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Recycling & Scrap 2017 Economic Data

Since we are currently a functional buyer of junk cars that services the regions of Green, Fairlawn, & Cuyahoga Falls, you can call us. To get cash for a car in Springfield Township, Kenmore, & North Akron, the process is as easy as just picking up the telephone. It is quick and easy—you simply need the title in your name to get money for a junk car in Doylestown, Sharon Center, or Mogadore. We receive requests for junk car quotes from those in Stow, Brimfield, & Uniontown, with free scrap car removal.

The scrap recycling market is a large force in the U.S. for converting end-of-life products, such as vehicles and industrial waste in to new materials. Certainly considered to be a “green” industry, recycling supports employment and significantly benefits the environment through a reduction in harmful emissions, energy savings and preservation of key resources. Junk Dunham & Associates, a consulting group, recently worked with ISRI on conducting analysis to get a better understanding of the scope of scrap recycling throughout the U.S. and to gauge the contributions to the economy. It truly is a self-sustaining economic driver that the vast majority of Americans support.

The quantity of estimated material that was processed last year exceeded 130 million tons (metric). The vast majority took otherwise unwanted material and transitioned it to new useful products. The process allows for energy to be directed toward other critical needs. The recycling market does play a role in employment, exporting and overall financial progression. The exact quantity of jobs afforded by recycling-based efforts is difficult to accurately quantify; however, it is believed to be at least 500,000 domestically.

Did you know that our facilities use the best green practices to reduce pollution, waste, and costs? Cash 4 Cars Akron is a buyer of junk cars now servicing the areas of Canal Fulton, Coventry Township, and Chapel Hill. Those residing in Hudson, Rolling Acres, & the Portage Lakes should know that they can get cash for a car. Our superb scrap car removal process is executed in Norton, as well as from Mr. Tire or Monro Muffler & Brake shops, with the environment taken into consideration.

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Akron Junk Vehicle Reporting Process

During 2015, those of us who buy scrap cars in Kenmore, North Akron, and Doylestown have been negatively impacted from a steep drop in scrap pricing. Standing vehicles with missing components are an eyesore to all and need junk vehicle removal in Sharon Center, Mogadore, or Stow. When you sell an old car you are creating an opportunity for its components to be repurposed in Monroe Falls, East Akron, or Silver Lake. Many of those in Summit, Medina or Portage Counties weren’t aware that we buy junk cars.

In the City of Akron, the have announced their junk vehicle complaint process as follows:

  • May the call to 330-375-2311 (or 311)
  • A representative may visit the site and create documentation
  • The property owner is determined
  • The owner is notified of the complaint via mail
  • 10 days later the area is inspected
  • The APD may issue orders for removal
  • The is an opportunity for the violating party to appeal
  • The Appeals Committee may make a ruling

The city will force compliance, as they seek to improve the city’s landscape. Owners must repair, restore, or move the vehicle to be in compliance. In addition, parking vehicles on lawns is now a $50 violation, which will go to $100 for a second infraction.

We buy scrap cars 6 days a week in Rootstown, Norton, & Brimfield. It is far from glamourous, but someone has to do it. The swift facilitation of junk vehicle removal is a perfected process now also available in New Franklin, Firestone Park, & Clinton, OH. Where is a good place to sell an old car in the regions of Highland Square, Copley, or Barberton, OH? Our business is fairly straight-forward, we buy junk cars for salvage in from transmission shops or Goodyear stores. Scrap automobiles can be a source of other hazardous items, such as lead, mercury and asbestos.

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Cash 4 Cars Akron Junk Ordinance Passes

Do we buy auto scrap for cash? Yes, we will purchase junk cars and tow them away from Highland Square, Copley, or Barberton. We strive to make it simple and easy to get cash for wrecked cars in Ravenna, Merriman Valley, and Bath. Why would you consider anyone else for junk my car services in Lakemore, Clinton, or Rootstown?  We will provide you money for a salvage vehicle and pick it up today in Rolling Acres, the Portage Lakes, or Norton.

Diamondville’s Town Council agreed on an Ordinance regarding junk cars at their meeting. This law had been debated by councilmembers and many residents over the last few years. Police Chief Mike Thompson expressed concerns about possible loopholes if continued changes to the wording continued. He reminded the town that the specific purpose of the rule was to give the PD more authority to enforce the hauling of junk cars and clean them up. A permit is required for those who have “hobby cars” that would generally allow them to remain. These times of permits will be a way for the administration and the police to be certain that residents are cleaning up their hobby cars, as these licenses require a renewal every 2 years. Council and onlookers agree the ordinance will help clean up the town, and ensure the current problem of seeing scattered junk vehicles in plain sight will be eliminated. Clint Bowen mentioned his concern that the rules would be “nipping away at people’s person freedom”. Alyssa Hartmann says the ordinance is designed not to impact those legitimately repairing their vehicles. Abandoned property has proven to be a common place to notice the presence of junk cars. The full article is available here.

Are you wondering who buys auto scrap around here? Contact Cash 4 Cars Akron today to get cash for your car in Peninsula, Granger Township, or Canal Fulton. The condition of the vehicle is of little concern when getting cash for wrecked cars in Brimfield, Uniontown, and Tallmadge. It is quick and stress-free—you only need the title in your name to get dough for a salvage vehicle in Coventry Township, Chapel Hill, or Hudson. We are a local, dedicated ‘junk my car’ service provider that will give you a price right over the phone. Our auto recycling operation can pick up directly from Firestone Service Centers or Goodyear stores.

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California Automobile Compliance History

There is no need to move any further to sell your auto junk in New Franklin, Firestone Park, or the Portage Lakes—we will tow it away.   To get cash for scrap cars from BJC, those in Norton, Brimfield, and Uniontown can simply contact our vehicle buyer to see how much money for a scrap car you can receive. Many are potentially still in denial throughout Tallmadge, Peninsula, and Granger Township that they truly need old car removal—move that junky car! Want to get cash for cars in Canal Fulton, Coventry Township, or the Chapel Hill area? Contact the area’s top scrap car hauler and junk vehicle removal service

The University of Indiana’s 2017 study regarding the auto industry and environmental compliance told us some interesting historical information as follows: “Traditionally California has taken an aggressive leadership role in seeking to reduce auto emissions. In the late 1960’s, the state pioneered the plan, which is over a decade prior to the federal government’s initial programs. During the Clinton and George W. Bush governments, environmental proponents and their allies among the CA lawmakers started increasingly disenchanted with the U.S government’s management of the CAFE program. Despite oppositions from the auto makers and dealerships, the state legislature passed AB 1493, which set limits on GHG emissions from new automobiles vehicles sold in the state. The law called for CARB to generate significant reductions in GHGs, and it set some standards for cars starting in the 2009 model year.

This level for year 2016 is approximately 36 miles per gallon. The state governments in NY and MA have also pursued some goals regarding these issues. Opponents claimed that the state did not have the independent authority to set their own set of standards, citing federal priority. A federal court back in 2007 did confirm that CA may proceed with their regulations. The Obama environmental departments took sought guidance from CA when working through their policies based on their longer period of handling these issues. Ultimately, the federal goals became fairly similar to those in California. In 2012, automakers that were compliant could basically use either regulation as their barometer because they were essentially the same. Currently, the state’s standards extend no further than the federal ones as it relates to compliance.” The full study is available here.

Summit County Scrap Car Hauler

We strive to have a positive environmental impact in efforts to protect vital resources. Your old broken down vehicle is likely a headache for owners in Kenmore, North Akron, and Doylestown and is auto junk. The process of paying cash for scrap cars is one of our core functions in Sharon Center, Mogadore, & Stow. Today is a great day to let go of that crappy car in Monroe Falls, East Akron, Silver Lake —call for old car removal The work of a scrap car hauler isn’t the most exciting work, but we strive to deliver satisfactory results with friendly service in Wadsworth, Medina and Kent.


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New Junk Vehicle Enforcement Plan

Those of us that consistently buy used cars for scrap in Doylestown, Sharon Center, and Mogadore can enjoy the ease and convenience. If you have a junky car in Stow, Monroe Falls, or East Akron, give our buyer a call for fast damaged car removal. We junk cars for cash with same-day pickup usually available in Silver Lake, Wadsworth, and Medina. If you have an old vehicle sitting around in Kent, New Franklin, or Firestone Park—take full advantage of our scrap my car option today!

Officials in Wood County, Williamstown, and Parkersburg, WV proclaimed they are beginning a large summer sweeping to handle some of the larger complaints they have been receiving—junk cars and vehicle sitting around with out-of-state plates. At the Parkersburg Municipal Building meeting, Mayor Tom Joyce stated that they are seeking to make the neighborhoods cleaner and safer. Local police, code enforcement, sheriff’s department and deputy assistants will seek compliance with local and state laws pertaining to vehicles. The state code allows charge those who haven’t registered a car in WV for up to 5 years of back taxes. For the next two months, the office will just issue warnings. Those who are paying their taxes, while someone next door may not be, avoiding registration fees and taxes that largely benefits local schools.

The state’s rules on licensing out-of-state cars are as follows:

  • New residents should register the vehicle in 30 days
  • This includes if you have a child in a WV public school
  • If registered to vote in WV
  • If employed in WV
  • Those with an in-state mailing address
  • Those with public utilities in their name

The first step will be to tag cars that are spotted, allowing the owner to address the matter. Those in violation will be added to the shared data with law enforcement to issue tickets. They will be on the lookout for cars parked long-term in residential-type neighborhoods areas. City Councilman John Reed said the supportive effort grew out of an effort earlier lately to address cars littering neighborhoods. A future ordinance prohibiting vehicles and boats from sitting in yards is likely.  All vehicles parking on city streets must be functional and registered, or they may be towed at the expense of the listed owner. The full article is available here.

A “Scrap My Car” Solution

Environmental contamination stemming for junk cars can occur within the scope of scrap car operations. Are you a “not so proud owner” of a damaged car in Uniontown, Tallmadge, or Peninsula seeking a place that will buy used cars for scrap? For the best service in cash for cars with damaged car removal in Canal Fulton, Coventry Township, or the Chapel Hill area contact us. To junk cars for cash in Hudson or Ravenna, you will always need the vehicle title and an ID. Keep in mind that we are able to tow your old vehicle away from Firestone Repair & Service Centers also. Our fast and easy scrap my car process will tow away junk cars throughout the Ohio areas of the Merriman Valley, Bath, and Granger Township.

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Cars Integrate in Technology

Here at Cash 4 Cars Akron we buy junk cars as part of our cars for cash program in Uniontown, Tallmadge, & Peninsula. As a long standing junk vehicle buyer in Granger Township, Canal Fulton, & Coventry Township, we can attest to the environmentally sound recycling practices. Those actively seeking out or searching for a wrecked car buyer in Chapel Hill, Hudson, or Firestone Service Centers should contact out office. The guys who by scrap vehicles and who junks cars is available 6 days a week to pick up from Conrad’s locations, transmission shops and Goodyear stores.

A Forbes article this week explained the following: “In recent years, there has been increased development and involvement between the vehicle industry and Silicon Valley firms. Various venture funded upstart business seem to think that they will unseat the major auto companies. The truth is that the two will continue in concert toward the integration of vehicle technology. Tech in recent years, much of it California based, has assisted the industry in environmental compliance as automakers transitioned from mechanical inefficiencies toward meeting many key regulatory challenges.

Tech has benefitted the automotive sector from difficult regulations. The integrated of microprocessors into vehicle drive train components has been significant. As fuel economy-related goals rose, auto companies offered consumers better performance and proficiency without making them expend great fuel costs. Tech has traditionally been a key in defining the modern vehicle. As we gradually move having driving done by software instead of humans, tech & auto segments must continue to join forces more closely. The automakers have developed an enormous base of understanding in building high-tech pieces of hardware at a good pace and using high degrees of dependability and durability. It will be interesting to see this progression in action.” The full article is available here.

We Buys Junk Cars in Summit County

We buy junk cars throughout Green, Fairlawn, & Cuyahoga Falls, often the same-day that you contact us. If you have a scrap car sitting around in Kenmore, Sharon Center, or Mogadore—contact the original junk vehicle buyer today. Many auto body shops will pass our number on to their customers who really just need a wrecked car buyer in Stow, Monroe Falls & East Akron. We are a scrapper who junks cars that can provide a simply price over the phone for those in Silver Lake, Wadsworth, & Springfield Township.

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Predatory Car Lending Problems

Those with abandoned and unwanted cars, trucks and vans in Wadsworth, Medina, and Kent should call our auto buyer. In 2016 the price for a junk car has diminished quite a bit regardless if located in New Franklin, Firestone Park, or Highland Square. Call our scrap car buyer and we will give you cash on the spot and tow your car away from Copley, Barberton, or Ravenna. Where is a good place for selling an old car in the regions of Merriman Valley, Bath, or Lakemore, OH?

In the March 4, 2017 edition of Crain’s Cleveland, Jeremy Nobile looks at the short-term lending problem in the region as follows: “The short-term lending industry is running wild in Ohio, preying on locals, such as in Cleveland, where the lenders are particularly active. Lawmakers have expressed interest in regulating the industry, but efforts have not slowed the growth of new stores. Payday & vehicle title lenders are thriving in the Cleveland area and under names such as Advance America, Cashland and Check into Cash. You may notice competing shops packed in together on the same block, usually in the region’s poorer areas. Lenders say they’re serving a credit need banks won’t touch, providing a significant resource to consumers.

The Small-Dollar Loan Project of The Pew Charitable Trusts explains that the typical APR on a payday loan in OH is 591%. These rates make it virtually impossible for consumers to comfortably pay them back. Past laws have targeted those APRs directly, capping them in Ohio at 28%. But the industry has found loopholes in laws allowing them to add many additional fees that boost the rates. A recent report indicates that a $300 loan paid back over 5 months costs at least $680 just in fees. The credit is so expensive that it can create havoc on people and their families.  One local instance in 2015, a single mom with 5 kids took out a vehicle title loan. She ended up paying the rent rather than the loan on the due date.  Vehicle title loans are quite similar to pay-day loans in their terms, except they hold the debtor’s car as collateral in the deal. After she lost her car, she then lost her job and became homeless at one point. Without transportation, her kids even stopped going to school.  The issue took several months to with assistance from Legal Aid to restructure a payment arrangement. A Pew’s study reported that Ohio had over 600 such loan locations.” The complete article is available at this link.

Our auto buyer in Silver Lake, Green, and Fairlawn is the fast solution for disposal of an old car. The overall price for a junk car is poised to remain low in the short-run in Springfield Township, Kenmore, and North Akron. As a scrap car buyer in Doylestown, Sharon Center, and Mogadore, we buy junk cars and broken-down vehicles readily. Selling an old car for scrap in the areas of Stow, Monroe Falls, and East Akron is quite simple. Did you know that in the US, 12M to 15M cars are scrapped, providing tremendous amounts of salvageable components and recyclable material?

