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Problems with Junk Cars

Problems with Junk Cars

Cash 4 Cars Akron is back with another report of a municipality trying to slow down the volume of abandoned junk cars. This one is in the city Sidney, MT, a town of approximately 6,000 residents that is in close proximity to just about nothing. The North Dakota border is within an hour drive, but other than that I didn’t see another city on the map that I recognized within 230 miles. Where can you get a quote for a junk car in Sidney? Is there a location for selling a scrap car or company where to junk a car near Sidney? The answer is probably that maybe one such business exists within a 100 mile radius. If I lived in Sidney, I would form a co-op of three to four other families to invest and split the cost of a small plane in case anyone wanted to go out of town! Getting back to the story, on October 4, 2015 Mike Francingues with the Sidney Herald posted a story titled ‘Junk vehicles becoming bigger problem in community’ with the following details: “The City of Sidney will soon be looking to update its junk vehicle and eyesore ordinances to clean the city of abandoned cars, trailers & campers left both in public and on private property. Sidney held the 2nd junk vehicle auction in one year Wednesday for the first time in its history. Public Works Director Jeff Hintz says previously, the city held only one auction per year, but this one follows an auction with a similar amount of vehicles in May. Hintz says it has been a growing issue with vehicles left in parking lots and streets.

Auctions have gone from 4-5 cars to more than 20 at a time. Most are inoperable and bought by scrappers to be recycled. The city turned an area of its yard into a lot to store the vehicles, after the previous impound ran out of room; many vehicles had smashed windows, flat tires and the smell of rotting food.

Hintz said if they’ve been sitting there inoperable, they’re going to start to disappear! Junk vehicles are an eyesore and cause issues with programs and could leak dangerous fluids. Weeds, trash & dirt pile up under the vehicles and hinder storm drainage because street sweepers can’t get underneath them. It also causes problems for snow clearance when vehicles are in the way.

First, an orange warning is placed on the windshield, giving the owner 5 days to move the vehicle. Once towed, the owner is notified and can retrieve their vehicle for $100 tow fee + $10 per day impound fee. If the owner can’t be found or chooses not to retrieve their vehicle, it is auctioned. Owners have at least a 30-day notice before the auction. Most owners choose to move their vehicles with the 1st warning. They have typically written between 20-25 tickets per month this year, with peaks near 50 in June & July. It is currently unclear what changes will be made to the ordinances to strengthen their enforcement ability, but it is clear city officials are trying to clean up the mess. People who have junk vehicles may contact Richland County, which has a free haul away service for junk vehicles. The complete article is available at this link.

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