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Oil Price Impacts Recycling

Oil Price Impacts Recycling

Cash 4 Cars Akron is among the car buyers that offer money for a scrap car and handles salvage vehicle removal. As a scrap vehicle buyer, we have witnessed first-hand the price for a junk car continuing to decline. Many people with old vehicles may themselves where to scrap my car in Green, Silver Lake or Cuyahoga Falls? These individuals are encouraged to contact us for a price for a junk car and consider our salvage vehicle removal program.  We are currently paying money for a scrap car 6 days a week throughout Springfield Township, North Akron and Mogadore.  Due to recent service area expansions we are now car buyers in Summit, Portage and Medina Counties.

Our next piece of news relating to the auto scrap and recycling business focuses on how the market price for oil has impacted many US recyclers. On Saturday January 2, 2016 the site posted an article titled ‘Recycling industry a victim of cheaper oil’ authored by Maxwell Reil, which told us the following: “Lower oil costs cost has meant cheaper gas & heating bills for consumers; for many recycling companies, it has led to a decrease in revenue. As oil prices fall, so have the value of plastics made with oil.

Bob Anderson, Regional Development Manager for ReCommunity Recycling, says low oil prices are affecting revenue for recycling companies. The commodity markets are at historic lows & we’ve seen steep reduction in the value of scrap materials. Spot prices for oil were around $36/ barrel last week, according to the U.S. EIA, compared with $98.89 in 2014 and $108.56 in 2013.   Scrap plastic was selling at $2,000/ton, and now has fallen to $30/ton. The material comes in fast every week, and in NJ recycling is mandatory.  Kim Holmes, Director of Recycling at SPI, says it’s a challenging time in the recycling industry. Holmes says recycling companies should take advantage of the market & seek companies that want to work specifically with recyclable materials.

Anderson’s experts expect to see the same pricing for 3-5 years. He said the company has hired more workers for a higher quality product, something buyers are interested in; buyers have higher tolerance with non-recoverable items, and when demand is low you must produce a better product. When competing versus competitors, the cleaner the product is then the better chance you have. Those choosing to use recycled content cite cost savings as the main reason, but another reason was because companies had internally stated eco-goals requested by customers.” The complete article is available at this link.

Where to scrap my car

Cash 4 Cars Akron pays money for a scrap car in the regions of East Akron, Wadsworth and Kent. Our scrap vehicle buyer is available to provide you a quote for your salvage vehicle regardless of whether your clunker is located in New Franklin, Peninsula or Firestone Park. Our car buyers treat vehicle sellers with a simple and professional approach that can only be offered by a local scrap vehicle buyer. The national “cash for cars” companies that use a central answering service are less concerned with local Akron area residents and often their junk car removal process takes too long. These national outfits with their 800 numbers basically provide you a low price for your salvage vehicle and then attempt to hand off the junk car towing and removal to someone in the area. We ARE a local scrap vehicle buyer that proudly services the areas of Highland Square, Copley and Barberton. Residents of the Merriman Valley, Bath and Stow should know that our car buyers are a product of your community.  If you need same-day pick up and money for a scrap car in Lakemore, Clinton, or Medina—call (330) 271-6464 today!