Car Dealer Educational Program

Cars in Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls that are scrapped enter the auto recycling of junk cars. If the repair bill is more than the vehicle is worth, contact us for buy my junk car removal in Kenmore, North Akron, and Doylestown. We are car buyers towing away “clunkers” throughout Sharon Center, Mogadore, and Stow. Those seeking cash for scrap vehicles in Monroe Falls and East Akron are encouraged to call us.

A February 20, 2017 article by James B. Treece on Auto News tells us the following: “Keiser University is launching its auto dealer management program soon on the former Northwood University campus in West Palm Beach. Students can enroll in May for summer classes; a standard academic year starts in the fall. Some facets of the program will be similar to Northwood’s 4-year program in Midland, MI., whose alumni are often dealers principal and dealership management staff across the U.S. Keiser plans to differentiate its program in various ways. In this region, in almost every brand, either the top in the nation or one of the top five” dealerships for that brand’s new-vehicle sales volume are present, according to Timothy Gilbert, chairman for Keiser University’s auto marketing program.

Internships will be available at dealers nearby. Students may work at dealers, between their 1st and 2nd and then their 3rd and 4th years. The auto retailing program is two-fold: a 4-year bachelor program in a business, as well as the Keiser Executive Education series for ongoing education. The executive-education programs are focus on specific needs.

The first one is designed for general managers. Private-equity investors wanting to purchase dealerships who have difficulty locating experienced managers can benefit. Many auto manufacturers which are hesitant to grant franchises to management teams without adequate experience may benefit from the program. In the 4-year program, studies focus on business practices, such as preparation and analyzation of financial statements, and the various profit centers of an auto dealer.

Other coursework includes:

  • HR functions such as recruitment and retention.
  • Reviewing today’s changing automotive customer.
  • How technology merges into all dealer activities.

Keiser University says it is the 2nd largest not-for-profit private university in Florida, offering many degree programs. The full article is available here.

Green Auto Recycling of Junk Cars

At last, the auto recycling of junk cars is available in Silver Lake, Wadsworth, and Medina. Is the towing away of the old car from Kent, New Franklin, or Firestone Park included in the buy my junk car process? We are reaching out to junk car owners in Highland Square, Copley, and Barberton as car buyers. Those who offer cash for scrap vehicles are most likely able to provide a price over the phone, even from Ravenna, Midas locations, and NTB shops. Our eco-friendly recycling processes are a great benefit because it generates less pollution.

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Two Schemes Involving Vehicles & Scrap

Were you aware that our auto recycling of junk cars structure is quick and easy in Cuyahoga Falls, Springfield Township, and Kenmore? Are you staring at a broken down old car in Sharon Center, Mogadore, or Stow, asking yourself who will buy my junk car? As a buyer of scrap vehicles in the regions of East Akron, Silver Lake, and Wadsworth we strive to recycle & reuse the materials whenever possible.

Bob Mercer of the Capital Journal told us about a recent scheme involving inhibiting the repossession of a vehicle: “Legislation known as HB 1096 is going to the state House for consideration. Brian Busch of Anytime Auto testified by phone during the meeting with the House Judiciary Committee. Busch has had multiple instances of people putting down initial payments on cars and never making another monthly payment.  Busch said often there is no way to retrieve the autos when they were taken to Indian land and sometimes vehicles simply are sold for scrap.

Busch says that the customers have zero repercussions for their actions, and feels it is just wrong. People need to have penalties for car theft. He says that Arizona has a similar law. Myron Rau, from the SD Auto Dealers Association, said car sellers know there is a risk. Rep. Dan Kaiser, R-Aberdeen, voted against the bill, stating that uncertainty about adding criminal charges to what has always been a civil process. The complete story is available at this link.

The Panama City News Herald tells us about these illegal scrappers: “A woman called the Lynn Haven PD reporting that she witnessed two people exiting her home in pickup truck – with her dishwasher onboard. The woman says there were other appliances in the back of the truck, in addition to the dishwasher, which was in her backyard. Police saw a truck matching the description, which had (2) water heaters, a vacuum, a dolly and (2) white dishwashers.

According to the driver, he & his female passenger were picking up appliances to scrap. He said that the items had come from roadside, and that he had knocked on the people’s doors before taking the items. The man said that nobody answered at the complainant’s house, so they removed the dishwasher. The complainant confirmed she had heard the sound of the doorbell while in the shower, but didn’t grant permission take the unit. The two were arrested, but they appealed with the woman not to press charges, and she and her husband decided to let them go free. The pair were told not to be trespassing on other’s property, and agreed not to return to Lynn Haven.” The complete story is available here.

Akron Auto Recycling of Junk Cars

We work within the auto recycling of junk cars arena throughout New Franklin, Firestone Park, and Highland Square. If the auto repair bill is more than the car is really worth, contact us for buy my junk car removal in Barberton, Ravenna, or the Merriman Valley. As a buyer of scrap vehicles servicing Clinton, Rootstown, and Rolling Acres, we seek to recycle & reuse. As an eco-conscious group, our program reduces water and land pollution, as well as provides a host of other environmental benefits. “Green” companies like us are good for the environment and also create green jobs.

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PE Vehicle Demand Analysis

Processes of recycling auto junk should be done with the environment in mind in areas like Peninsula, Granger Township, and Canal Fulton.  We now offer junk my car services directly from transmission shops, local Goodyear stores, and Midas locations. If you are in search of a sell my car for cash buyer in Coventry Township, Chapel Hill, or Hudson, you have reached a good place. When you take action to sell us your car in Brimfield, Uniontown, and Tallmadge, the process of scrap recycling begins.

The UCLA Alternative Renewable Fuel Vehicle and Tech Program discussed the demand for such automobiles: “The South Bay area is leading the way in adopting plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) in SoCal. By 2015, the region was home to 22 census districts in the top 20% for PEV registrations across LA County. Overall, the region is home to over 5,000 PEV drivers. This section provides a view of where the demand is the greatest and where this demand is greatest among multiple-unit dwellings (MUD). The latter is determined using a likelihood to purchase score that estimates PEV demand based on historical PEV buying trends and income levels and MUD value. Localities and other interested parties can prioritize neighborhood marketing and organizational efforts.

Consistent with statewide trends, early PEV drivers are more likely to be upper income households. The Beach Cities, the Peninsula Cities and the City of Torrance account for over 75% of PEV registrations. When moderate-income households begin to consider PEVs as a viable transportation solution, registrations will expand beyond the upper-income census regions. Regions with high PEV registration and a high volume of MUDs are possibly going to exhibit higher demand. If these individuals don’t have accessible home charging, it is may inhibit adoption by being a constraint to those areas with PEV adoption potential. In Manhattan & Hermosa Beach there are many duplexes & triplexes, and outreach should include this MUD segment. The Torrance region consists mostly of larger MUDs (20-49-unit and 50+ units).The per unit cost of implementing charging capability can be reduced if multiple units share the cost. The complete story is available here.

Summit County Auto Junk

We are now towing away auto junk throughout the regions of Highland Square, Copley, and Barberton, OH. To efficiently use our junk my car services in Ravenna, Merriman Valley, and Bath, contact us at (330) 271-6464. Complimentary towing of the old vehicle is included in our sell my car for cash program from the regions of Lakemore, Clinton, and Rootstown.  Our sell us your car recycling program is the latest in fast removal from areas such as the Rolling Acres area, the Portage Lakes, and Doylestown. Automobiles are one of the leading recycled products in the US; and recycling saves over 75M barrels of oil, normally lost in manufacturing newer components.

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5 Ways to Prevent Rust on Your Old Car in Akron

If you find yourself prematurely locating where to junk a car in Firestone Park, Highland Square, or Copley, it could be due to a lack of maintenance. We buy junk cars that are faced with expensive repair bills at a Midas, NTB, or Mr. Tire repair facility. Rust will ultimately sabotage the value of a scrap car in the areas of Barberton, Ravenna, or the Merriman Valley. When you decide to initiate the process of selling an old car in Monroe Falls or Cuyahoga Falls—give us a call.

Northeast Ohio winters can create havoc for your car, truck, van, or SUV as it related to body rust. Obviously, it is best to take the car through a wash during the winter on days that are above freezing. Often people forget the importance of having the underside of the car cleaned, meaning one of the automatic car wash facilities. The underside of the vehicle, particularly brake lines, wheel wells, and the vehicle frame can often begin deteriorating after only 4 or 5 rough winters. Road salt, which is used extensively, is one of the primary agents which leads to the body rust, thus you need to proactively prevent it.

What is rust? Rust is a form of corrosion impacting iron (a form of steel). When oxygen encounters rugged air or ay forms of moisture, the problem begins. Once it begins it is quite difficult to stop. This really occurs frequently when grime, ice and snow within the vehicle underbody. Rust is a concern that progresses like a weed, negatively impacting the value of automobiles.

Rust Prevention on Vehicles: 5 Tips

  • Avoid buying the dealer’s “rustproofing plans”, most experts feel it is not really worth the extra expense.
  • Check your car for spots where the finish has left the metal exposed. Often a rock will hit the base of your door panels which chips off the paint. This allows moisture to access the metal directly. Keep a touch up paint supply on hand to address these problems.
  • Look for darker segments of paint that are early indicators of corrosion within the body panel.
  • Use a powerful flashlight to examine the base and underside of the car.
  • Stop small problems quickly, before they progress. We recommend that each spring you locate any areas of concern and take the car to a body shop for repair. It will be relatively inexpensive for them to “touch-up” these areas and reapply a finish to protect the area.

Where to Junk a Car for Cash

Are you are sitting in Norton, Brimfield, or Tallmadge wondering where to junk a car? We are pleased to announce that we buy junk cars now throughout Peninsula, Granger Township, and the Rolling Acres area. The true value of a scrap car can be quickly assessed in the regions of Coventry Township, Chapel Hill, and Hudson. The good news is that we can pick up non-running cars, trucks, and vans from Conrad’s locations, transmission shops, and Goodyear stores. Were you aware the recycling reduces the harmful pollution related with the manufacturing process?

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Automobile Satisfaction Study for Leasing

Many of those serving as a wrecked car buyer in Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls can provide same-day junk car removal. The many who buys crashed cars in Medina, Springfield Township, and Kenmore and initiating the recycling processes. Yes, it is true that we buy scrap cars in North Akron, Sharon Center, and Mogadore now all year long. If you are stuck somewhere in Stow, Monroe Falls, or East Akron, wondering who buys junk cars—you are now aware! We strive to assist to form positive public opinions of the vehicle scrap and recycling community.

In the December 14, 2016 edition of Auto News, Hannah Lutz reported on the outcomes of leases in the mass-market and luxury segments as follow:   “With leasing making up roughly 1/3 of new-vehicle transactions, customer satisfaction at the end of the term is of great importance. But the secrets to satisfaction are different for luxury &mass-market customers. J.D. Power (JDP) indicates that dealers & lenders may need to better comprehend the differences.

The 2016 US Lease Satisfaction Study featured several lenders and finance companies that represented various brands across the high-end &mid-market segments at a large bank. The information was gathered from a wide-ranging of leasing consumers. Of the 1,986 that responded, 987 had leased luxury brands & 999 had leased mid-market brands. The data measured the pleasure of customers who were within 6 months of their lease’s completion. A satisfied shopper is likely to return to the dealer and more expected to stick with the brand. According to Jim Houston, Sr. Director at JDP’s auto finance division says that things can be done to insure the customer is satisfied.

Mid-market customers seemed most satisfied with a lease-end process where the bank contacted them 4-5 months prior to lease expiration. High-end customers merely wanted contact only 1-3 months prior. The mass market has some lessees that are relatively new. They are typically motivated by payment.  Higher-end lease customers have a greater tendency to be repeat customers, driven by the product more than the price.  For 1st first-time luxury lease customers, 27 % say they returned the car and leased again. Approximately 17% simply walked away. Of veteran lease customers, 33 % leased again. Overall, higher-end customers were happier than mass-market customers. These mid-market lease customers had differing expectations since the mass-market buyers are looking for low costs and consistency. There are more 1st-time lease consumers in the mass market, and newer banks in this market. Many high-end brands are truly focused on leasing, and in time the captive lending companies develop. Leases account for 51% of high-end brands’ transactions versus 30% industrywide.” The full story can be viewed here.

Portage County Wrecked Vehicle Buyer

Contacting a wrecked vehicle buyer on short notice in Silver Lake, Wadsworth, and Kent is now possible. Dial us up @ 33-271-6464 and ask who buys crashed cars in the areas of New Franklin, Firestone Park, and Highland Square. Proper environmental disposal techniques are employed when we buy scrap cars in Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna. When junking a motor vehicle in the Merriman Valley, Bath, or Lakemore areas, it’s helpful to know who buys junk cars. Were you aware that proper recycling reduces the pollution associated with manufacturing processes?

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New Automaker Enters IL

When it is time for you to dump a car in Green, Fairlawn, or Cuyahoga Falls, contact us to junk cars in Ohio. Owners of junky car throughout Springfield Township, Kenmore, and North Akron, should call our junk vehicle buyer. Those with a vehicle not worth fixing in Sharon Center, Mogadore, and Stow can now receive money for a junk car. When your vehicle is ready to retire in Monroe Falls, East Akron, or Medina–call us for a price for scrap cars.

Andrew Krok posted this story on Road Show: “As the auto industry continues in new directions, a whole heard of new startups are trying to enter the scene. The latest is Rivian, which aspires to reform Mitsubishi’s old plant in Illinois. Rivian put in a offer to purchase Mitsubishi’s old space in Normal, Illinois, according to a Reuters reports. Their goal is to get the facility up and running in about 5 years’ time, after which it will supposedly begin building an electric vehicle (EV) that is self-driving capable, which nobody is sure about.

The site in Normal has been shuttered since May, and if Rivian really wants to produce build a car, it could attract many jobs to the region, which would obviously be positive step. Normal’s mayor says the plant could employ nearly 500 workers in 2021, and quite possibly grow to 1,000. As for Rivian, nobody is certain really what is going on with them. Their website has a simple “coming soon” post, and that’s about it.

A search on Google led us to a Medium post that reviewed the organizations in a critical manner. It said that that Rivian hasn’t produced a prototype yet, and they have only obtained a small volume of private funding since 2009 but it was unclear about accepting state incentives. The report also indicated that Rivian’s first idea for a car in 2009 was a $25,000, middle-engine sporting coupe that sat 4 people & reached 60 miles per gallon.

