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Scrap Car Tires 1.1

Scrap Car Tires 1.1

Cash 4 Cars Akron is back with the latest news surrounding the auto scrap and recycling arena. We pay money for a scrap car and are among the many people that buy junk cars in Northeast Ohio. We are a salvage car buyer, and process junk car scrap in Green, Silver Lake, and Cuyahoga Falls. To receive money for a scrap car, the people that buy junk cars are required to verify that the seller has the title and a matching ID. In Ohio, the state law requires those two documents; therefore, regardless of which salvage car buyer you call, these will be the requirements associated with junk car scrap. Those wondering who buys junk cars in Springfield Township, North Akron, or Mogadore should call. Even if you have a totaled car in East Akron, Wadsworth, Kent, you should be aware that C4C is the place to go!

Next we proceed on with our 2nd installment regarding the solutions for recycling junk vehicle tires. On they have a fantastic Tire Derived Fuel (TDF) report which goes as follows: “TDF has the flexibility to be used in variety of industries. These include:

Cement manufacturing companies use whole tires and TDF to supplement their primary fuel for firing kilns. The very high temperatures and long fuel residence time in the kiln allow total combustion of the tires. There isn’t smoke, odor or emissions from the tires, since the ash goes into the final product, there isn’t any waste. The metallic wire material is captured for use as an ingredient in the cement making process. Vehicle tires contains over (2) lbs. of steel; this also becomes a component of the cement product, replacing some of the needed iron required in the process. In a study by US Dept. of Energy, it’s estimated that the combustion of TDF produces less carbon dioxide per unit of energy compared to coal.

Pulp and paper companies use TDF as a supplement to wood waste-the typical fuel used for its boilers. The technology has been in use in the U.S. since the 1980s. The heating value of the wood waste fuel ranges from 7K-9K, TDF heat value is about of 15K. TDF facilitates uniform boiler combustion, and helps overcome some operating concerns caused by low heat fuel. Pulp and paper mills are increasing their use of TDF to help lower fuel costs and improve emissions.

Electric power utilities use TDF as a supplemental fuel to produce power in boiler units. Electric power plants have boilers needing fuel to power their municipalities & industries. In the electric power industry, TDF is used mainly as an additive to coal. In these sites TDF must be correctly sized to fit and be well mixed to ensure correct combustion. In electric power utility situations, TDFs offers you an economic option, with constant BTU content & low moisture. Electric utilities also found that the quality of emissions actually improves with the increased use of TDF as a supplemental fuel and is a great all-around option for these sites.

Industrial Boilers: For industrial & institutional boiler systems, TDF must be sized 2“x2” or less and 95% wire-free. In industrial boilers, combustion TDF produces energy in the form of steam and/or electricity, displacing the need to generate energy from other facilities and fuel such as coal. This also offsets the pollution emitted from other fuels—predominately coal. TDF use in these sites is steady but faces challenges for higher use due to plant closings and overall economic conditions.

Tires-to-Energy Facilities: One facility specifically designed to burn whole tires or TDF as its only fuel is fully operational in the U.S. This tires-to-energy site is a 25MW electric-generating facility that has combusted tires to produce electricity for nearly 20 years using 10M tires a year. Historically, these plants have achieved lower emission rates that with other fuel options.

Disposal of scrap tires in tire piles isn’t an acceptable practice due to risks of fires, and furthering a habitat for mosquitoes. The use of scrap tires as TDF is one of several viable alternatives to prevent newly generated scrap tires from inappropriate disposal. EPA testing has shown that TDF has a higher BTU value than coal and recognizes that the use of TDF is a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

Did you know that you can receive money for a scrap car from us throughout the areas of Peninsula, Firestone Park, and Highland Square? Keep in mind that in Ohio, those people that buy junk cars will require you to have the vehicle title and an ID. Our salvage car buyer can be reached at (330) 271-6464 6 days a week to pay you cash for junk car scrap in Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna. Those wondering who buys junk cars in the Merriman Valley, Bath, or Stow will be delighted to know that free junk vehicle removal is included. Even if you have a totaled car or other damaged or non-running vehicle, we are glad to pick it up.