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Scrap Car Tire Grant

Are you trying to determine who is the highest paying for junk cars, or how to scrap my car in the Akron area? Perhaps you are trying to find out who buys crashed cars, or seeking a wrecked vehicle buyer? We may not be the highest paying for junk cars—but we offer the best in same-day and next-day junk car removal services. Our wrecked vehicle buyer is standing by 6 days a week. We can provide you the details on how to scrap my car for cash. Our next topic involves one of the largest problems in US auto-related recycling, which is finding a solution for the vast quantity of junk vehicle tires in the country.

In the March 30, 2016 edition of Waste Dive, and article titled ‘CalRecycle distributes $5.3M in grants for California road repairs using recycled tires’ was posted by Arlene Karidis as follows: 43 California communities will collectively receive over $5M in grant funding from CalRecycle for road improvements made with pavement from crumb rubber in recycled tires, which lasts longer, is safer, and is more economical, per Recycling Today. CalRecycle’s Rubberized Pavement Grant Program awards up to $250K for single applicants. Multiple jurisdictions & joint-power authorities can file regional applications for up to $400K. Grants are funded through a $1.75 fee on new tire sales, with $1 directed to CalRecycle’s Tire Recycling Management Fund and the remainder received by California’s Air Resources Board.

The grant program addresses two very costly issues in CA: the need to deal with bad roads, and a waste management dilemma posed by the accumulation of about 44M old tires a year—all while turning a burden into a way to save money & improve infrastructure. CalRecycle Director Scott Smithline says more communities realize the benefits of this environmentally sustainable option for road resurfacing & repair, California will be able to close the loop within our state and turn millions of additional waste tires into a resource that keeps our people safe, reduces costs, and protects our environment for future generations.

The tire recycling program and grants have diverted 38M tires from landfills, using them not only for road surfaces, but also for civil engineering projects. What was once garbage—sometimes illegally dumped, and hard-to-handle garbage at that—is transformed to rubberized pavement that lasts longer and is laid at half the thickness of conventional asphalt, requiring less mining, drilling, and energy to make. While it is thinner, it lasts longer than traditional pavement and requires less maintenance because it is more crack resistant. CalRecycle has been very busy in other areas this year, working to drum up support for more plastics recovery; cracking down on recycling fraud; and addressing issues tied to closure of hundreds of redemption centers. The article can be viewed in its entirety at this link.

Who is the highest paying for junk cars?

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