Amid such reporting, and the rumor that Faraday Future is going broke for its production facility in Nevada, it’s clear that it will not be an easy path the entrance within this industry which faces heavy regulations and other barriers to entry. Rivian might very well purchase up the Normal plant, but it’ll be quite a while longer before we determine if the business will truly do anything with it.” The full article is available at: https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/mysterious-auto-startup-rivian-makes-bid-for-empty-mitsubishi-plant/

Where to Junk Cars in Ohio

Believe it or not, Cash 4 Cars is picking up junk vehicles in the Portage Lakes, Norton, and Brimfield in our efforts to junk cars in Ohio.  If you have a scrap car sitting around in Tallmadge, Peninsula, or Granger Township—contact the original junk vehicle buyer today.  Do you seek money for a junk car quickly in the regions of Rolling Acres, Coventry Township, or Chapel Hill? The truth is that is you have a broken down car in Hudson, at a Firestone Service Center, or Conrad’s location—we can offer a price for scrap cars. Our practices have environmental benefits such as reducing air pollution and water pollution.

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Economic Changes in Automobile Market

Abandoned and unwanted cars, trucks and vans in Tallmadge, Peninsula, and Granger Township should be directed to our auto buyer.  Those located in the areas such as Rolling Acres, Coventry Township, and Chapel Hill should make efforts to reduce auto junk. We can retrieve junk yard bound vehicles from the Hudson area, Firestone Service Centers, and Conrad’s locations to buy junk cars. Owners of junky unwanted vehicles in the Portage Lakes, Norton, and Brimfield can rest assured that we buy cars for cash. Did you know that it can be hazardous to drain used auto fluids is ways that could harm our water, land and other key needs?

Matthew DeBord in a November 2016 article in Business Insider predicts as follows: “Trump won the presidential vote by winning the American heartland, the base of the auto industry. Ohio went for Trump, and in a real shocker, Michigan leaned for him also. Trump tangled with auto-industry leaders during the vote, including Ford CEO Mark Fields, over starting manufacturing actions in Mexico and taking credit for retaining production back to the US from Mexico. With US auto sales at high levels, the 2009 bailouts & bankruptcies of GM and Chrysler weren’t talked about, but they remain a notable legacy of the Obama team. What does Trump in the top seat mean for the US auto industry?

The auto manufacturers want to build cars in Mexico so that they can better make smaller vehicles that otherwise lack profit, with SUV & crossovers leading the US market. NAFTA allows them to utilize cheaper labor, in an area that has committed to being an auto-making powerhouse now. This can become politically more difficult, based on what really happens with NAFTA over the next 4 years. With a possible structural change in the US & other global markets toward SUVS, it’s going to gradually be a losing effort for the carmakers to build compact vehicles in the US. If unable to move production around, they have to limit US production, which will hurt if gas prices rise and consumers change their buying habits.

Trump already mistakenly to some credit for preventing a Ford plant from relocating to Mexico. He thought it was a Lincoln plant, but only a tiny number of Lincoln SUVs are made there, compared with the same truck as a Ford Escape. US auto number will likley match last year’s record total of 17.5M. Most market experts think that will continue through 2017 before dipping as the market drops back to something in around 16M. Overall market instability, combined with consumer fear about the future, could carry on a cyclical decline. Trump feelings on Wall Street led to a short-term stock rally, the Federal Reserve could — given the present full-employment — decide to heighten interest rates to cool off the economy, prevent inflation, and provide necessary space to reduce rates if a recession arrives.

That would hinder auto sales, although other things, such as low gas prices and high average vehicle age, could maintain a bit longer. Automakers could get a pause on higher fuel-economy standards. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) principles are supposed to rise considerably for automakers retailing vehicles in the US by 2025 — that’s the MPGs that the car makers have to reach on average for all their vehicles to satisfy regulators. The majority of vehicles sold are currently bigger trucks and SUV, the lofty new CAFE goals are at running counter to the market. Electric vehicles & hybrid cars have not been selling, making it harder for carmakers to make these vehicles for compliance. Automakers have been pushing back against the restrictions, and a Republican Administration is likely to be more help to their case. The article can be viewed in its entirety at http://www.businessinsider.com/trump-presidency-will-impact-us-auto-industry-2016-11

An Established Junk Auto Buyer

Your junk car will have travel down to our auto buyer and be recycled for all those residing in Wadsworth, Kent, and New Franklin, OH.  Depending on the condition, auto junk from Firestone Park, Highland Square, and Copley will be salvaged quickly and efficiently. We will buy junk cars from Barberton, Ravenna, and the Merriman Valley, making it easy, quick, and free of any charge. Selling your junk car with our cars for cash operation in Bath, Lakemore, and Clinton is likely able to be done fast.


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Recycling Batteries Lowering Auto Costs

Holders of junky cars in Green, Fairlawn, Cuyahoga Falls, and Medina can now receive cash for junk cars. Those with a lousy car in their possession within the borders of Springfield Township, Kenmore, and North Akron—call our junk car buyer! Those retaining a junk car within the realm of Sharon Center, Mogadore, and Stow should dial up our scrap car buyer. Are you a hoarder of junk in Monroe Falls, East Akron, or Silver Lake—wake up and take instruction on how to sell a junk car.

Eric Wesoff of Green Tech Media authored a story titled ‘The Killer Apps for Batteries: Electric Buses and Natural Gas Peaker Plant Hybrids. His point made the argument that it isn’t software, but batteries that will eat the world, during a presentation Bay Area Battery Summit 2016 at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Ctr. He believes that batteries are a key technology in changing our world for the better. It is no longer simply a phone. It does things quite different and used differently. The marketplace for it is different. Here are some of the other key blurbs from Jaffe’s presentation. We think that it will be around $250 by 2020. That could be histrionicallydrop, and we’re going to be adjusting these numbers with lots of new data happening in the industry.

How do you consider in the price of gas? I don’t know because it is already cheaper to push a car with electricity than with gas, and it always likely will be, since you need a price point of about .80 a gallon to make it lower with gasoline, and we can’t do that. The refineries would not go to .80. The battery experts in China understand this-there are 1.2B people there, most don’t want their kids living there, with polluted air. The Chinese EV market has gone through a big explosion in the last (2) years, and it’s been involved with buses, and to a lesser degree, people’s vehicles. It’s emerging now with the passenger vehicles. As far as overall capacity, we’re saying that the volume of gigawatt-hours devoted to vehicles will grow.

This is the big one: the combination of batteries and natural gas plants to balance the grid as renewables grow. The reason it saves funds has nothing to do with tax incentives. It is about burning the gas much more efficiently so you consume less gas, but you are able to utilize it as an adjustable tool to balance the grid. This is where most of the batteries are on the grid. It should begin here in California. The natural gas boom market is about to kick off, and I know of various projects that are being calculated that will likely get approvals soon.” The article in its entirety is available here.

How to Sell a Junk Car in Summit County

Holders of non-running cars close to the borders of Wadsworth, Kent, and New Franklin now can all get cash for junk cars. Those possessing unwanted cars in close proximity of Firestone Park, Highland Square, and Copley have no excuse not to call our junk car buyer.  Are you a junky car owner in near proximity to Barberton, Ravenna, and the Merriman Valley who should stop and call our scrap car buyer immediately?A message to those with a piece of junk car sitting there in Bath, Lakemore, and Clinton—learn how to sell a junk car!

Junk a car in Barberton, quote for a junk car, selling a scrap car, where to junk a car

Non-Running Vehicles Must be Removed

Recently the cash for scrap cars market has been poor in New Franklin, Firestone Park, and Highland Square, due to economic problems in the steel industry. We will send an appropriate truck for damaged vehicle removal in the greater Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna localities. It is in accordance with local law and environmental standards that junk my car provides in the Merriman Valley, Bath, and Lakemore abide by. From our website at http://www.Cash4CarsAkron.com you can receive a quote for an old car in Clinton, Rootstown, or Mogadore. We have long been scrapping cars in the Portage County region of northeast Ohio, including Shalersville.  We are a recycler with a commitment to “green” practices, our auto recycling of steel uses 60% less energy.

“If you have one or more inoperable autos stored outside on your property, it’s time to transport them indoors. If not, you could receive plenty in fines and even jail time. Effective Oct. 3, NY State has adopted the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code, which states in section 302.8: “Other than as provided for in other regulations, no non-running or unlicensed autos shall be parked, kept or left on any premises, and no auto shall at any time be in a condition of major disassembly, disrepair, or in the process of being recycled or dismantled. The painting of cars is prohibited unless done inside an approved spraying booth.” There is an exclusion that states that “a car of any type is allowed to undergo major overhaul, including auto body repair, provided that repairs are performed inside a garage or some enclosed area geared and approved for that purpose.”


Auto mechanics that are accepted by the local city would be exempt assuming the vehicles were there for service work and not a dump for junk cars, according to Roger Cook, enforcement officer. Motor vehicles are all this law refers to. NY’s prior property maintenance code stated residents could have at least (1) unlicensed or inoperable car on their property, but the one doesn’t allow such an allowance. The consequences for violating such laws will result in a maximum penalty of up to $1K per day from the day of citation, or 15 days in jail. Cook says the enforcement starts when they observe an offending vehicle or get a complaint and they issue a mailing of the violation to the property owner. Then–he or she 30 days remove the car. If the auto is not moved, they must appear in court. If the auto is removed the vehicle by a 30 day limit there aren’t fines or penalties.

They seek compliance, when we notice these we’ll let people know they are violating and give them a adequate time. Cook said he felt it important for residents to comprehend that this is NY law, and not one that was enacted here locally. The code was formed by a development group that was appointed consisting of representatives of the (3) members of the ICC, including representatives. The code is based on principles intended to create provisions consistent with the range of a reasonable property maintenance law that protects the environment.” The full article is available here.

Obtain cash for scrap cars

Millions of cars breakdown annually needing damaged vehicle removal in the Portage Lakes, Norton, Brimfield, far too many of these end up residing in driveways and yards. Most people aren’t aware they are eligible for junk my car service now in Tallmadge, Peninsula, and Granger Township. Our purpose is to provide quicker, stress-free quote for an old car the areas of Rolling Acres, Coventry Township, and Chapel Hill. We are committed to being the fastest method for scrapping cars, a simple solution to get paid for a junk vehicle in the region of Hudson, or from Firestone Service locations and Conrad’s shops.   

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Scrap Vehicle Tire Pyrolysis

If your car, truck or van is officially auto junk, we are available to pick it up in Clinton, Medina, and Rootstown, OH. We are proudly offering same-day auto scrap services throughout the Portage Lakes, Norton, and Brimfield areas. Those residents of Tallmadge, Peninsula, and Granger Township seeking cash for wrecked cars are in luck. The process of junk car scrap insures that the maximum percentage of the vehicle in recycled in the Rolling Acres, Coventry Township, and Chapel Hill areas. We will pay you money for a junk car, but keep in mind that the market pricing is way down right now.

According to the US Department of Agriculture report “Pyrolysis is the warming of a material, in the absence of oxygen.  Since no oxygen is involved, the material doesn’t combust but all chemical compounds (i.e. cellulose, hemicellulose etc.) which make up the material thermally break into combustible gases & charcoal.  Many of the combustible gases can be reduced into a liquid, known as pyrolysis oil, though there are present permanent gases (CO­2, CO, H2, light hydrocarbons).”

The following is an excerpt on auto tire recycling from Vulcan Systems: “Americans throw away over 300M tires each year. Most states have forbidden discarding tires into landfills due to space-related concerns and the air & methane brought about during the disposal. Another system, burning, is dejected due to the discharge of carcinogens and other toxins into the air, as well as starting fires that are hard to extinguish, often smoldering for days. Thankfully, junk tires can be recycled via another method – pyrolysis – which involves braking them down into their original materials.

In the system of pyrolysis, tires are heated with an absence of. The tires melt its polymers break down into tiny molecules which eventually vaporize & leave the reactor. The vapors are finally burned to generate power or condensed into an oily liquid that can be used as fuel. Greater molecules that can’t be condensed continue as a gas and are used to supply heat to facilitate this process. The minerals & carbon in the tire (nearly 40% of the weight) are extracted as a solid. The steel wiring in the tire is removed using magnets and are then recycled. The left-over materials are a carbonaceous char, which then can be converted into carbon black. Carbon black is utilized in the making of new tires & other rubber-related goods. It can also be utilized as a fuel source in generating power and kilns.

Tire pyrolysis produces many different products, each with unique benefits:

  • Tire oil can a useful source for fuel
  • Carbon black can be utilized as a chemical strengthener in rubber materials or as a coloring agent
  • The steel wire is able to be sold as scrap

Did you know that a 20 pound tire creates 5-9 lbs. of carbon 1.5-2.5 gallons of fuel oil, 50,000+ Btu of gas, and 2-3 lbs. of scrap steel.” The complete white paper is available here.

What to do with your auto junk

We are operating in the auto scrap and recycling business and will pick up your car in Hudson, at Firestone Service Centers, or Conrad’s locations. Same-day junk car hauling is included when using our cash for wrecked cars service in Cuyahoga Falls, Green, or Fairlawn, OH. The junk car scrap prices have been in a relative state of flux this past month in Kenmore, Springfield Township, or North Akron. It is quick & easy—you only need the title in your name to get money for a junk car in Sharon Center, Mogadore, or Stow.  Those wishing to see an interesting article about auto scrapping should visit this link.

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Scrap Recycling in Business

Cash 4 Cars Akron is presently a buyer of scrap cars active in Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls. Are you questioning whether to simply sell your old car in Kenmore, North Akron, or Sharon Center and have damaged car removal? The market for junk cars in Ohio is volatile throughout Mogadore, Stow, and Monroe Falls. When you scrap a car for cash in East Akron, Silver Lake, or Wadsworth, you are making a wise environmental decision. The current downfall in the vehicle scrap market, particularly in the US, has been quite widespread.

The following except is from Joel Makower in The State of Green Business, 2016: “Recycling plastics — and most other things — can be a burdensome exercise, which lends itself nicely to the circular economy principles. This may be a place where developing countries might out-perform more industrialized nations. China, for example, is dealing with large resource constraints, and tremendous levels of pollution & environmental degradation. Their government has advanced a national circular financial strategy, as a segment of a fifty-year plan to exercise sustainable growth purposes and challenges, and has made extensive investments in circular economy-oriented pilot developments, according to the E. MacArthur Foundation. There is some solid business rationale for these countries and organizations to be jumping on-board the circular-economy bandwagon, further than the obvious sustainability advantages and other do-goodism. This is a massive business opportunity; the E. MacArthur Foundation notes that the circular economy can recognize a net materials cost savings of over $300 billion. The largest opportunities are realized in the automotive sector, followed by machinery & equipment.

Technology makes an impact via business models in the supply-chain. The new technologies and services being that are being offered are advancing efficiency and accountability. The efficiency case is clear, usually involving a data-centric model to better address natural-resource inputs. Beer giant Anheuser-Busch for example, is going back into its agricultural source chain to test with sensors and software intended to maximize barley yields while limiting water & fertilizer used in the process. In the realm of responsibility, companies like EcoVadis are constructing a database of evaluations based on data such as performance and major accident reporting. Supply-chain labor and employee safety are some of the largest liability concerns for organizations. This has led providers like LaborVoices and the Good World Solutions to design tools for crowdsourcing in real-time status on labor conditions from workers with access to cell phones.” The full article is available at this link.

