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Women in Auto Recycling

Women in Auto Recycling

Cash 4 Cars Akron is among those people that buy junk cars in Green, Silver Lake, and Cuyahoga Falls. Those with a salvage car seeking junk car scrap services are encouraged to contact our scrap vehicle buyer. We provide same-day cash for cars service which includes complimentary vehicle removal and junk car towing. Those looking for a scrap vehicle buyer or other people that buy junk cars in Springfield Township, North Akron, or Mogadore should give us a call! The salvage car and junk car scrap business has traditionally been comprised mostly of men. In recent times, more women have emerged in the industry, which is a welcome change.

Caryn Smith composed a story titled ‘Women with a Why’ on with the following information. “The Ladies of the Automotive Recycling Association (LARA) is a part of the ARA that promotes auto recycling to females, and encourages mentorship and learning among the members. Women ARA members & their employees share stories, history, and they shed light on beating obstacles and advice to others.

Rachel Egelseer of Smart/Global Solutions & Transport discussed her story explaining that she started as a dismantler in the garage and quickly performed almost every job at the site including the scrapping of cars, sales of components, shipping, receiving, and vehicle inventory. Today, her role is Inventory Manager, which involves being the first one to inspect the end-of-life vehicles upon arrival. She then reviews the specs and helps the sales team understand the items available. She finds it gratifying to help the environment and save people money at the same time.

Betsy Finnell, Co-owner Hotlines, Inc, talks about her experience which began with her liking cars. Her 1st was a ‘59 T-Bird. She married at 22, began in a Smart salvage operation, a family business which grew to 82 employees. In the early years she lacked technical automotive knowledge, but then the computer solved that! Her advice to others is to work hard to be a clean, organized, and professional.” To read Ms. Smith’s article in its entirety visit this link.

As the salvage car, junk car scrap and auto recycling industry evolves, it naturally is beginning to have more females in the mix. Having long been a male-dominated industry, it is a refreshing sign of the times. I hope that all younger people, (females included) consider the many career paths within the vast automotive-related industries. There is certainly an opportunity for everyone from mechanics, engineers, marketing experts, sales professionals, management paths and many more…

Cash 4 Cars Akron is comprised of people that buy junk cars in East Akron, Wadsworth and Kent. Residents of New Franklin, Peninsula, and Firestone Park, with a salvage car to sell are encouraged to call (330) 271-6464. Our scrap vehicle buyer is available 6 days a week to handle vehicle removal in the Merriman Valley, Bath, and Stow. Our junk car scrap operation which culminates with junk car towing is proud to serve the areas of Norton, Monroe Falls, and Tallmadge. Even if your car is wrecked or damaged, we will pay you cash for it and tow it away regardless of whether it is located in Coventry Township, Kenmore, or the Chapel Hill neighborhood.