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Recycling of Water

Recycling of Water

Those of us who buys scrap cars are referred to as working in the End-of-Life Vehicle process. Seeking money for a junk car is something you may have to do at some point with a salvage vehicle. Here at Cash 4 Cars Akron, a damaged and wrecked vehicle buyer, we process junk car scrap. Selling a junk car is made easy with us, as your salvage car is towed away quickly and you receive money for a junk car. We’re proudly are among those who buys scrap cars in the Summit, Medina and Portage Counties. In a December 14, 2015 story by Jessica Lyons Hardcastle on titled ‘Toilet-to-Tap’ Wastewater Recycling Takes Off as Water Supplies Shrink’ explained the following: “Recycled wastewater has been used for decades to irrigate crops, golf courses & landscapes. Now, with water scarcity affecting areas, more are turning to treated sewage into potable water creating an opportunity for companies like Dow Chemical that provide toilet-to-tap technology. Many are increasingly realizing the economic value of clean water and its driving growth in Dow’s water business.

In 2007, Orange County, CA opened the world’s largest sewage purification system to increase drinking water and produces 100M gallons of water per day. El Paso, TX also treats its wastewater; the treated water is sent through an aquifer prior to pumping & cleaning. Drought conditions in CA lead Governor Brown to sign a bill requiring state health & water officials to report by 2016 on developing standards for recycling wastewater for direct reuse. Last month the Metro Water District of Southern CA approved $15M for a wastewater recycling demonstration plant, which initially would be used to recycled water to recharge groundwater basins. The major hurdle is known as the ‘ick factor’, among the public. Singapore’s new plant treats wastewater for drinking and meets about 30% of the country’s water demand. The best way to handle the ‘ick factor’ is to educate the public about the process and its advantages. In the long run, this will be a better strategy vs relying on consumers to change their behavior, which has a limited effect and is more difficult to achieve.” The full article is available in its entirety at this link.

Please note from the above article, how aquifer is defined according to National Geographic: “An underground layer of permeable rock, meaning it has openings for liquids or gases to pass through. Sedimentary rock such as sandstone, sand and gravel are examples. The top of the water level in an aquifer is called the water table. An aquifer fills with water from rain or melted snow, often through the soil, joints, or cracks, until it meets less permeable rock. Aquifers act as reservoirs for groundwater and often flow out in springs”.[1]

A wrecked car buyer

The process selling a junk car to a junk car scrap site like Cash 4 Cars is not complicated. The first step is to contact our junk and wrecked car buyer for a price quote, which is the amount of money for a junk car that you can expect. This price does include the towing of the salvage vehicle regardless of whether you are located in Green, Silver Lake, or North Akron. Residents of Cuyahoga Falls, Springfield Township and Mogadore should call for a junk car quote on their old car, truck or van. If your vehicle is broken down and not worth fixing at a location such as Conrad’s, Firestone, Midas or Tuffy—consider scrapping it! We are a junk car hauler and scrap vehicle buyer that services the areas of Wadsworth, Kent and Peninsula. Those seeking cash for cars in the (330) are encouraged to call us for fast scrap car removal. If you have an old clunker parked somewhere in the Merriman Valley, Bath, or Stow, you can reach out to us. Complimentary junk car hauling services are now offered 6 days a week in the regions of Lakemore, Clinton and Medina.