An Akron buyer of scrap cars

Residents of Lakemore, Clinton, and Medina seeking damaged car removal should call us up @ (330) 271-6464. Typically, junk cars in Ohio are worth a small amount of cash to scrappers in Rootstown, the Portage Lakes, and Norton. Our sound environmental processes in Brimfield, Tallmadge, and Peninsula insure your car is properly handled when you scrap a car for cash. The vehicle scrap market pricing is subject to changes from fluctuations in the commodities markets. Each and every business in Granger Township, Rolling Acres, and Coventry Township should consider taking steps to be more environmentally friendly.

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Scrap Car Body Recycling

Cash 4 Cars in Akron will buy junk cars quickly in the regions of Barberton, Ravenna, and the Merriman Valley. If you are looking to swap out cars for cash in Bath, Lakemore, or Clinton, you are in luck. The process is begun by contacting our office for a junk car quote in Medina, Rootstown, or even the Portage Lakes region. Residents of Norton, Brimfield, and Tallmadge, should be aware that the price for scrap cars can shift, often on a weekly basis. Contacting the scrap yards that buy cars should be a fairly straightforward process. Did you know that environmental contamination stemming for junk cars can occur within the scope of scrap car processing; therefore, organizations must be diligent in their procedures to prevent any environmental damage.

Massachusetts-based Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s report by Kelly and Apelian continues as follows: “The next phase in the material gathering of aluminum from an end-of-life vehicle (ELV) to shred it. After all reuse value and any hazardous things are removed, the crushing the vehicle into hulk/flat form in conducted and it is shipped to an auto-shredding facility. A market-driven load of light iron from other products and/or auto hulks are mixed on a conveyor moving to a hammer mill to be shredded into smaller pieces. Scrap mix from other sources such as construction, machinery, or containers can be added as well. The materials are sorted by their composition using magnetics. The non-ferrous items remain on the initial belt and fall into a sorted container or continue to a further separation/classification system.

Shred operators and separation systems are present throughout this report. Although rare, in some instances shredding operations don’t separate past magnetically sorting ferrous and non-ferrous/non-metallic auto scrap. This separation sets the parameters between each operation. Other modes of separation that can be deployed include:

  • Air separation,
  • Eddy-current separation,
  • Density separation
  • Radiative techniques

For shredding systems that utilize air separation before magnetic separation, this ejected flow is assumed to be processed at a downward separation method to gather any sheet/plate-shaped and lighter-weight products like aluminum. The shredded auto bodies generate very little material to be diverted to landfills. The hammer mill doesn’t consume any metallic-type contents. Air-separated light-weight materials are processed further to recover as much aluminum as possible. After magnetically separated material is processed, all aluminum products reside in the non-ferrous residue that is transported to another processing location or continues to a downward separation systems. Any material heading to landfills are designated at several points during the processes.” The complete study in its entirety is available at this link.

We buy junk cars

When we buy cars for cash in Kenmore, North Akron, and Sharon Center, free scrap vehicle pick up is built-in to the price. Call us for a junk car quote today and have “junker” hauled away in Fairlawn, Cuyahoga Falls, and Springfield Township. We do a bit more that provide a fast price for scrap cars in Mogadore, Stow, and Monroe Falls, as junk car removal is handled also. For a price quote on an old car in East Akron, Silver Lake, or Wadsworth, you can contact scrap yards that buy cars. Our systems produce environmental benefits such as reductions in air pollution and water pollution.

junk a car in Akron, old car removal, sell your junk car, where to scrap a car

Recycling Site Becomes Dumping Ground

Our auto buyer can coordinate to pick up your vehicle directly from NTB locations, Mr. Tire, or Monro Muffler & Brake shops. Since we are currently a functional buyer of junk cars that services the regions of Rolling Acres, Coventry Township, and Chapel Hill, you can call 6 days a week. The bottom line is that old car removal is the best option for clearing out a junk vehicle in Tallmadge, Peninsula, and Granger Township. In 2016 the price for a junk car has diminished quite a bit regardless if located in the Portage Lakes, Norton, or Brimfield. Were you aware that the title is always required in Ohio for scrap car removal? Did you know that in the US more than 13 million vehicles are scrapped, providing a wealth of salvageable components and recyclable materials.

A WNDU 16 news story tells us the following: “Illegal trash dumping is a insistent problem at a few Elkhart County scrap and recycling locations. Those that use the proper bins on County Road 45 say that the location has become a haven for trash dumping. Items such as mattresses, old TVs and other large electronics appear constantly. The rules are posted and there are signs posted indicating that aluminum cans, certain plastics, cardboard and paper are permitted in designated bins. Styrofoam, electronics, ceramics, food scraps, plastic grocery bags, yard waste, motor oil containers, hazardous waste, light bulbs, and window glass aren’t allowed. There was at least (6) broken televisions, (3) mattresses and a box spring, and a toilet dumped among the huge pile of garbage. This illegal trash dumping has been going for several years now. Many other residents placing their residential recyclables asked NewsCenter 16 why there weren’t some kinds of cameras installed. Elkhart County Landfill & Solid Waste says they are aware of this issue at the recycling site. A representative said they are trying to dissuade people from dumping on the contents in the recycling containers.” The full article is available at: http://www.wndu.com/content/news/Illegal-trash-takes-over-recycling-site-394631141.html

Obtain a price for a junk car

Our auto buyer can takes calls from the areas of Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna, to provide you the opportunity to sell your car. Our buyer of junk cars is standing by to receive your call at 330-271-6464 in the Merriman Valley, Bath, and Lakemore. Old car removal services are necessary in any places where aging vehicles are located including Clinton, Medina, and Rootstown, OH. We are able to offer same-day scrap car removal plus cash for your old ride in both Mogadore and Stow. Green companies like Cash 4 Cars Akron are good for the environment and also create green jobs.

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End-Of-Life Car Scrap

Where can I scrap my car today without much hassle? To sell a car for scrap to Cash 4 Cars Akron, the process is streamlined for simplicity. The vehicle title and ID with name matching the listed owner is required when selling a junk car. Do you know where to junk a car that is no longer running? We most definitely have a guy who scraps cars and haul them away quickly for you.

In a 2016 an article by Maura Keller on American Recycler, we learned the following: “In the US, we scrap 10-12 million autos a year, fueling a $20B industry in recycled auto products such as steel, copper, plastic, glass and rubber. Automotive recycling companies are an important source of salvaged car components for consumers, providing them with significantly more affordable alternatives. Selling scrap from old cars has historically been a large business; today’s low scrap prices have reduced scrap volume, slowed the junk car recycling industry and forced companies to hold onto their junk vehicles in hopes of as rebound. This slowdown in junk auto salvage arena has spurred consumers to utilize innovation to dispose of their junk vehicles.

Jordan Perch with DMV.com says the main changes to the process of selling junk cars have to do with the way consumers promote their cars. In the past, mostly newspapers or magazines were utilized to advertise the cars they wanted to sell. How consumers sell end-of-life vehicles (ELV) now greatly impacts the auto recyclers. The use of the internet increased ways to sell and buy used cars and helped the auto scrap industry. Perch feels that the internet is being used since it only takes a few minutes to post an ad, and it’s a way to reach a lot of possible buyers. There are plenty of companies buying & selling junk cars, and people needing to sell their car only have to do some research online and find the sites of the companies located nearby. Utilizing an effective website that clearly states your organization buys junk cars is great for getting consumers to recognize you. Today’s recycling companies also are utilizing the internet to buy scrap vehicles in creative ways. Sims Metal Mgmt. claims to have 270 locations that will take in such vehicles and pay cash. Many sites allow consumers and insurance companies to request a quote for recycling their old car.

According to the Automobile Recyclers Association (ARA), challenges remain for pro auto recyclers as consumers find different ways to sell their junk cars, such as:

  • Heightened competition from unlicensed buyers at auctions, with a lack of oversight and uniform standards for online auctions.
  • A lack of uniformity in vehicle titling.
  • Lack of consumer knowledge on the value and usage of recycled auto components.
  • The increasing volume of vehicles being exported abroad.

ARA supports the acquisition, sale and dismantling of scrap or ELVs and oversees activities to insure they are performed and conducted by licensed pros qualified and equipped to purchase ELVs in accordance with laws and regulations. While many U.S. consumers sell their vehicles to US-based entities, others are finding higher prices for their vehicle abroad. Recently, the export of these cars has changed and is having a big impact on the US auto recycling industry. In the past, consumers would either donate their cars to charity or sell them to local scrappers; however, the market has now gone global.” The complete story is available here.

Where to junk a car for cash

We have offered scrap my car solutions in the greater Akron area for years and include complimentary junk car retrieval. If pondering how to sell a car for scrap, simply contact our junk car buyer. Selling a junk car with us is made nice and easy. One phone call to our junk car buyer and the wheels are in motion. Anybody who scraps cars will tell you that a non-running car serves you no clear purpose. Automobile solid and liquid wastes are kept from contaminating the local environment. We will strive to have a positive environmental impression for the preservation of the vast resources.

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Auto Tires Uses: Vibration Dampening

When deciding to scrap a car for cash, often your decision is made for you when you see the repair cost from a Firestone Service Center or Conrad’s location. Our scrap vehicle buyer is happy to coordinate picking up your junk vehicle from a local transmission shop or Goodyear store. Those with a junk vehicle that is parked at a Midas or NTB location can call us at (330) 271-6464 to sell a junk car. Despite these extremely low scrap prices in the market, we buy junk cars and are able to pick them up from your repair shop such as a Mr. Tire, or Monro Muffler & Brake shop. Body shops throughout Summit, Portage and Medina County are encouraged to contact our wrecked car buyer for fast removal. Did you know that in the US, 12M to 15M cars are scrapped, providing tremendous amounts of salvageable components and recyclable materials?

We are reviewing the Calrecycle study on tire-derived aggregates, here is an excerpt: “Light rail trains often travel through zones where the vibrations disturb the nearby residents. With increased demand for light rail transportation, the creation of vibrations and noise can impact public health & safety. By reducing heavy vibrations by usage of vibration-mitigating materials, this problem can be minimized. TDA is a lower-cost vibration-damping solution; historically, vibration damping for these tracks has been handled by either the use of elastic track fasteners or building a vibration isolation system. This system can be part of structural composition of the track or installed beneath the base. These systems tend to be costly will installation included; a lower-cost option is the use of a 1-foot layer of TDA underneath the ballast rock, sub-ballast layers, and ties of the rail track.

Generally rubber is a type of viscoelastic damping material which is used in engineering projects and is widely used for limiting of vibration & noise. The underlying principle is that the rubber material effectively transforms the vibration energy into heat energy. TDA has been shown to be a solid sub-base under these tracks; it works well for many damping applications because of its vibration attenuation performance, lower cost, and good environmental outcomes. When considering vibration mitigation strategies, the frequency levels of the origin vibration define the types of technique best to use. TDA used as a damping product performs as well, and often better than most other alternatives. Also, TDA is commonly the least expensive readily available solution. For more info from Calrecycle, visit this link.

Sell a junk car in Akron

When you scrap a car for cash with us in Norton, Brimfield, or Tallmadge, the vehicle is recycled in a many eco-conscious ways. We are a high-volume scrap vehicle buyer serving the areas Peninsula and Granger Township 6 days a week now. Our business is somewhat straight-forward, we buy junk cars for salvage in areas like Rolling Acres, Coventry Township, and beyond. Our wrecked car buyer will provide you cash for a car in any condition in the Chapel Hill area, Hudson, and others. We strive to boost positive public opinion of the auto scrap and recycling community.

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Junk Collector Enforcement

We buy junk cars in Ohio rapidly and the towing is always included. To determine the price for a junk car, there are factors such as the vehicle’s age, weight and pick up location that come into play. What is the price for a junk car with rear-end damage in the Summit County area? A quote for an old car is often made with the understanding that it is essentially a piece of junk. If it weren’t for scrap car removal handlers, your neighborhood could look like a scene from Sanford & Son. Most people seem to have an overinflated idea of what the value of a scrap car should be. Environmental pollution resulting for junk cars can occur within the day-to-day scrap car operations. Recycling helps to reduce the pollution commonly emitted with manufacturing processes.

Tim Saunders authored a story on WDBJ 7 titled ‘Bedford County man jailed for failing to clean up property’, which told us the following: “Accumulated junk has landed a Bedford County man in a local jail. Raymond Cassidy will be an inmate for the remainder of this month, after failing to remove old cars and tons of clutter from his property in Goodview. David Scheffer, a neighbor who has lived across the street from Cassidy for ten years, says he had a couple of vehicles laying around that I thought he was going to repair; as time went by he gathered more and more junk.

Bedford County’s zoning department logged a complaint against Cassidy in 2015. He classified Cassidy’s yard as a “junkyard” and an “automotive graveyard,” which aren’t allowed in most residential areas. A woman who says she has lived with this guy for more than 30 years told WDBJ7 he has tried to follow the court’s orders. She says that he has removed several cars from his property, but his bad health conditions have hindered him from doing anything more.

A judge stalled taking action on two previous occasions this year to give the 71 year old additional time to bring his property into proper compliance. The list enforcement efforts go back as far as 1994. Scheffer says he’s glad to see the county take some action, since he believes the clutter is hurting property values and preventing him from selling to possible buyers.” The full story is available here.

The value of a scrap car

Typically, junk cars in Ohio are worth a miniscule amount of cash to scrappers. Are you on a mission to find out the price for a junk car that you own? To accurately appraise the value of your old car simply contact us for a quote for an old car. Those in need of scrap car removal must first be sure that they have the title for the vehicle or get a copy from a local title office. Many of the auto recycling sites that dismantle vehicles will recover fluids and components for many different uses. Where you aware that most of the materials that your car is comprised of can be reclaimed, repurposed and remanufactured?

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Top 6 Reasons to Scrap Car with Us

Our salvage car buyer is available after 8AM by contacting the office at (330) 271-6464 for pricing. To put our business in simplistic terms a scrap car hauler is probably appropriate. If your car, truck or van is in need of a new transmission, it may be time to simply sell a car for cash. When we refer to vehicle removal, we are explicitly referring to the process of towing the vehicle away to be recycled and scrapped. Our recycler, who junks cars all day, takes the time to meticulously recycle upwards of 90% of the vehicle’s components. When you choose us for auto recycling it helps to know that we reduce energy usage and consumption of raw materials for the betterment of society.

