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Scrap Vehicle Tire Dumping

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This next topic centers on the City of Canton, OH. The city is located approximately 24 miles south of Akron, and 60 miles south of Cleveland, with a population of about 72,683.[1] Apparently some undesirable folks in the area have been dumping scrap vehicle tires illegally.

A March 7, 2016 story in Recycling Today titled ‘Ohio city sees illegal tire dumping increases’ tells us the following: “Officials are stepping up enforcement efforts against haulers who collect tires for a fee and then dump them illegally rather than taking them to a recycling or disposal facility. An early March 2016 article by the Canton Repository says the City of Canton is conducting sting operations and stakeouts to help end this practice. An official from the Canton City Health Department is quoted as saying the problem has exploded within the city. The same official says his suspicions are that people who used to heist metals to scrap for cash are not pleased with the current pricing, so they may have transitioned to engaging in phony tire disposal instead.

Haulers typically will charge from $2 to $10 per unit and then minimize their costs by dumping the tires on vacant land instead of taking them to a recycling plant or landfill. The article says two men currently face charges related to such with both open dumping and failing to register as a transporter being felonies.” The complete article is available here.

We looked into the tire disposal matter in Canton a bit further and learned of a solution. “The City of Canton Sanitation Department’s website informs us of the following: “Tires can’t be picked up, but can be dropped off free of charge (tires only – no rims) at the Schroyer Recycling Drop-off facility located at 742 Schroyer Ave SW, Canton, OH 44707.  They are open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10:00 AM till 2:00 PM.  To contact the drop-off center, call (330) 430-7869. For more information visit this site:”

The requirements are as follows for tires:

  • Residents of Stark, Tuscarawas or Wayne Counties.
  • 12 tires per person per year.
  • Car and light truck tires, on or off the rim[2]

What is a junk car worth?

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