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Two Schemes Involving Vehicles & Scrap

Were you aware that our auto recycling of junk cars structure is quick and easy in Cuyahoga Falls, Springfield Township, and Kenmore? Are you staring at a broken down old car in Sharon Center, Mogadore, or Stow, asking yourself who will buy my junk car? As a buyer of scrap vehicles in the regions of East Akron, Silver Lake, and Wadsworth we strive to recycle & reuse the materials whenever possible.

Bob Mercer of the Capital Journal told us about a recent scheme involving inhibiting the repossession of a vehicle: “Legislation known as HB 1096 is going to the state House for consideration. Brian Busch of Anytime Auto testified by phone during the meeting with the House Judiciary Committee. Busch has had multiple instances of people putting down initial payments on cars and never making another monthly payment.  Busch said often there is no way to retrieve the autos when they were taken to Indian land and sometimes vehicles simply are sold for scrap.

Busch says that the customers have zero repercussions for their actions, and feels it is just wrong. People need to have penalties for car theft. He says that Arizona has a similar law. Myron Rau, from the SD Auto Dealers Association, said car sellers know there is a risk. Rep. Dan Kaiser, R-Aberdeen, voted against the bill, stating that uncertainty about adding criminal charges to what has always been a civil process. The complete story is available at this link.

The Panama City News Herald tells us about these illegal scrappers: “A woman called the Lynn Haven PD reporting that she witnessed two people exiting her home in pickup truck – with her dishwasher onboard. The woman says there were other appliances in the back of the truck, in addition to the dishwasher, which was in her backyard. Police saw a truck matching the description, which had (2) water heaters, a vacuum, a dolly and (2) white dishwashers.

According to the driver, he & his female passenger were picking up appliances to scrap. He said that the items had come from roadside, and that he had knocked on the people’s doors before taking the items. The man said that nobody answered at the complainant’s house, so they removed the dishwasher. The complainant confirmed she had heard the sound of the doorbell while in the shower, but didn’t grant permission take the unit. The two were arrested, but they appealed with the woman not to press charges, and she and her husband decided to let them go free. The pair were told not to be trespassing on other’s property, and agreed not to return to Lynn Haven.” The complete story is available here.

Akron Auto Recycling of Junk Cars

We work within the auto recycling of junk cars arena throughout New Franklin, Firestone Park, and Highland Square. If the auto repair bill is more than the car is really worth, contact us for buy my junk car removal in Barberton, Ravenna, or the Merriman Valley. As a buyer of scrap vehicles servicing Clinton, Rootstown, and Rolling Acres, we seek to recycle & reuse. As an eco-conscious group, our program reduces water and land pollution, as well as provides a host of other environmental benefits. “Green” companies like us are good for the environment and also create green jobs.