraudulent resale of flood-damaged vehicles, could be playing out for months or longer.

You’ve probably seen the photos of cars stuck in floodwater, or submerged to the rooftop. Floods destroy vehicles — engines, electronics, computers & upholstery. Those with comprehensive auto insurance can claim the damage, and if the vehicle is a total loss it may get sold for particular componenets. However, flood-damaged vehicles frequently reappear on the resale market without disclosure of the damage. The NICB calls these vehicles “rolling coffins” because electronic and computer failures can cause life-saving components like brakes & airbags to malfunction. Be suspicious if you see a used car or truck offered for a surprisingly low price. The NICB offers a free vehicle history check for flood-damaged vehicles using VIN numbers. The NICB’s free VINCheck can be found at NICB.org, but you should know that you’ll find reported flood damage there only if an insurance claim was filed.

The organization recommends visually checking for vehicle flood damage by looking for mud or grit in unusual places, checking for rust in places water usually wouldn’t reach, checking door speakers (which could have been damaged if the car was flooded) and ideally having a trusted, independent mechanic inspect a vehicle before purchase.” The complete article is available here.

Cash 4 Cars Akron is an auto junk and auto scrap company where you can get cash for a car. We buy scrap cars 6 days a week and typically can proceed with same-day vehicle removal. The requirements for you to get cash for a car from our auto scrap buyer are that you possess the title and an ID. We buy scrap cars, wrecked vehicles and disabled cars, trucks and vans throughout the areas of Summit County, Medina County and Portage County. Are you wondering who will buy scrap cars in Kent, Ravenna or Mogadore? Perhaps you are seeking a junk car buyer that services Wadsworth, Copley or Fairlawn? Call us today @ 330-271-6464 for a junk car quote.