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Top 6 Reasons to Scrap Car with Us

Our salvage car buyer is available after 8AM by contacting the office at (330) 271-6464 for pricing. To put our business in simplistic terms a scrap car hauler is probably appropriate. If your car, truck or van is in need of a new transmission, it may be time to simply sell a car for cash. When we refer to vehicle removal, we are explicitly referring to the process of towing the vehicle away to be recycled and scrapped. Our recycler, who junks cars all day, takes the time to meticulously recycle upwards of 90% of the vehicle’s components. When you choose us for auto recycling it helps to know that we reduce energy usage and consumption of raw materials for the betterment of society.

The top six reasons to choose Cash 4 Cars Akron for scrapping a vehicle in Summit, Portage and Medina County are as follows:

  1. We are able to buy your car, truck, van or SUV 6 days per week. The Saturday service allows those working during the week to scrap a vehicle with us.
  2. The availability to pick up these cars with a flatbed trailer. This is particularly helpful when your car has a missing wheel or perhaps flat tires or other problems that pose difficulties for a standard tow truck.
  3. Receiving a price quote for your vehicle is quick and easy. We are able to get you a price via phone, email through our website form or text, allowing you the choice in method of communication.
  4. Same-day junk vehicle removal services are usually available. Please note that you should call early in the day for same-day pickup. (next-day is always available) ]
  5. Our environmental procedures and practices are designed to have minimal adverse effects to our air, water etc. We strive to support recycling through reusing and repurposing whenever possible.
  6. Friendly customer service is our standard operating procedure. When you call us a live person answers the phone and efficiently works with you.

The guy who junks cars

Don’t leave that unwanted car sitting around—get money from our salvage car buyer now. The daily life of a scrap car hauler isn’t the most glamorous work, but regardless, we will deliver fast results with friendly service. We are a regionally based outfit paying cash for cars–you can sell a car for cash regardless if damaged, scrap or salvage. Our well-known vehicle removal service is included as a complimentary facet of the price for your junk vehicle. Put your eco-conscious fears to rest, as our auto scrap & recycling methods help to alleviate detrimental effects such as global warming and pollution.