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Scrap Recycling Bill

Scrap Recycling Bill

We are back with our latest installment from the perspective of those who buys junk cars, sell a car for scrap, and provide junk your car for cash services. Cash 4 Cars Akron is commonly referred to by terms such as people that buy junk cars, that guy who buys junk cars and the place where to sell a junk car. Being that we are among the people that buy junk cars, we keep a watchful eye on scrap-related issues that are reported. Operation such as ours that provide a place where to sell a junk car, often are involved in the recycling of many other commodities as well. In addition, we use this forum to report on these issues that financial impact those of us who buys junk cars and buy used cars for scrap. Our next topic takes us to WV, where a couple of “concerned” legislators are proposing a bill that could significantly impact the recyclers and other junk your car for cash type providers.

On February 6, 2016 an article posted by Daniel Tyson on register-herald.com titled ‘Bill might put scrap biz in the heap’ informed us of the following: “In legislative bills, the devil is often in the details. Several House of Delegates members, mainly from southern WV, introduced a bill regulating the recycling business. That part of the bill indicates that a buyer can no longer enter any cash transaction for the purchase of scrap. Payment for the purchase of these materials shall be made by check, payable to the seller. Each check for payment would be mailed directly to the home address of the seller. Payments would not be mailed to any post office boxes and would be mailed by the purchaser within two business days. Obviously, scrap recyclers are opposed to these new regulations. Cody Darby, the owner of Barker’s Junk Co. says the proposed regulation doesn’t make sense. This 5-page bill adds one new regulation for scrap recyclers, one that would hurt business. Darby says that sellers would begin crossing state lines to places VA and Ohio to sell their scrap. He fears that the end result will be lost jobs & businesses. The industry’s standard practice is that customers are paid in cash. Requiring this check-based payment, could add to his payroll to keep up with writing & sending checks. The industry is already feeling a pinch, and this would further hinder it.

In WV, the scrap recycling industry directly employs roughly 700 people; indirectly, the number swells to more than 2,000, according to the Institute for Scrap Recycling. The proposed law requires ID with a valid, current physical address which could also pose a problem. Many people don’t wish to pay to update their address on valid, government ID. Darby feels this proposal would hamper the business. Delegate Mick Bates, D-Raleigh says that H.B. 4342 is one of several bills in the House in response to the supply and demand of drugs. The bill was written by Delegate Matthew Rohrback, R-Cabell. Bates say that the cities of Beckley & Huntington are seeing crimes that are drug related and often funded via illegal sale of scrap materials. The intention is to stop criminals from stealing items such as AC units or pipe from a home to sell for drug. Bates, of the House Select Committee on Prevention & Treatment of Substance Abuse, believes the bill is worth considering, along with several others that related to WVs substance abuse concerns. The complete article is available at this link.

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