The top six reasons to choose Cash 4 Cars Akron for scrapping a vehicle in Summit, Portage and Medina County are as follows:

  1. We are able to buy your car, truck, van or SUV 6 days per week. The Saturday service allows those working during the week to scrap a vehicle with us.
  2. The availability to pick up these cars with a flatbed trailer. This is particularly helpful when your car has a missing wheel or perhaps flat tires or other problems that pose difficulties for a standard tow truck.
  3. Receiving a price quote for your vehicle is quick and easy. We are able to get you a price via phone, email through our website form or text, allowing you the choice in method of communication.
  4. Same-day junk vehicle removal services are usually available. Please note that you should call early in the day for same-day pickup. (next-day is always available) ]
  5. Our environmental procedures and practices are designed to have minimal adverse effects to our air, water etc. We strive to support recycling through reusing and repurposing whenever possible.
  6. Friendly customer service is our standard operating procedure. When you call us a live person answers the phone and efficiently works with you.

The guy who junks cars

Don’t leave that unwanted car sitting around—get money from our salvage car buyer now. The daily life of a scrap car hauler isn’t the most glamorous work, but regardless, we will deliver fast results with friendly service. We are a regionally based outfit paying cash for cars–you can sell a car for cash regardless if damaged, scrap or salvage. Our well-known vehicle removal service is included as a complimentary facet of the price for your junk vehicle. Put your eco-conscious fears to rest, as our auto scrap & recycling methods help to alleviate detrimental effects such as global warming and pollution.

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Junk Vehicle Abandonment

We are the Akron area’s home for getting cash for wrecked cars and other unwanted vehicles. The logical step when you realize that your car is not worth fixing it is time to junk your car for cash. We are essentially a scrap car buyer servicing the greater Summit County area. When you choose to sell us your car, truck or SUV, you can be certain that it will be recycled in accordance with best environmental practices. Those who are in market to scrap a vehicle should contact our office to determine the value of a junk car. Our auto recycling process at Cash 4 Cars Akron helps to reduce excessive energy usage and consumption of scarce raw materials.

Nick Draper posted a story titled ‘Group turning its attention to abandoned cars’ in the July 7, 2016 edition of the Jacksonville Journal Courier with the following details: “A committee is examining whether the city ordinance dealing with abandoned vehicles needs to be altered to allow for improved enforcement. The JAX Public Protection Committee started considering the idea because of residents’ concerns over junked or abandoned cars that were eyesores, according to chairman Tony Williams. In some cases, the cars have been abandoned for months or years. According to it has somehow fallen between the cracks because it hasn’t really been handled within the ordinance. We want to adjust it to insure Jacksonville is moving forward, as nobody wants blight & abandoned vehicle related problems.

City ordinance now expresses abandoned vehicles as one in the public view on private property for a period of 10 days or on public property for over a period of 24 hours. It doesn’t apply to vehicles outside of public view. Alderman Marcy Patterson said in some city council meetings that those vehicles that have been covered up by tarps seem to fit this requirement and couldn’t be moved, despite being motionless for months. Williams said the committee is in the early stages of considering this issue. Williams says that they are always concerned any time there’s something that breeds negativity or blight in our city and that they haven’t reached the point of finalizing anything yet. The committee has decided to allow Police Chief Grootens and ordinance enforcement officer Loren Hamilton to work with City Attorney Dan Beard to arrange the details to present to the committee. Williams said they will also review other communities that have had to deal with the problem to see how they handled it.” The full article is available here: http://myjournalcourier.com/news/97460/group-turning-its-attention-to-abandoned-cars

Obtaining cash for wrecked cars

Do you need an old car to be scrapped? Junk your car for cash with us! Contact our scrap car buyer to sell an old car, truck, van or SUV for scrap. When you sell us your car you are doing a service to the natural environment by initiating the recycling process.  What is the value of a junk car that has been totaled?  The eco-friendly ways that we process recycling helps in conservation of key raw materials & protects various habitats. As an eco-conscious organization, our auto scrap program reduces water and land pollution, as well as a group of other environmental benefits.

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Vehicle Overspray Problem

The process of obtaining cash for scrap vehicles is probably much simpler than you may think. Our fast cash for cars programs includes complimentary removal of your scrap vehicle. Acting as a junk vehicle buyer, we can make you a cash offer for your clunker. The majority of people that buy junk cars do so for purposes or reusing, recycling and scrapping cars. The fluids from a junk car or scrap vehicle are drained carefully and placed securely into spill-proof containers to be recycled.

On July 1, 2016 an article by Judy Putnam in the Lansing State Journal was posted with the following information: “On a windy day a painting contractor who was not insured accidentally splattered paint on a group of vehicles when wind carried tan paint across a city employee parking lot in Lansing. The overspray occurred while a small structure behind the city’s Fleet building was being painted. The paint contractor hired by the city didn’t have liability insurance and said he wasn’t asked to show proof of insurance, a violation of city policy. Now, (8) months later, some workers are still waiting for their cars to be fixed.

The contractor, Frederick Walker of Walkers Painting, says he paid out $17K out of his pocket to remove the paint from nearly 40 cars since the incident. He says workers moved their cars from one area but an unexpected gust of wind spread the paint everywhere. Some of Walker’s payments covered the deductibles on claims filed with the vehicle owners’ auto insurance. For others, he paid for the costs of the paint removal. Apparently, three or four are not resolved. He says he was shopping for proper insurance when the incident occurred.

Chad Gamble, COO for the city, said insurance is required for all contractors. He says he was told Walker had insurance at one point but it had lapsed. Walker says he was covered when he worked for other contractors (sub-contracting) but when he started working directly on small jobs a few years ago, he wasn’t covered. He has now obtained a liability policy. The city Finance Department and those ordering the work need to check on insurance. Gamble says it is a wake-up call for us to be more to be more diligent; the city has put processes in place for larger contracts but allows small jobs to be bid more casually. In this instance, Walker says he was painting different project inside the building when he was asked to go ahead and paint a small booth that same day. The city hasn’t paid for the damages to the cars but is working to resolve them.

Two workers with unsettled claims said the former Interim City Attorney told them to file claims on their own insurance policy–but they are afraid of higher insurance premiums. Sherri Rolon, a recycling worker, feels it is not fair, as she did nothing but come to work and parked her car. The estimates she received were around $9,000 repair. Walker offered to pay $1,000 for her deductible, which she decided to reject. Barbara Lance said her husband’s 2015 white Silverado had just 7K miles when it was sprayed.” The complete article is available here.

The people that buy junk cars

Were you aware that you can receive cash for scrap vehicles in Akron, Medina or Kent, OH? Cash 4 Cars Akron is where you can receive fast cash for cars 6 days a week in Summit, Medina or Portage County. As a knowledgeable junk vehicle buyer, we can provide you a price for your car right over the telephone. Environmentally sound procedures and practices are the core of our operation of scrapping cars. To be successful in auto scrap market with depressed prices, the processes in place must be systematic.

Improving EV Awareness

Did you know that you can receive fast cash for junk cars by contacting us for a quote for a junk car? After business hours you can contact our buyer of junk cars by email or text. Our junk car hauler can typically respond to pick up your car in just a few hours. We will remove your salvage car 6 days a week! Cash 4 Cars Akron believes in waste diversion by aiming to reuse and recycle as much salvageable material as possible.

The Idaho National Laboratory study in Vermont explained the following: “Raising overall public awareness is critical in getting early adopters to buy new PEV (plug-in electric vehicle) models, and starting a transition to “early majority” consumers. Other important theory for successful outreach & education are defined by community building, leading by example, and development in public policies. It’s important to correctly, responsively, and in a simple way inform people about PEVs and the charging infrastructure, including applicability for different types of users, costs, maintenance, and processes. It is challenging to establish metrics for outreach and education, but DEV has been asked to represent at many events & venues. Shortly, DEV will be conducting a 2nd survey of VT resident’s attitudes toward PEVs to accurately assess the results of marketing efforts and reexamine key hurdles and motivators to PEV adoption. DEV has made progress on the long-range goal of progressing beyond PEV awareness to buying activity.

In 2012, DEV led a Kick-Off PEV Demo Event with politicians and the general public. A ride & drive was organized and included auto dealerships, suppliers, legislators, and more. Plug-in America has vast resources on conducting these programs that are useful in maximizing proper planning for these events, which often involve some efforts and eventually seem to reach a point of diminishing returns once a specific area has been covered for a period.

The keys to enhancing consumer knowledge and acceptance of PEVs, is creating highly visible marketing through many events, website development, and social media. It’s also important to connect with national efforts (such as the U.S. DOE EV Everywhere Workplace Charging Challenge) and local or more regional initiatives (including Section 177 state efforts). DEV’s education has focused on web-based development, ride and drives, videos, press releases, news articles, radio shows, a PEV charging installation guide, social media such as blogs, and more. One-stop shopping for PEV-related information and real time data are particularly important. To cultivate a PEV champion in the press, with a firm focus on specifics is great. Beginning in 2015, DEV initiated structure and implementation of a summer outreach & education. Two vides were developed featuring internet banner ads purchased through a media buy. One such video highlighted Olympian Ross Powers driving a PHEV in Vermont’s difficult winter conditions and also fostered an animated introduction to PEV technologies. Late 2015 and early 2016 activities include a planned renewal of the consumer/dealer PEV incentives and ongoing stakeholder interaction.” The complete study is available at http://avt.inl.gov.

Where to obtain a quote for a junk car?

When looking for cash for junk cars in your area, there isn’t a reason to look further. We have our buyer of junk cars waiting for your call to provide you a quote which includes our fast junk car hauler services. Your salvage car can sold for cash today. Green organizations like ours are good for the environment & can also create green jobs. Did you know that many of the various materials that comprise your junk car can be recycled, repurposed and remanufactured?

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Junk Car Complaints

Are you among the many people trying to determine how to sell a junk car? What is a junk car worth currently in the greater Akron area? Those of us who buys crashed cars will typically include junk car removal services in the quoted price. We are a long-standing wrecked vehicle buyer that is capable of same-day or next-day removal of your old vehicle. To receive cash for a damaged car we assume it is in poor to fair condition, yet mostly complete. We are currently striving to boost the positive public opinion of the auto junk and recycling community. It is likely both illegal and hazardous to dump used auto fluids near our water, land and other key resources.

In the June 27, 2016 edition of Trib Live an article posted by Jeff Himler titled ‘Ligonier Township may change rules on junk vehicles’ told us the following: “Ligonier Township offices have received multiple complaints about junk vehicles, but they say there is little they can do to address the problem under existing township laws. Solicitor Michael Korns is proposing that they can address the problem by passing an ordinance with more refined language. Ordinance enforcement officer Richard Bell says there have been many complaints about junk vehicles.

The current zoning ordinance includes a salvage yard as an exception in a commercial area. Bell says complaints he’s received have been about vehicles and haven’t had evidence of being a safety hazard as described by the ordinance. At last week’s township commission meeting, Korns reviewed an example of a nuisance ordinance he says is an improvement over the law from 2000 since it uses more specific verbage to differentiate between inoperable & junk vehicles.

Korns says that the definition of a nuisance itself is a very difficult thing to enforce and that it is easier to point to something specific. The sample ordinance classifies a junk vehicle as one that can’t move on its own power, lacks a valid registration and a current inspection sticker, and could have other problems — including a leaking oil pan or gas tank, body parts with sharp edges or no tires. Korns says they are considering a draft ordinance, taking into consideration the other commission members’ concerns.

Member Eric Schreiber said he wants to be sure the new law won’t prevent those who enjoy restoring vintage cars from pursuing their hobbies. He said junk vehicle rules should target mostly vehicles that are dangerous, not those that may simply be considered offensive by others. Schreiber questioned one of the junk vehicle defects listed in the sample— inoperable locks for doors or trunks. Township manager Terry Carcella said that provision is intended to address a safety concerns for children.

Korns told the planning commission that state property rules and provisions could provide them a tool for addressing complaints about buildings. He recommends adopting sections of that code that would relate to the exterior of structures, not to interiors.. While township leaders consider what measures to adopt, Bell said he is working with Korns to define the best way to seek correction of safety concerns at a residence in Darlington. Bell says that the owners moved after a 2006 fire wrecked their mobile home, leaving an unsecured basement with junk and a full swimming pool. Bell said the owners have not responded to requests to eliminate a ladder providing access to the pool. He says that options include filing a formal complaint before a judge or obtaining a civil judgment in the Westmoreland Common Pleas Court.” The complete story is available at http://triblive.com/news/westmoreland/10699924-74/ordinance-township-junk

What is a junk car worth in Akron?

If you have a vehicle just taking up space, call us today to find out how to sell a junk car. Who buys crashed cars or wrecked cars in this area? There is no reason to continue procrastinating or to avoid calling a wrecked vehicle buyer anymore! We pay cash for a damaged car or non-running vehicle 6 days a week. Recycling an automobile reduces the pollution associated with manufacturing processes. Scrap motor vehicles are a top recycled product in the US and beyond.

Scrap Vehicle Batteries

Cash 4 Cars Akron is one outfit that will buy used cars for scrap. The price for a wrecked car can vary based on several factors associated with the age, condition and distance for pick up. Our cash for cars program insures your car is picked up quickly. Our junk car buyer will give you a price quote right over the phone. We will include complimentary junk car towing when we buy your old car. Our “green” practices help in the conservation of precious resources for future generations, without any compromises.

The website My Auto Repair Advice has a post titled ‘Car Battery Reconditioning Guide’ with the following details: “A car battery is a rechargeable lead acid battery. They work in a loop; the battery produces power to start the vehicle, and then is recharged by the alternator while driving. These can be divided into two types: sealed & flooded cell. Sealed batteries do not require maintenance while flooded cell batteries have removable caps for checking occasionally.

The battery reconditioning process works on both types. Distilled water is required if needing to refill them. Distilled water is de-mineralized and doesn’t have the minerals that would interfere with the operation of the battery. The next time that you check the car’s oil, look at the battery terminals to be sure they are tightened properly.

Do you have a dead car battery? For cars with a manual transmission, it’s possible to “push start” the car. A car with an automatic transmission cannot be started using this method. Either way, it is safer & easier to jump start or repair the car battery by connecting the flat battery using jumper cables to a working battery.

Consult your vehicle’s service manual, as some have unique terminals that can be used to charge. Using the jumper cables you should get the vehicle started and you will want to let it run for a while so the alternator can recharge it. Another option for recharging is using a charger.” The complete article is available here.

According to Small Farm Permaculture & Sustainable Living.com, the process of reconditioning is generally explained: “When a healthy battery is recharged, this lead sulfate is converted back to lead and sulfuric acid. But in weak battery, the lead sulfate transitions to crystalline form that coats its lead plates reducing its power—known as “sulfation”. This is not an uncommon occurrence in lead-acid batteries and is the primary cause for their failure. You can typically reverse the process by using a specialized high-current, pulse that effectively breaks down the crystalline lead sulfate, turning it back into lead.” The article can be viewed here.

