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Scrap & Junk Car Batteries

Scrap & Junk Car Batteries

We buy scrap cars and handle junk vehicle removal throughout Summit, Medina and Portage Counties. Among who buys old cars, the times are tougher than usual since the value of a junk car has declined stemming from various economic factors. As a result, the amount we pay when we buy scrap cars is lessened. This is not a local or regional phenomenon—it affects all who buys old cars. Our next topic reviews how companies that make electric vehicles (and the batteries that power them) are finding secondary, aftermarket uses for the batteries in stationary power providing applications. In the November 9, 2015 edition of, Chris Mooney authored a story titled ‘This could be the biggest sign yet that the battery revolution is here’ with the following: “We may be seeing what energy visionaries have long awaited — a merger between clean energy technologies, like wind & solar and large batteries that can store power from these sources and make it available at will. Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS), based in SF and led by CA Public Utilities commissioner Susan Kennedy. The company specializes in hybrid electric buildings that contain large battery systems that reduce energy costs and help strengthen the grid by running on batteries at key times. AMS is selling to businesses & utilities simultaneously and recently announced a deal with SunEdison to supply 50MW of energy storage to major Southern CA Edison.

AMS is now announcing that it will supply & operate batteries for the Inland Empire Utilities Agency. It’s a large municipal water treatment & distribution agency serving the San Bernardino County region–it has 850,000 customers. Inland Empire’s operations include plants for recycling & desalting water. That includes 3.5 megawatts of solar capacity at its facilities, another 1 megawatt of wind, and a 2.8-megawatt bio-gas fuel cell system. The agency says the latter is the largest of its kind in the world. Bringing large batteries in will allow them to pay less in so-called demand charges which are assessed based on peak levels of electricity usage. By powering up batteries from the solar panels or other sources and then drawing them down again at opportune times. They’ll be able to use the battery to offset those peaks; the amount charged by power we buy off the grid is largely determined by peak demands.

The batteries are about as large as a parking space and made by Tesla — who calls them power-packs. The install should be able to cut Inland Empire’s peak electricity demand by 14%, leading to an electricity savings of 5-10% AMS doesn’t just supply the batteries–it also operates the system & helps them maximize its savings. What Inland Empire is doing now — installing storage capacity to balance all the different sources of renewable energy out there — solves a problem that will be faced more and more as the grid & large companies add more renewables. Besides reducing peak charges, they can provide backup power in the event of an outage and help the agency fight the CA drought. The agency recycles waste water, but it takes energy — which costs money. On top of Tesla’s announcement of a new line of home & larger scale battery products, there are a growing number of installations overall. The complete article is available here.

Who Buys Old Cars

I would imagine that several years ago that Tesla would never have guessed that they would be evolving into new markets beyond that of automobiles. Cash 4 Cars Akron provides you a fast quote for the value of a junk car over the phone in Fairlawn, Green and Tallmadge. Selling a scrap car or wrecked vehicle is pretty easy in Norton, Monroe Falls and Copley. The requirements for scrapping a vehicle are that you possess the vehicle title (in your name) with a matching photo ID, regardless of whether you are located in Springfield Township, Mogadore or Kent. Many times vehicle owners will call us from a repair shop such as a Midas, Conrad’s or Goodyear auto facility to scrap their car for cash because it costs more to fix it then the car is worth. Junk vehicle removal is included in the junk car quote that we provide; therefore, the value of the junk car has already been factored to account for the junk vehicle removal. Residents of Medina, Coventry Township and the Portage Lakes are encouraged to call us 6 days a week for a price!