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Cash 4 Cars Akron is where to junk a car. We are a scrap car buyer and cash for cars company. Where to sell my old car? Where to sell a junk car in Ohio? How to scrap a car? Cash for Cars Akron is where to call. Sell you junk car or scrap car today for cash and receive free towing. The vehicle title is required. Receive junk car prices in Akron, Barberton, Cuyahoga Falls, Medina, Wadsworth, Mogadore, Copley, Norton, Barberton, Springfield Township, East Akron, Kent, Peninsula, New Franklin, Ravenna, Kenmore, Chapel Hill, Hudson and throughout Summit County. Wondering how to scrap an old car for cash? If looking to junk a car in Akron or get cash for a scrap car, contact us!

How it Works:

  1. You realize that your car is no longer worth keeping. Perhaps it is a junk car, scrap car or disabled vehicle. Maybe your car needs expensive repairs and you would rather sell it for cash than spend additional money on it. Cash 4 Cars will provide a junk car quote.
  2. Call Cash 4 Cars Akron at 330-271-6464 or receive a quote by sending the information about your old, scrap or junk vehicle through our website. Scrap your car the same-day!
  3. We give you a price, which includes towing (removal) of your scrap car, truck or van within the Summit County area. Sell your old car for cash today!
  4. The two requirements are that you have the vehicle’s title and proper identification.

Our service area for buying junk cars is within these zip codes:
44203, 44216, 44221, 44223, 44224, 44236, 44240, 44243, 44260, 44264, 44278, 44286, 44301, 44302, 44303, 44304, 44305, 44306, 44307, 44308, 44310, 44311, 44312, 44313, 44314, 44319, 44320, 44321, 44333, 44685, 44720. Now buying cars in Portage and Medina Counties.


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Fast vehicle removal and cash for your car today! To get vehicle scrap cash, for even a totaled car, you just need the vehicle title and an ID. Sell a car for cash and get money for that clunker.