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Scrap Tire Options 1.2

Scrap Tire Options 1.2

Cash 4 Cars Akron is back with our latest post from the world of a wrecked car buyer & salvage vehicle processor. We are a scrap vehicle buyer that pays money for a scrap car in areas like Springfield Township, North Akron, and Mogadore. Those wondering where to scrap a car and how to sell us your car, we will elaborate. The solution for receiving cash from a damaged or wrecked car buyer is to begin by calling our salvage vehicle purchasing guy to obtain a quote for the amount of money for a scrap car that you can expect. How much cash is typically out when you sell us your car in Wadsworth, Kent, New Franklin? Currently, the scrap vehicle buyer market is offering between $100-$120 for old cars and $120-$145 for larger vehicles, which should be fairly consistent throughout Summit, Portage and Medina Counties. In this post we will provide an overview of Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA), discuss how it is processed, and outline the quality considerations for TDA. In a follow-up later this week, we will examine the applications for which TDA is a good fit.

Scrap Tire News brings us further into the scrap tire recycling realm with information regarding Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA) as follows: “Tire derived aggregate (TDA) consists of scrap tires cut into pieces that have a basic geometrical shape and range between 2” and 12“in size and are intended for use in civil engineering applications.

There are (2) types of TDA: Type A with a maximum size of 3” and Type B with a maximum size of 12”. While these are the most commonly used sizes, TDA specs are driven by the end use and will differ based on the contractor’s many requirements for the project. TDA has become the commonly used term for this material because it better describes the engineering value of size-specific scrap tire fragments as compared to the term tire chip or tire shred. The properties of TDA that create this engineering value are:

  • Lightweight (weighs 1/3 of what soil weighs)
  • Low earth pressure (1/2 that of soil)
  • Good thermal insulation (8x better than gravel)
  • Good drainage (10 times better)
  • Compressible
  • Vibration mitigation
  • Low cost

TDA has been a construction material for 20+ years for many uses including lightweight fill, insulation, and more. Since 1992, when first introduced to the marketplace, the range of uses has grown. In virtually all civil engineering applications, this product replaces some other material, including soil, clean fill, drainage aggregate, and lightweight fill materials such as expanded shale & polystyrene insulation blocks. For many projects needing its unique assets TDA is often the least costly solution; TDA is also good material for large-scale projects.

To create TDA, tires are fed into a main shredder that cuts them with rotating knives. The most popular type of primary shredder uses groups of circular blades. Opposite each blade on one shaft, a spacer of equal width on the other shaft allows them to counter-rotate and overlap. Another type of main shredder uses knife rotors and rotor spacers that are attached to the rotors. Wear plates or liners are also secured to each side of the rotor to protect against wear. This machine design permits closer spacing tolerance between the edges of the adjacent blade than can be achieved with conventional hook and shear.

The quality of TDA is determined by the sharpness of the knives & blades. Sharpness insures a clean-cut TDA with few exposed steel belts, cords or wire. Dull knives can produce pieces with a larger width since they may not completely separate the two. There are (2) types of wire in the tire. Bead wire is larger in diameter (about 1/8” diameter) and belt wire that is even smaller. Wire removal is often done using magnets. The 1st pass through the main shredder produces average TDA, while additional passes through increase quality in the desired sizes.” The report is available in its entirety at this link.

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