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On April 1, 2016 an article titled ‘Experian says leasing has jumped 76% in past 8 years’ on Auto Remarketing informed us of the following: “Experian Automotive revealed a study indicating that leasing for new vehicles has grown 76% since the company began tracking the data in 2008. The study determined the upward trend has resulted in a rising surplus of vehicles coming off lease. According to the analysis, more than 1.8M vehicles will come off lease by the end of 2016. Melinda Zabritski, senior director of auto finance for Experian, says that with such a large volume of vehicles coming back into the market, consumers, dealers and lenders will want to better understand the options available so they are able to take action. She feels that whether it is deciding to lease again or buy used, restocking inventory or marketing to potential borrowers, gaining insight into these trends will provide the knowledge necessary to make smarter decisions. .

The study also looked at the areas that have the greatest volume of vehicles coming off lease. When looking at vehicle types that are leased most often, analysis showed there have been some significant shifts in consumer preference. Current leasing vehicle segment preferences include entry-level crossover utility vehicles, standard midrange cars, lower midrange sedans, near-luxury/upscale vehicles and premium crossover utility vehicles. However, when looking at the vehicles currently being leased compared with those coming off lease, the analysis indicated that there has been a surge in the percentage of full-size pickups and entry-level sport utility vehicles being leased. On the other hand, Experian noticed upscale luxury vehicles and alternative-power/hybrid vehicles have seen a decline in the volume of on-lease versus off-lease vehicles. Ms. Zabritski further added that as vehicle prices have been on the rise, consumers use tactics to keep their payments more manageable; leasing over the past several years has grown as consumers are drawn to the lower monthly payment.

Instead of fuel-efficient hybrids, consumers now are leasing full-size pickups, SUVs and CUVs, so what happens three years from now? Will gas prices be what they are now, or will dealers have a more difficult time moving these types of vehicles when their leases mature?” The complete article is available here.

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