Get cash for cars today

Are you asking yourself where to sell a junk car for cash? You have found it—and junk car towing is included! Contact our junk car buyer for a price for a wrecked car or other non-running vehicle. Additionally, we buy used cars for scrap all the time. We are now offering cash for cars throughout Summit, Portage and Medina Counties. Did you know that our “green” recycling practices save resources, lower costs and decrease potentially harmful pollution? We are a recycler with a commitment to “green” practices, our auto recycling of materials uses a lot less energy.

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Lenders Scrapping Subprime Auto

Cash 4 Cars Akron is in the cars for cash business handling old car scrap and damaged vehicle removal. We buy scrap cars and include complimentary junk car removal services. Do you have an old car to sell for cash? In the US annually approximately 12 million to 15 million junk cars are scrapped, providing tremendous amounts of salvage components & various recyclable materials. The eco-friendly manner in which we handle old vehicle recycling helps in retention of key raw materials & protects various natural habitats

On July 3, 2016, Jim Henry in Auto News posted a story titled ‘Auto financiers tapping the brakes on subprime lending’ with the following dialogue: “Execs at some of the largest banks in auto financing said at a conference that they’re cutting back on subprime lending, especially at the lowest end of the credit spectrum. They did insist that the credit environment is solid for auto lending overall. Richard Fairbank, CEO of Capital One Financial Corp says they love the auto business, but they must do it on their own terms.

Jeffrey Brown, CEO of Ally Financial Inc., says Ally is cutting back on lending to consumers at the lowest end of the sub-prime market. He said sub-prime, with credit scores of 540 to 620, made up for about 11% of their originations in the 2nd quarter, down from around 13% in 2015. Fairbank said Capital One says subprime auto lending is worrisome on two fronts: first, some lenders take greater risks in subprime, and second, used-vehicle auction prices are reverting to more reasonable levels from relative highs. Some dealers may acknowledge Cap One’s caution by taking the business elsewhere, and he’s OK with that.

At the end of the 1st quarter, customers with credit scores of less than 620 accounted for 32% of Cap One’s auto loans, down from 35% a year earlier. Meanwhile, the mix of credit scores greater than 660 increased to 51%, from 48%. Ally’s Brown said that, in pursuit of higher profit margins, Ally raised interest rates at the beginning of 2016. The adjustment cost Ally some share at both super-prime, where risk is low & margins are low, and at the low end of sub-prime, where margins are high and risk is high”. The full article is available at http://www.autonews.com/article/20160603/RETAIL/160609932/auto-financiers-tapping-the-brakes-on-subprime-lending

Who will buy scrap cars in Kent, OH?

In the cars for cash arena, the old car scrap price can be in a state of flux. The global demand for commodities such as steel and aluminum can impact the prices offered when processing junk car removal. Our damaged vehicle removal program is typically able to offer you same-day or next-day service throughout Summit, Medina and Portage County. Doing what is necessary for protection of the environment is our focus with the auto scrap & recycling process. Take a positive step for protecting out air, water and land by contacting our scrap vehicle buyer at (330) 271-6464 for eco-friendly and fast vehicle recycling.

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Vehicle Lender Banned

Cash 4 Cars Akron operates in a field involving auto recycling of junk cars. The auto scrap and recycling business is far from glamourous, working with junk car scrap. Are you seeking someone to buy my junk car today? We pay cash for scrap cars 6 days a week and are an environmental advocate. Recycling your old car with us is the responsible way to dispose of an end-of-life vehicle. Contact us today for fast cash with complimentary scrap vehicle removal.

In a recent May article in the News Herald titled ‘Online car title lender banned from NC for unlawful loans’ we learned the following: “An online auto title lender charging outrageous interest rates & took consumers’ cars with little to no warning is now banned from loaning in NC. Attorney General Roy Cooper says those who needed extra money deserved a loan–not a ripped off.  NC had made illegal loans with excessive interest rates. The lender does business as Autoloans, Car Loan, Sovereign Lending Solutions and Title Loan America. Average interest rates were 250+%  on $1K to $2.5 amounts. Title loans are low dollar loans secured by consumers’ car titles. NC law caps the rates on such loans at 30% for licensed lenders and at 16% for those who are unlicensed, such as the defendant.

Over 700 NC consumers took out title loans from them. In addition to charging interest rates of between 160-575%, most of the loans included “interest only’ payments for the first 11 months and a last “balloon” payment. The lawsuit contends that when consumers couldn’t make their payments, the defendants repossessed the vehicles illegally. The lender sent borrowers a GPS tracker to install on their vehicle, while placing a lien on their vehicles. If a consumer paid late or missed a payment, the defendants used the GPS tracker to find & assume repossession of the vehicle.

Affidavits filed with the suit show examples: A Greensboro, NC couple took out a loan from TLA to help with medically-related expenses. They paid over $3,300 on a $2,000 original loan and were told they owed a final balloon payment of $1,700—which they didn’t know because they never received a copy of the agreement. The couple could not make the payment and the lender repossessed their car and sold it at auction.

A Garner borrower of $1,250 paid more than $4K on the loan but was told he owed almost $4,500 more. He asked for an extension and was denied–the defendants still towed it & sold it. A suit is underway and the company and its owners are barred from conducting such business in NC. AG Cooper says consumers who are desperate for fast cash may be pressured to overlook the red flags of a bad loan. The complete article is available at http://www.morganton.com/news/online-car-title-lender-banned-from-nc-for-unlawful-loans/article_cba9dec6-1308-11e6-b1bb-47dd6030d857.html

Who will buy my junk car?

When the auto recycling of junk cars takes place, our auto scrap process involves reusing, recycling and repurposing. Those seeking cash for scrap cars are encouraged to call us at (330) 271-6464 for a junk car quote. Our price for junk car scrap includes pick up and removal of the vehicle. Our organization advocates waste diversion by aiming to reuse & recycle as much as possible. We seek to have favorable environmental outcomes and to preserve and protect resources.

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Auto Service Oil Fee

We recycle auto junk and pay you money for a junk car. Call our buyer of scrap vehicles 6 days a week for a price for a damaged car. Do you have a junk car sitting around? We can be reached @ (330) 271-6464 for a junk car quote right over the phone and either the same-day or next-day scrap vehicle removal. Our next topic involves a fee added on by a service center for the recycling of auto oil, which is not legal in the state.

In May 17, 2016 article by Eric Reinhardt composed an article on the Business Journal News Network titled ‘Kost Tire to pay nearly $300,000 to settle state AG accusations over customer oil-change fees’ with the following news: “Kost Tire will pay NY almost $300,000 in a settlement of accusations for collecting a fee from consumers that the state’s law has prohibited specifically. NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman had charged Kost Tire of adding customer extra fees of $2 fee for oil changes which they performed for several years in violation of the law. They had levied an “oil & filter recycling fee” beyond the quoted price for the work.

NY Environmental Conservation Laws prohibit such service providers from charging fees for accepting & disposal of used oil. The Binghamton–based owner & operator of twenty-five service stations throughout NY. Kost Tire & Auto Service stores are a division of Mr. Tire Auto Centers per their website. The Munro Muffler & Brake organization owns the Mr. Tire brand.

Schneiderman says these stations are required to collect & dispose of used oil without additional charges. By adding on a $2 fee, customers were being charged a higher price for oil changes under false pretenses that the fee was a gov’t requirement. The agreement will continue to protect the environment and also protect consumers. The investigation discovered that Kost collected over $180K in improper fees since 2012.

Also, the settlement acknowledged that Kost’s separate oil & filter-recycling fee on its invoices is misleading, since it implies that the charges are required by law. As a part of the settlement, Kost Tire has agreed to pay the state of NY more than $181,000 or the amount of the “illegally” obtained oil & filter recycling fees, along with a civil penalty of more than $93K.” The full article is available at this link: http://www.cnybj.com/News/Articles/TabId/102/ArticleId/43389/language/en-US/kost-tire-to-pay-nearly-300000-to-settle-state-ag-accusations-over-customer-oil-change-fees.aspx#.VztaKmf2bq4

Where to receive money for a junk car

Cash 4 Cars Akron is a locally based buyer of scrap vehicles that recycles auto junk. For a fast junk car quote, simply send us the vehicle’s year, make and model. The price for a damaged car or price for a scrap vehicle can vary depending on scrap vehicle and recycling prices. Were you aware that currently in the US, approximately 13 million vehicles are scrapped annually, providing a significant amount of salvageable components & recyclable material. We are a junk auto recycler with a firm commitment to “green” business practices, our scrap auto recycling of steel and other materials is a great way to save vital resources.

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Plastic in Auto Scrap Recycling

One of the more widely received questions here at Cash 4 Cars Akron relates to the price for scrap cars, which tends to fluctuate due to market conditions that are beyond those who buy junk cars. An auto buyer that handles junk vehicle removal is likely able to allow you to get cash for a car on the same-day or next-day. Did you know that in the United States over 12 million cars are scrapped annually, providing significant amounts of recyclable components and materials.

It would be hard to find a 2016 vehicle without many plastic parts & components—even the higher-end vehicles with leather & wood finishes. Plastic components are found inside & out of every vehicle on the road— dozens of components are made with a variety of plastics. Vehicle weight & cost are frequently identified as the primary reasons for usage of plastics. Other benefits for designs using plastic includes freedom & innovation, with its flexibility to integrate with different components. Plastic has resistance to corrosion and rust, as well as increased safety & comfort. Many consumers may not view plastics & polymer composites as premium materials and may have questions about the health, safety, & impact on the environment. The consumers may be wary of plastic & such composites used in structural applications compared to metals.

Carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) is used by auto manufacturers—particularly the battery and plug-in powered cars on the market. At a weight 50% less than steel and 30% less than aluminum, more automakers like the benefits for uses inside & outside of vehicles. CFRP is viewed by many consumers as a high-tech and value material, and is given high visibility. Plastic materials can be recycled and the scrap adopted by manufacturers is recognition of the value of the plastics and its byproducts. ELV recycling of many varieties of plastics can come via the recycling of specific components—such as the types of plastics used in auto bumpers—or in the auto shredder residue, which is then ultimately produced in the crushing & shredding of ELVs. Reusing certain plastics requires sorting & cleaning.

Where to find an auto buyer

Those of us who buy junk cars can usually provide you an accurate price for scrap cars and junk vehicles right over the phone. To get cash for a car in Portage, Summit, or Medina County, we encouraged you to call us at (330) 271-6464 now! As always, the junk car quote that we provide will include junk vehicle removal within our service areas at no additional charge. The price for scrap cars is lower now in 2016 than it was during 2014, which runs opposite of what one might expect. Cash 4 Cars Akron believes in the diversion of unnecessary waste by striving to reuse, recycle or repurpose as much material as possible. We encourage you to visit our website at http://www.Cash4CarsAkron.com

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Junk Car Nuisance Rules

The never-ending problem of neighborhoods being littered with junk cars doesn’t end. Why don’t these people contact a junk my car company to get money for a scrap car? Car buyers are in every city, yet some people feel the need to keep their scrap car in their driveway, backyard or even the front lawn! Damaged car removal is our specialty and we encourage those wanting to get cash for a car to give us a call.

In the May 4, 2016 edition of Lehigh Valley Live, Pamela Sroka-Holzmann produced a story titled ‘Would you violate Forks Twp.’s proposed vehicle-nuisance law?’ with the following details: “Forks Twp. supervisors are possibly revising a vehicle nuisance ordinance where property owners can be fined if their vehicles meet certain descriptions. This revision making homeowners paying at least $400-$600, plus court & attorney fees, if in violation. Every day the offending vehicle remains on the property would add to the offense. Cars that cannot move under their own power and those not registered at all or with an expired registration.

These are some factors for a car to be considered a public nuisance, under this proposal:

  • Flat tires: No tires that are flat or open–such to permit vermin to move inside.
  • Missing components: Vehicles missing any major parts are considered nuisances. Some examples are missing doors, windows, hoods, trunk lids or body panels, permitting animals to access the vehicle.
  • Holes in body: No sharp edges or those creating holes resulting in rust, are allowed
  • Torn upholstery: Interior upholstery, that is torn or open, is not allowed, resulting also in animals to get inside.
  • Suspended vehicles: You cannot have a car suspended above the ground on wobbly supports.
  • Vehicles with water or weeds: The car can’t house standing water or be amid weeds.
  • Exposed battery: No exposed batteries—these may can contain acid.
  • Doors and such that do not lock: Must have functional locking mechanisms.
  • No broken oil pan or gas tank: This can lead to leaking—possibly leading to a fire or explosion.”   The complete story is available here.

Where to get money for a scrap car?

We are car buyers serving Summit, Portage and Medina Counties 6 days a week. For fast damaged car removal plus cash for your clunker, contact Cash 4 Cars Akron at (330) 271-6464. Are you wondering where to junk my car? If you are tired of spending money on your old car, give us a call and know that you are actually protecting our environment! Contact us for eco-friendly vehicle recycling Monday-Saturday. As a proud supporter of the “green” crusade, we make sure that your vehicle becomes a recyclable resource.

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Scrap Auto Plastic Recycling

Cash 4 Cars Akron is a buy my junk car service provider paying cash for junk cars throughout Summit, Medina and Portage Counties. Are you seeking to junk your car for cash? You can contact our salvage vehicle buyer 6 days a week at (330) 271-6464. As a recycler in the areas of Akron, Medina and Kent, with a firm environmental commitment, we prevent global warming and other environmentally related problems

In the April 27, 2016 edition of Waste Dive, an article by Arlene Karidis titled ‘Plastics bring opportunity to automotive recycling’ informed us of the following developments: “The Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) released a report regarding opportunities within the auto recycling industry focused on plastic, as more of it is being used. The Plastic Market report discussed the commodity from both the end-of-life view as well as by uses of recycled material to manufacture new automobiles. Also, the report speaks to others including designers, scrap auto recyclers, and policymakers. Authors are focusing on manufacturers’ zero waste goals, which required decisions on what to do with their scrap.

Key points regarding plastics representing ½ of the volume of materials in a new car, yet only about 10% of the weight. There are approximately 39 varieties of plastic used in vehicles. By 2020 it is projected that 700+ lbs. of plastic will be incorporated into a new car. Each year, 12M to 15M vehicles are scrapped out in the US, and they have tons of salvageable components for recyclers. Typically, metal recyclers yielded the most pay off by focusing on the industry, at the end-of-a-vehicle’s life. Plastics are lightweight, so vehicles are cheaper to ship and take up little space when disposed. New technology is emerging that auto manufacturers are paying attention to. These manufacturers are challenging their sustainability efforts, incorporating plastics has become a part of the overall plan.” The complete article is available here.

Who will buy my junk car?

