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Vehicle Overspray Problem

The process of obtaining cash for scrap vehicles is probably much simpler than you may think. Our fast cash for cars programs includes complimentary removal of your scrap vehicle. Acting as a junk vehicle buyer, we can make you a cash offer for your clunker. The majority of people that buy junk cars do so for purposes or reusing, recycling and scrapping cars. The fluids from a junk car or scrap vehicle are drained carefully and placed securely into spill-proof containers to be recycled.

On July 1, 2016 an article by Judy Putnam in the Lansing State Journal was posted with the following information: “On a windy day a painting contractor who was not insured accidentally splattered paint on a group of vehicles when wind carried tan paint across a city employee parking lot in Lansing. The overspray occurred while a small structure behind the city’s Fleet building was being painted. The paint contractor hired by the city didn’t have liability insurance and said he wasn’t asked to show proof of insurance, a violation of city policy. Now, (8) months later, some workers are still waiting for their cars to be fixed.

The contractor, Frederick Walker of Walkers Painting, says he paid out $17K out of his pocket to remove the paint from nearly 40 cars since the incident. He says workers moved their cars from one area but an unexpected gust of wind spread the paint everywhere. Some of Walker’s payments covered the deductibles on claims filed with the vehicle owners’ auto insurance. For others, he paid for the costs of the paint removal. Apparently, three or four are not resolved. He says he was shopping for proper insurance when the incident occurred.

Chad Gamble, COO for the city, said insurance is required for all contractors. He says he was told Walker had insurance at one point but it had lapsed. Walker says he was covered when he worked for other contractors (sub-contracting) but when he started working directly on small jobs a few years ago, he wasn’t covered. He has now obtained a liability policy. The city Finance Department and those ordering the work need to check on insurance. Gamble says it is a wake-up call for us to be more to be more diligent; the city has put processes in place for larger contracts but allows small jobs to be bid more casually. In this instance, Walker says he was painting different project inside the building when he was asked to go ahead and paint a small booth that same day. The city hasn’t paid for the damages to the cars but is working to resolve them.

Two workers with unsettled claims said the former Interim City Attorney told them to file claims on their own insurance policy–but they are afraid of higher insurance premiums. Sherri Rolon, a recycling worker, feels it is not fair, as she did nothing but come to work and parked her car. The estimates she received were around $9,000 repair. Walker offered to pay $1,000 for her deductible, which she decided to reject. Barbara Lance said her husband’s 2015 white Silverado had just 7K miles when it was sprayed.” The complete article is available here.

The people that buy junk cars

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