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New Junk Vehicle Enforcement Plan

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Officials in Wood County, Williamstown, and Parkersburg, WV proclaimed they are beginning a large summer sweeping to handle some of the larger complaints they have been receiving—junk cars and vehicle sitting around with out-of-state plates. At the Parkersburg Municipal Building meeting, Mayor Tom Joyce stated that they are seeking to make the neighborhoods cleaner and safer. Local police, code enforcement, sheriff’s department and deputy assistants will seek compliance with local and state laws pertaining to vehicles. The state code allows charge those who haven’t registered a car in WV for up to 5 years of back taxes. For the next two months, the office will just issue warnings. Those who are paying their taxes, while someone next door may not be, avoiding registration fees and taxes that largely benefits local schools.

The state’s rules on licensing out-of-state cars are as follows:

  • New residents should register the vehicle in 30 days
  • This includes if you have a child in a WV public school
  • If registered to vote in WV
  • If employed in WV
  • Those with an in-state mailing address
  • Those with public utilities in their name

The first step will be to tag cars that are spotted, allowing the owner to address the matter. Those in violation will be added to the shared data with law enforcement to issue tickets. They will be on the lookout for cars parked long-term in residential-type neighborhoods areas. City Councilman John Reed said the supportive effort grew out of an effort earlier lately to address cars littering neighborhoods. A future ordinance prohibiting vehicles and boats from sitting in yards is likely.  All vehicles parking on city streets must be functional and registered, or they may be towed at the expense of the listed owner. The full article is available here.

A “Scrap My Car” Solution

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