The process of obtaining cash for junk cars is probably much simpler than you realize. To junk your car for cash today, simply pick up the phone and our salvage vehicle department can provide you with a junk car quote. You can take a path in the right direction for the protection of our environment, so contact us for eco-friendly vehicle recycling.

Many people do not realize used oil from junk cars (and other contaminated fluids) can cause potential environmental damage; therefore, we make sure all fluids from the cars, trucks and vans are properly recycled.

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Scrap Car Battery Solution

Are you seeking to obtain cash for a damaged car? Perhaps you are searching for who is the highest paying for junk cars? Our scrap vehicle buyer is standing by 6 days a week to address your questions relating to how to scrap my car! Take a step in the right direction for protecting our environment by contacting us for eco-friendly vehicle recycling.  As a proud proponent of the “green” movement, we make sure that your car becomes a positive resource.

In the April 21, 2016 edition of Hola Arkansas, and article titled ‘Make an impact this Earth Day’ was posted with the following information: “Recycle a used vehicle, boat, motorcycle or batteries on Earth Day. Johnson Controls, the world’s largest manufacturer and recycler of auto batteries, has a website now at www.recyclingmybattery.com. Ray Shemanski, a company VP/GM says vehicle batteries are world’s most recycled product. In fact, up to 99 % of a vehicle battery can be recycled & reused. Each year more than 1M used car batteries aren’t recycled.

Shemanski says that recycling batteries is easy–drop it off at a local battery retailer. Many shops even give a credit for used batteries when you purchase new. In 2014, over 60K people visited the website to learn about this recycling initiative and used the website to find a local location to recycle their scrap car batteries via their zip code. The company goal is to have these batteries recycled and kept outside of landfills.

Johnson Controls (JC) has committed to designing, making, transporting the units in a safe & sustainable way. When making a new battery, they use approximately 80% recycled materials. Metals in batteries are the most recycled materials in the world–exceeding paper, glass & cardboard. Plastic are recycled into new cases and electrolytes can be reused or developed into detergents. JC recycled its 1st battery in 1904 and uses its experience to increase recycling around the world. Last year, the company recycled 8K batteries an hour across its system. The article can be viewed in its entirety here.

We certainly applaud JC’s efforts in further the cause for auto-related related recycling.  They are an excellent example of how the process of “full-circle” recycling can be executed.

Which site is the highest paying for junk cars?

Those concerned with how to scrap my car for cash in the greater Akron area are in luck! We offer complimentary junk car hauling plus cash for your old vehicle. Get your junk car towed away and receive a cash payment. If your car, van, truck or SUV does not run, is damaged, wrecked or facing costly repair bills, we can help. We pay cash for a damaged car quickly in Summit, Medina and Portage Counties. As Earth Day is rapidly approaching, we encourage those interested in recycling their junk cars to contact us.

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Earth Day Recycling

Residents that are exploring how to sell a junk car are encouraged to contact our wrecked vehicle buyer who buys crashed cars and damaged vehicles for a price quote. At that time you will receive answers to questions such as what is a junk car worth. In this segment we seek to report on Earth Day that is celebrated later this month. Here at Cash 4 Cars Akron, we strongly support environmental concerns and our scrap vehicle recycling processes are evidence of such. We buy junk and scrap cars 6 days a week and insure that the practices we use maximize the all opportunities to reuse and recycle.

The website earthday.org has a host of information on the topic, with an excerpt as follows: “Each year, Earth Day is on April 22, which marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. At the time, Americans were pumping leaded gas through massive V8 sedans. Industry belched out smoke and sludge with little fear of legal consequences or bad press. Air pollution was commonly accepted as the smell of prosperity. Earth Day 1970 gave voice to that emerging consciousness, channeling the energy of the anti-war protest movement and putting environmental concerns on the front page. The idea for a national day to focus on the environment came to Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson, then a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, after witnessing the ravages of the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California.

Nelson realized that if he could infuse that energy with an emerging public consciousness about air and water pollution, it would force environmental protection onto the national political agenda. The first Earth Day led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts. Much like 1970, Earth Day 2010 came at a time of great challenge for the environmental community. Climate change deniers, well-funded oil lobbyists, reticent politicians, a disinterested public, and a divided environmental community all contributed to the narrative—cynicism versus activism. Despite these challenges, Earth Day prevailed and Earth Day Network reestablished Earth Day as a relevant, powerful focal point. Earth Day Network brought 250,000 people to the National Mall for a Climate Rally, launched the world’s largest environmental service project—A Billion Acts of Green®–introduced a global tree planting initiative that has since grown into The Canopy Project, and engaged 22,000 partners in 192 countries in observing Earth Day.” Here is the link to the site.

The City of Akron has several Earth Day related events and activities. The Downtown Akron Partnership has one such program as follows: “Green & Clean projects focus on making a vibrant impact, going beyond the regular services of the Downtown Akron Partnership’s Clean Team. The goal of the event is to engage the community in making our downtown vibrant. During Green & Clean business employees, students and community members form teams and do projects around their own downtown property or are assigned tasks within the district. Green & Clean will start on Earth Day, April 22 and run Fridays through Friday, May 20.” Further details are available at this link.

What is a junk car worth in Summit County?

Those concerned with where and how to sell a junk car are not alone. We have been among the few who buys crashed cars and acts as a wrecked vehicle buyer and recycler. Recycling reduces the pollution and waste associated with manufacturing processes. Part of our auto recycling process helps to reduce energy usage and consumption of raw production materials. Green scrap vehicle hauling companies like us are great advocates for the environment and also can be considered a source of creating green jobs.

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Auto Industry Finance Trend

Are you trying to figure out where and how to sell a junk car? There are several junk car haulers in the area seeking to be the highest paying for junk cars. Are you asking yourself how to scrap my car in Cuyahoga County? Call our scrap car buyer today to find out how to scrap my car and to find out the quantity of cash for a damaged car that you can receive. We are gladly able to explain how to sell a junk car for cash today!

On April 1, 2016 an article titled ‘Experian says leasing has jumped 76% in past 8 years’ on Auto Remarketing informed us of the following: “Experian Automotive revealed a study indicating that leasing for new vehicles has grown 76% since the company began tracking the data in 2008. The study determined the upward trend has resulted in a rising surplus of vehicles coming off lease. According to the analysis, more than 1.8M vehicles will come off lease by the end of 2016. Melinda Zabritski, senior director of auto finance for Experian, says that with such a large volume of vehicles coming back into the market, consumers, dealers and lenders will want to better understand the options available so they are able to take action. She feels that whether it is deciding to lease again or buy used, restocking inventory or marketing to potential borrowers, gaining insight into these trends will provide the knowledge necessary to make smarter decisions. .

The study also looked at the areas that have the greatest volume of vehicles coming off lease. When looking at vehicle types that are leased most often, analysis showed there have been some significant shifts in consumer preference. Current leasing vehicle segment preferences include entry-level crossover utility vehicles, standard midrange cars, lower midrange sedans, near-luxury/upscale vehicles and premium crossover utility vehicles. However, when looking at the vehicles currently being leased compared with those coming off lease, the analysis indicated that there has been a surge in the percentage of full-size pickups and entry-level sport utility vehicles being leased. On the other hand, Experian noticed upscale luxury vehicles and alternative-power/hybrid vehicles have seen a decline in the volume of on-lease versus off-lease vehicles. Ms. Zabritski further added that as vehicle prices have been on the rise, consumers use tactics to keep their payments more manageable; leasing over the past several years has grown as consumers are drawn to the lower monthly payment.

Instead of fuel-efficient hybrids, consumers now are leasing full-size pickups, SUVs and CUVs, so what happens three years from now? Will gas prices be what they are now, or will dealers have a more difficult time moving these types of vehicles when their leases mature?” The complete article is available here.

Who is the highest paying for junk cars?

If you have a car taking up space, simply call us today to find out how to sell a junk car. To receive cash for a damaged car you must have the title and a photo ID. We may not be the highest paying for junk cars, but we offer prompt, friendly service. The process of how to scrap my car is simpler than you may realize! We are paying cash for a damaged car or a wrecked vehicle in any condition. We encourage those wanting to scrap a car for cash to visit our site at http://www.Cash4CarsAkron.com

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Scrap Car Tire Grant

Are you trying to determine who is the highest paying for junk cars, or how to scrap my car in the Akron area? Perhaps you are trying to find out who buys crashed cars, or seeking a wrecked vehicle buyer? We may not be the highest paying for junk cars—but we offer the best in same-day and next-day junk car removal services. Our wrecked vehicle buyer is standing by 6 days a week. We can provide you the details on how to scrap my car for cash. Our next topic involves one of the largest problems in US auto-related recycling, which is finding a solution for the vast quantity of junk vehicle tires in the country.

In the March 30, 2016 edition of Waste Dive, and article titled ‘CalRecycle distributes $5.3M in grants for California road repairs using recycled tires’ was posted by Arlene Karidis as follows: 43 California communities will collectively receive over $5M in grant funding from CalRecycle for road improvements made with pavement from crumb rubber in recycled tires, which lasts longer, is safer, and is more economical, per Recycling Today. CalRecycle’s Rubberized Pavement Grant Program awards up to $250K for single applicants. Multiple jurisdictions & joint-power authorities can file regional applications for up to $400K. Grants are funded through a $1.75 fee on new tire sales, with $1 directed to CalRecycle’s Tire Recycling Management Fund and the remainder received by California’s Air Resources Board.

The grant program addresses two very costly issues in CA: the need to deal with bad roads, and a waste management dilemma posed by the accumulation of about 44M old tires a year—all while turning a burden into a way to save money & improve infrastructure. CalRecycle Director Scott Smithline says more communities realize the benefits of this environmentally sustainable option for road resurfacing & repair, California will be able to close the loop within our state and turn millions of additional waste tires into a resource that keeps our people safe, reduces costs, and protects our environment for future generations.

The tire recycling program and grants have diverted 38M tires from landfills, using them not only for road surfaces, but also for civil engineering projects. What was once garbage—sometimes illegally dumped, and hard-to-handle garbage at that—is transformed to rubberized pavement that lasts longer and is laid at half the thickness of conventional asphalt, requiring less mining, drilling, and energy to make. While it is thinner, it lasts longer than traditional pavement and requires less maintenance because it is more crack resistant. CalRecycle has been very busy in other areas this year, working to drum up support for more plastics recovery; cracking down on recycling fraud; and addressing issues tied to closure of hundreds of redemption centers. The article can be viewed in its entirety at this link.

Who is the highest paying for junk cars?

Cash 4 Cars Akron is among the many who buys crashed cars in Summit, Portage and Medina counties. By contacting our wrecked vehicle buyer at (330) 271-6464 the explanation of how to scrap my car will be must simpler than you may think. There are a lot of outfits who buys crashed cars, but what differentiates us is our commitment to having a positive environmental impact. Our scrap auto recycling programs helps to reduce energy usage & the unnecessary over-consumption of raw materials. The recycling of junk cars is our primary focus; in fact, we buy scrap cars 6 days a week. Call our buyer of junk cars for price for a damaged car & receive fast cash for junk cars today.

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Recycling Junk Car Seats

Cash 4 Cars Akron is back with the latest in auto scrap and recycling related news and information. The seeking information relative to what is a junk car worth should contact our wrecked vehicle buyer ASAP. We are an option for how to sell a junk car and pay cash for a damaged car in any condition. What is a junk car worth these days in the Akron area? Any wrecked vehicle buyer or other place that pays cash for a damaged car should be able to provide you with a fast junk car quote right over the phone. Next they should provide you the further details of how to sell a junk car. Our next topic involves junk car seats. These units are required for small children that are passengers of a vehicle. The current child passenger safety laws in Ohio:

  • Children under 4 years old or 40lbs must use a safety seat meeting federal motor vehicle standards.
  • Children under 8 years old, unless they are 4’ 9” inches tall must use a booster seat.
  • Children ages 8-15 must use a child safety seat or safety belt.

Fines range to a maximum of $75 per occurrence.[1]

An article authored by Christopher Scali on KCWY13.com titled ‘Recycle Car Seats’ appeared on March 20, 2016 as follows: “According to Consumer Reports, many of the 12M car seats Americans buy every year eventually end up in a landfill, but car seats can actually be recycled. Jason Katzmann says there is no place Wyoming that can recycle them because they are made of a number five plastic. A group has decided to make a recycling day; the group Veni-Vidi-Duci came up with this idea when they took a field trip to the Casper Land-Fill. Katzmann asked them about car seats, because he discovered that car seats can’t be resold or given to other people. These actually have expiration dates and then we have to dispose of them.

People around Natrona County are disposing their old car seats incorrectly, so they are filling up a semi-truck to ship them off. Katzmann says working together as a group and as a community we can actually make a difference! He estimates that this is going to save about 5,000 cubic feet of landfill space. One Veni-Vidi-Duci, Bridger Dyer wants to save as much landfill space as possible and says the approximate goal is about 1,800 car seats. Car seats do have an expiration date. So before you put your child in your car seat think about the condition and how long you’ve had it. Vehicles in the summer time can be over 150 degrees and the cold winter temperatures in the can cause micro-fractures. Also, if a car seat has been in accident over 5 MPH it can cause micro-fractures.

Katzmann says the number one thing were worried about is making sure children in Natrona County and across the state are safe. They want to bring attention to the idea that a lot of us are driving around in car seats that really should not be used anymore. The Veni-Vidi-Duci science club collected 110 car seats which can be recycled in Utah to create other plastic items. Casper city land fill officials will continue to collect car seats. The full story is available at this link.

Graco is an established company in the car seat industry. We reviewed their product care & maintenance tips as follows:

  • Buckle: Use a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Car Seat Body: Clean with mild soap & water, and wipe dry. Dish soap is fine. Avoid bleach or other harsh cleaners.
  • Cover: Machine wash in cold water on the delicate cycle and drip dry.
  • Harness Straps: Spot clean with mild soap and water.
  • Travel Bag: Use a damp sponge to wipe the fabric of the bag clean, and then let the bag hang dry. Note: never use bleach to clean any part of this product.[2]

What is a junk car worth?

Are you wondering how to sell a junk car from a wrecked vehicle buyer? We pay cash for a damaged car and provide a fast junk car quotation for your ‘clunker’ by simply calling (330)271-6464. Our company promotes waste diversion by aiming to reuse & repurpose as much junk as possible. Our procedures for scrap recycling have environmental benefits such as reducing air pollution and even water pollution. We are paying cash for cars & free damaged car removal is always included!

[1] http://www.healthy.ohio.gov/vipp/cps/Child%20Passenger%20Safety%20Law.aspx

[2] http://www.gracobaby.com/customerservice/pages/productcareandmaintenance.aspx?page=ProdCare

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Economic Woes in Recycling

Cash 4 Cars Akron is back with the latest information centered on recycling and scrap. We are an outfit who buys crashed cars and is often among the highest paying for junk cars in the greater Akron area. Are you wondering how to scrap my car, or what is a junk car worth? Those of us who buys crashed cars can tell you the answer to what is a junk car worth are that the car’s age, location and commodity prices are factors. Are we the highest paying for junk cars in the region? Not always, but we strive to always deliver fast scrap car removal, professional customer service and fair pricing!

