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New Vehicle Development

New Vehicle Development

Cash 4 Cars Akron is an outfit gives you a quote for the value of a scrap car and who junks cars throughout the areas of North Akron, Monroe Falls and Green. To sell a junk car, those in Rolling Acres, Cuyahoga Falls and Copley simply need to contact our junk car buyer. When you scrap a car for cash with us, complimentary scrap car hauler services and removal are included. Those of us who junks cars in this area can allow you to scrap a car for cash as long as you have the vehicle title and matching identification. Our next topic takes about new EV plans for a US-based automaker. Christina Rogers composed an article titled ‘Ford to Spend $4.5B in Electric Vehicle (EV) Development’ in the December 10, 2015 edition of wsj.com with the following news: “Ford Motor Company plans to roll out an electric version of the Focus next year, the 1st of 13 new EVs to develop in the next (4) years under a $4.5B investment. General Motors Co., their rival, committed to offering a wider array of longer-range EVs even as low gasoline prices persist. Most auto makers will build these cars to meet tougher fuel economy regulations globally.

Ford’s upgraded EV Focus will be capable of going 100 miles on a charge, up from 73 miles on the current version; Tesla Motors and GM have EVs in the 200- 300 mile range. In addition to not seeing strong economic value in electric cars, customers have worried about the potential of electric cars running short of juice. The new Focus will allow drivers to charge the battery 80% in 30 minutes, significantly cutting down the plug-in time for charging. Ford’s Chief Executive Mark Fields says the investment will increase the share of electrified vehicles in Ford’s portfolio to 40% by the end of the decade–up from 13% now. Despite development of more plug-in cars & other alternative vehicles, sales of these vehicles have fallen like gas prices, accounting for less than 3% of the U.S. market.  The complete article is available at this link.

The evolution of the EV continues among the auto manufacturing community. There is little question that EVs are better for the environment, particularly in limiting air pollution and reducing oil dependency. The timing is not perfect as the US now seems to have an abundance of low priced fuel at their disposal. My opinion is that the EVs thus far have simply been perceived as being too expensive. Most analysis thus far which compare the costs over the life of a vehicle in EV vs gasoline powered vehicles seem unconvincing. If the sticker price for EVs is lowered while automakers establish the means of lowering their costs in development, materials and production—sales should increase.

The Value of a Scrap Car

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