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Scrap Vehicle Price News

Scrap Vehicle Price News

Cash 4 Cars Akron is among who buys old cars for auto scrap in North Akron, the Rolling Acres area and Cuyahoga Falls. Those of us who scraps cars are experiencing a significant drop in the auto scrap and auto junk prices. In this story we will look at factors that are precipitating the steep reduction in the market values of auto junk related materials. On November 19, 2015 Georgy Abraham composed a story titled ‘She Was Hot, But Now Cold’ on recycleinme.com with the following information: “Metal Scrap is amid a global famine, with a slowdown in the global economy, scrap metal prices have nose-dived. Material that sold for $220/ton in January now sells for approximately $80. A few years ago, US metal scrap was one of the hot exports to China, where it was melted & manufactured into new products. China’s economy has drastically slowed & industrial activity is down in other areas of the world, there is less demand for raw materials. A metal scrap businessman recently received $112 for a bin full of scrap that, not long ago, would have sell for about $600. If the price drops much more, he might have to pay someone to haul away the material from his business. A couple of years ago, people were stealing all kinds of metal because it was valuable.

The strength of the U.S. dollar, relative to foreign currencies, has made the auto scrap situation worse. The biggest factor has been supply & demand — the supply has outpaced the demand. Prices for aluminum, copper, nickel and other materials have also slid. The scrap metal industry (and those who buys old cars and such) isn’t going away, but businesses have closed or consolidated. Industry experts say they don’t expect much of an improvement until 2017. David Cauble, VP of Cimco Recycling says it’s a cyclical market and this is a difficult time. You have to manage your money — some have accumulated material while they wait for a price rebound. Cimco has 8 scrap yards; the company has learned to weather the downturns. Some businesses say they were getting about 3x more for the material a year ago. While the prices are down, many spending more time buying & selling old machines and components. The full article is available here.

Who buys old cars

What is the solution when it comes to scrap car removal? Contact the home of where to sell a junk car, Cash 4 Cars Akron, is a buyer who scraps cars 6 days a week. To sell a car for cash, you need only to call (330) 271-6464 for a junk car quote and you can sell a car for cash today. A non-running car, truck or van is auto junk that is an eyesore if left sitting around in streets, yards and driveways. You are much better off making the decision to have a provider who scraps cars come to retrieve the vehicle and pay you cash. Even if you have a car not worth fixing in Copley, Mogadore or East Akron—we can give you cash for your clunker. Residents of Springfield Township, New Franklin and Kenmore can call (330) 271-6464 for the easiest way to get cash for a junk or unwanted car. We can pick up junk cars from Firestone Service Centers and Conrad’s locations throughout the Chapel Hill area, Hudson, or Wadsworth.  If you have a broken down car at a transmission shop, Goodyear store, or Midas location in Peninsula, Firestone Park, or Highland Square, let us know!