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Plastic in Auto Scrap Recycling

One of the more widely received questions here at Cash 4 Cars Akron relates to the price for scrap cars, which tends to fluctuate due to market conditions that are beyond those who buy junk cars. An auto buyer that handles junk vehicle removal is likely able to allow you to get cash for a car on the same-day or next-day. Did you know that in the United States over 12 million cars are scrapped annually, providing significant amounts of recyclable components and materials.

It would be hard to find a 2016 vehicle without many plastic parts & components—even the higher-end vehicles with leather & wood finishes. Plastic components are found inside & out of every vehicle on the road— dozens of components are made with a variety of plastics. Vehicle weight & cost are frequently identified as the primary reasons for usage of plastics. Other benefits for designs using plastic includes freedom & innovation, with its flexibility to integrate with different components. Plastic has resistance to corrosion and rust, as well as increased safety & comfort. Many consumers may not view plastics & polymer composites as premium materials and may have questions about the health, safety, & impact on the environment. The consumers may be wary of plastic & such composites used in structural applications compared to metals.

Carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) is used by auto manufacturers—particularly the battery and plug-in powered cars on the market. At a weight 50% less than steel and 30% less than aluminum, more automakers like the benefits for uses inside & outside of vehicles. CFRP is viewed by many consumers as a high-tech and value material, and is given high visibility. Plastic materials can be recycled and the scrap adopted by manufacturers is recognition of the value of the plastics and its byproducts. ELV recycling of many varieties of plastics can come via the recycling of specific components—such as the types of plastics used in auto bumpers—or in the auto shredder residue, which is then ultimately produced in the crushing & shredding of ELVs. Reusing certain plastics requires sorting & cleaning.

Where to find an auto buyer

Those of us who buy junk cars can usually provide you an accurate price for scrap cars and junk vehicles right over the phone. To get cash for a car in Portage, Summit, or Medina County, we encouraged you to call us at (330) 271-6464 now! As always, the junk car quote that we provide will include junk vehicle removal within our service areas at no additional charge. The price for scrap cars is lower now in 2016 than it was during 2014, which runs opposite of what one might expect. Cash 4 Cars Akron believes in the diversion of unnecessary waste by striving to reuse, recycle or repurpose as much material as possible. We encourage you to visit our website at