Scrap Vehicle Batteries

Cash 4 Cars Akron is one outfit that will buy used cars for scrap. The price for a wrecked car can vary based on several factors associated with the age, condition and distance for pick up. Our cash for cars program insures your car is picked up quickly. Our junk car buyer will give you a price quote right over the phone. We will include complimentary junk car towing when we buy your old car. Our “green” practices help in the conservation of precious resources for future generations, without any compromises.

The website My Auto Repair Advice has a post titled ‘Car Battery Reconditioning Guide’ with the following details: “A car battery is a rechargeable lead acid battery. They work in a loop; the battery produces power to start the vehicle, and then is recharged by the alternator while driving. These can be divided into two types: sealed & flooded cell. Sealed batteries do not require maintenance while flooded cell batteries have removable caps for checking occasionally.

The battery reconditioning process works on both types. Distilled water is required if needing to refill them. Distilled water is de-mineralized and doesn’t have the minerals that would interfere with the operation of the battery. The next time that you check the car’s oil, look at the battery terminals to be sure they are tightened properly.

Do you have a dead car battery? For cars with a manual transmission, it’s possible to “push start” the car. A car with an automatic transmission cannot be started using this method. Either way, it is safer & easier to jump start or repair the car battery by connecting the flat battery using jumper cables to a working battery.

Consult your vehicle’s service manual, as some have unique terminals that can be used to charge. Using the jumper cables you should get the vehicle started and you will want to let it run for a while so the alternator can recharge it. Another option for recharging is using a charger.” The complete article is available here.

According to Small Farm Permaculture & Sustainable, the process of reconditioning is generally explained: “When a healthy battery is recharged, this lead sulfate is converted back to lead and sulfuric acid. But in weak battery, the lead sulfate transitions to crystalline form that coats its lead plates reducing its power—known as “sulfation”. This is not an uncommon occurrence in lead-acid batteries and is the primary cause for their failure. You can typically reverse the process by using a specialized high-current, pulse that effectively breaks down the crystalline lead sulfate, turning it back into lead.” The article can be viewed here.

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