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Scrap Car Body Recycling

Cash 4 Cars in Akron will buy junk cars quickly in the regions of Barberton, Ravenna, and the Merriman Valley. If you are looking to swap out cars for cash in Bath, Lakemore, or Clinton, you are in luck. The process is begun by contacting our office for a junk car quote in Medina, Rootstown, or even the Portage Lakes region. Residents of Norton, Brimfield, and Tallmadge, should be aware that the price for scrap cars can shift, often on a weekly basis. Contacting the scrap yards that buy cars should be a fairly straightforward process. Did you know that environmental contamination stemming for junk cars can occur within the scope of scrap car processing; therefore, organizations must be diligent in their procedures to prevent any environmental damage.

Massachusetts-based Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s report by Kelly and Apelian continues as follows: “The next phase in the material gathering of aluminum from an end-of-life vehicle (ELV) to shred it. After all reuse value and any hazardous things are removed, the crushing the vehicle into hulk/flat form in conducted and it is shipped to an auto-shredding facility. A market-driven load of light iron from other products and/or auto hulks are mixed on a conveyor moving to a hammer mill to be shredded into smaller pieces. Scrap mix from other sources such as construction, machinery, or containers can be added as well. The materials are sorted by their composition using magnetics. The non-ferrous items remain on the initial belt and fall into a sorted container or continue to a further separation/classification system.

Shred operators and separation systems are present throughout this report. Although rare, in some instances shredding operations don’t separate past magnetically sorting ferrous and non-ferrous/non-metallic auto scrap. This separation sets the parameters between each operation. Other modes of separation that can be deployed include:

  • Air separation,
  • Eddy-current separation,
  • Density separation
  • Radiative techniques

For shredding systems that utilize air separation before magnetic separation, this ejected flow is assumed to be processed at a downward separation method to gather any sheet/plate-shaped and lighter-weight products like aluminum. The shredded auto bodies generate very little material to be diverted to landfills. The hammer mill doesn’t consume any metallic-type contents. Air-separated light-weight materials are processed further to recover as much aluminum as possible. After magnetically separated material is processed, all aluminum products reside in the non-ferrous residue that is transported to another processing location or continues to a downward separation systems. Any material heading to landfills are designated at several points during the processes.” The complete study in its entirety is available at this link.

We buy junk cars

When we buy cars for cash in Kenmore, North Akron, and Sharon Center, free scrap vehicle pick up is built-in to the price. Call us for a junk car quote today and have “junker” hauled away in Fairlawn, Cuyahoga Falls, and Springfield Township. We do a bit more that provide a fast price for scrap cars in Mogadore, Stow, and Monroe Falls, as junk car removal is handled also. For a price quote on an old car in East Akron, Silver Lake, or Wadsworth, you can contact scrap yards that buy cars. Our systems produce environmental benefits such as reductions in air pollution and water pollution.