For those that may not be aware, governments nation-wide are struggling with the costs associated with facilitating their recycling programs. The costs of so many products, mostly commodities that are destined for recycling, have sunk to levels not seen before. In the March 14, 2016 edition of Triple Pundit there was an article composed by Bill Roth titled ‘How America’s Recycling Crisis Threatens You’ that outlined the following: “America is going to trash–that is the state of recycling today. Even California, the US’s greenest state, is at the tip of the trash can on this national trend. CA can proudly point to recycling 19% of the nation’s beverage containers. In the last year, a third of the state’s recycling centers have closed. The global crash in commodity prices is one of the two major reasons why recycling economics have collapsed. Slow global economic growth is depressing all commodity prices. The price of PET plastic is less than half its 2011 levels and aluminum prices have fallen over 40%. It’s now cheaper for beverage container companies to use new plastic rather than recycled product.

The 2nd major reason why recycling is economically threatened is because consumers & businesses love the idea of trash being government’s responsibility. In California’s case, government fees collected for recycling have always had tedious political support. With the drop in commodity prices they aren’t sufficient enough to support mass recycling. The economics of recycling now threatens our beliefs, the environment and our wallets. The consumer love of our disposable economy is the foundational reason why recycling is failing. We buy, we consume and then we throw away. Imagine how you would shop if the environmental impacts were included in the prices for goods & services. This would reshape what we buy and how we shop. Such a commercial system would financially empower the concept of cradle-to-consumption-to-cradle, where goods are manufactured to be recycled and repurposed. The result would be less trash, better products and increased national competitive advantage gained through more efficient use of resources.

Businesses are also conflicted over recycling. Imagine taxing businesses for the waste stream created after consumption. This would reshape most businesses & their practices. Yet some businesses are pioneering zero-waste practices for two reasons. The first is that it is proven to make money. Companies like Walmart & GM have proven that zero-waste practices can generate millions in annual savings. Another reason why businesses support recycling is that it improves their branding; the recycling logo is one of the most recognized & trusted logos that you will see. A recycling bin in front of a store is viewed by consumers as a sign of business integrity.

Trash created through consumer consumption is not recorded as a cost on a business’ income statement or as a liability on its balance sheet. Trash is not free–it is a waste of resources. This is harmful to economic productivity and the environment. One cost is climate change and another is a stagnant economy seeking breakout productivity gains achieved through more efficient uses of resources. Consumption has made the boomer generation the fattest generation in history; this consumption economy has costs tied to sugar, fat and sat are ignored as 50% of Generation Z, the first generation born in the 21st century, being obese. We must propel our economy to buy renewable energy & solutions that will limit electricity bills. The question is whether we can come together as consumers to create a Green Economic Revolution that will restore our incomes, health and the environment.” The complete article is located at this link.

Who is the highest paying for junk cars?

Here are (3) of our most common asked questions relating to our cash for junk cars program:

  • Can you explain how to scrap my car for cash?
  • What is a junk car worth for scrap purposes?
  • Who buys crashed cars or damaged vehicles in my area?

An additional article that we recommend on this topic can be found on the site of Cleveland Scrap Cars here. We encourage those needing to scrap a car to contact us @ (330) 271-6464 or at http://www.Cash4CarsAkron.com

how to scrap my car, what is a junk car worth, who buys crashed cars, cash for a damaged car

Scrap Vehicle Tire Dumping

Cash 4 Cars Akron is back with the latest in auto scrap and recycling news. Before we proceed with the story, we will review what services we offer. Are you wondering how to scrap my car or what is a junk car worth in New Franklin, Firestone Park, or Highland Square? Those seeking out who buys crashed cars and pays cash for a damaged car in Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna can call (330) 271-6464. The process of how to scrap my car is much simpler than you may realize. Residents of the Merriman Valley, Bath, and Lakemore should know that we can give you an instant junk car quote for how much cash for a damaged car will be available.

This next topic centers on the City of Canton, OH. The city is located approximately 24 miles south of Akron, and 60 miles south of Cleveland, with a population of about 72,683.[1] Apparently some undesirable folks in the area have been dumping scrap vehicle tires illegally.

A March 7, 2016 story in Recycling Today titled ‘Ohio city sees illegal tire dumping increases’ tells us the following: “Officials are stepping up enforcement efforts against haulers who collect tires for a fee and then dump them illegally rather than taking them to a recycling or disposal facility. An early March 2016 article by the Canton Repository says the City of Canton is conducting sting operations and stakeouts to help end this practice. An official from the Canton City Health Department is quoted as saying the problem has exploded within the city. The same official says his suspicions are that people who used to heist metals to scrap for cash are not pleased with the current pricing, so they may have transitioned to engaging in phony tire disposal instead.

Haulers typically will charge from $2 to $10 per unit and then minimize their costs by dumping the tires on vacant land instead of taking them to a recycling plant or landfill. The article says two men currently face charges related to such with both open dumping and failing to register as a transporter being felonies.” The complete article is available here.

We looked into the tire disposal matter in Canton a bit further and learned of a solution. “The City of Canton Sanitation Department’s website informs us of the following: “Tires can’t be picked up, but can be dropped off free of charge (tires only – no rims) at the Schroyer Recycling Drop-off facility located at 742 Schroyer Ave SW, Canton, OH 44707.  They are open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10:00 AM till 2:00 PM.  To contact the drop-off center, call (330) 430-7869. For more information visit this site: www.cantonhealth.org/eh/?pg=290.”

The requirements are as follows for tires:

  • Residents of Stark, Tuscarawas or Wayne Counties.
  • 12 tires per person per year.
  • Car and light truck tires, on or off the rim[2]

What is a junk car worth?

This is a question we receive quite a bit regarding the value of what is a junk car worth. There are several factors dictating the amount of cash for a damaged car that you receive. These factors may include the vehicle age, condition, and location. Additionally, those of us who buys crashed cars are largely dependent on the current scrap prices, particularly the market prices of steel, aluminum and many more. I you need to determine how to scrap my car in Clinton, Medina, or Rootstown, you can call our scrap car buyer or visit http://www.Cash4CarsAkron.com.  Did you know that among who buys crashed cars or junk vehicles, we are the most eco-friendly provider in the areas of the Brimfield, the Portage Lakes, and Norton?  People must realize that old cars and their components contain potentially dangerous chemicals that must be processed in an environmentally sound way to avoid contamination. If you have a junk car located in Peninsula, Granger Township, or the Rolling Acres area, you can make a move in the right direction for protecting our environment by contacting us for eco-friendly vehicle recycling. We offer scrap vehicle removal services throughout Coventry Township, the Chapel Hill region and Hudson. You can receive fast car for your old car in Cuyahoga Falls, Springfield Township and Kenmore by contacting us.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canton,_Ohio

[2] http://www.cantonhealth.org/eh/?pg=290.

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Scrap Recycling Decline

Cash 4 Cars Akron may not be the highest paying for junk cars; however, we are a wrecked vehicle buyer that pays cash for a damaged car and tows them away the same-day. Those asking how to sell a junk car should simply contact our scrap car buyer at (330) 271-6464. Those seeking cash for a damaged car in Coventry Township, the Chapel Hill area, or Hudson, should know that we are your damaged and wrecked vehicle buyer. Residents of Peninsula, Granger Township, and the Rolling Acres area that are determining how to sell a junk car should dial up our junk car buyer. We provide a junk car quote over the phone as you seek out the highest paying for junk cars. Those with a car to scrap in the Portage Lakes, Norton, or Brimfield, should know that our company believes in waste diversion by always reusing and recycling as much as possible.

In the March 3, 2016 edition of waste360.com, Robert Carr authored a story titled ‘Riding Out Recycling’s Down Cycle’ which outlined the following: “Commodity prices are down and communities face fees for a service they had assumed would be free. Industry experts have faith in the cycle, and keep pushing to upgrade to efficient & clean technologies. Chris Hawn, Sales Manager for the Machinex Group, says his firm has been helping materials recovery facilities upgrade to process greater tonnage.

CP Group designed and built the equipment for the 100K+sq.-ft. Southern Nevada Recycling Center in Las Vegas, which opened last year. It’s capable of processing 2M lbs. of material per day and is expected to double recycling capacity. The facility will have the capacity to process 265,000 tons annually. The prior facility had about 130,000 tons of material in 2014.

​Brad Kelley, project engineer at Gershman, Brickner & Bratton Inc. says making money in recycling has definitely become a catch-22. It takes money to save money and as the cost to upgrade is difficult to raise, but a cleaner product sells better. He says the firms can install the new technolgy, such as optical scanners and better residue cleaning systems. These improvements it becomes worth it, but it takes capital to pay for it.

Though it’s not popular, Kelley says it might be necessary for haulers to convince communities that the recycling just isn’t always free, especially when commodity cycles are low. Eventually, the cycle will return, and recycling across the globe is just not going away. The U.S. attitude just may need to face the realities of the costs of recycling at low times, he says. Further, Kelly thinks that recycling is not dead, there’s still demand out there. Moving prices hurt, so it takes new investment to ensure they’re producing clean enough products to reach some level of profitability while waiting this out.” The complete article is available at this link.

Who is the highest paying for junk cars?

Those seeking cash for a damaged car in Lakemore, Clinton, Medina, need not look further! What is the process of how to sell a junk car? First, you get a junk car quote from our auto buyer over the phone. Next, our damaged or wrecked vehicle buyer will send out a tow truck to pick up your car. We pay you cash on the spot in exchange for the title and we are on our way. Residents of should be aware that we can pick up your scrap car from your service facility or repair shop. Those in New Franklin, Firestone Park, and Highland Square with an old car to scrap can visit our website at http://www.Cash4CarsAkron.com. Those in need of fast cash for cars in Copley, East Akron or Kent, should contact us for a price for scrap cars in any condition. We have expanded our junk car hauling service area recently to include Summit, Portage and Medina Counties.

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New Junk Removal Business

Cash 4 Cars Akron will buy used cars for scrap and junk your car for cash throughout Medina, Rootstown, and the Portage Lakes. Salvage car buyers are essentially in the recycling industry, specifically within the segment referred to as car buyers. When we buy used cars for scrap in Sharon Center, Mogadore, or Stow, we strive to have a positive environmental effect as we conserve resources. To junk your car for cash in Fairlawn, Cuyahoga Falls, or Springfield Township, pick up the phone and reach out to our scrap vehicle buyer.

An article titled ‘The king of junk has come to town’ in the February 18, 2016 edition of heraldextra.com authored by Karissa Neely informed us of the following news: “How would you like to be known as the King of Junk? Well, for Ryan Parker, CEO of the newly opened Junk King based in SLC, Junk King (JK) is a franchise offering on-site removal of unwanted household items, with the commitment to recycle or reuse a minimum of 60% of every load. Parker and two friends, Brian and Brad Laws, partnered to open the state’s 1st Junk King.

(JK) is based in Salt Lake City, and have also purchased the rights to serve Utah County. This week they have gone on estimates & jobs in both counties. Parker says that they serve all the way down to Provo, but may have to charge a small fee for gas. In a perfect world, Parker said he would have opened with 7-8 trucks, and a full staff of 20+ employees, but his team had to start smaller. Utah is one of the newer territories; (JK) is second only to its main competitor, 1-800-GOT-JUNK, which is the largest of such in the nation. They operate on the premise of up-front prices for removal & a commitment to recycling.

Parker says that they recycle everything they can. For example, if we get a dresser that has a veneer on it, that can’t be recycled, but it can be re-used. So we work with local thrift locations and others. All employees are trained in what can and will be recycled. Customers of (JK) are charged a fixed price based on volume — how much they fill up an 18 cubic yard truck — with a set cost for the whole truck. They will also do one-item pickups; for example, if a customer needs just a large flat screen TV hauled off. In an era of constantly disposable consumer goods, this type of business is needed. The complete article is available here.

The JK website states the start-up costs as follows: “The initial investment for a franchise ranges from $87K- $150K, depending on the size of the market. These figures are the approximate values for populations between 500K and 1M people.”[1]

We buy used cars for scrap

Those in need of fast cash for cars in East Akron, Copley or Kent, should contact Cash 4 Cars Akron for a price for scrap cars in virtually any condition. We handle junk car scrap and related auto scrap 6 days a week throughout Barberton, Firestone Park and the Highland Square. Those in search of a place who junks cars need not look any further, as we can give you a fast junk car quote for the value of a scrap car located in Peninsula, Springfield Township or Mogadore. We are car scrapping specialists proudly serving Silver Lake, the Rolling Acres area, and Kenmore. When it is time to junk your car call (330) 271-6464 and we will tow it away for free in Stow, the Merriman Valley and Monroe Falls. “Cash for Clunkers” is available in the regions of Coventry Township, Wadsworth, and Ravenna today! We are a business with best practices in place when we junk your car for cash. Did you know that we divert a tremendous amount of scrap materials that otherwise would end up in a landfill? Salvage car buyers are needed in Bath, Lakemore, and Clinton to insure that end-of-life vehicles are disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. Did you know that our salvage cars buyers can have cash in your hand and same-day or next-day junk vehicle removal processed?

[1] http://www.junk-king.com/franchising/your-franchise/

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Buy Here Auto Lots 1.1 (continued)

Buy Here Auto Lots 1.1 (continued)

We are back with our second (segment 1.1) of the analysis on ‘Buy Here Pay Here’ (BHPH) auto lots. Before resuming the topic, we will review some of the service offerings that someone who buys junk cars has. Currently, we buy any car in the Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls area 6 days a week and are here to allow you to sell a car for scrap. Calling a place auto recycler who buys junk cars or a scrap car hauler who buys junk cars is often the lone solution left. To sell a car for scrap in the Springfield Township, Kenmore, or North Akron areas, contact our junk vehicle buyer for a quote based on the value of a junk car. If we were to ask your neighbors, they would say to junk your car for cash today! The value of a junk car has dramatically decreased this past year and the quote for a junk car you receive will reflect it. Our junk car buyers will swiftly provide you a quote for a junk car today.

In the previous BHPH posting we illustrated the basics of the market. We know that BHPH are designed for people with lousy credit to take a loan out directly from the auto dealer, who typically requires them to return to the lot on a weekly basis to make payments. Obviously, the interest rates are much higher, the selection of vehicles from which to choose is much lower and the rates of delinquency and repossession are much higher. Let’s take a look at some plausible scenarios to see how they may turn out.

What happens if the vehicle has a major repair need? (such as a transmission)

According to Constellation Auto: “More and more dealers are offering some kind of warranty with the vehicles they sell and optional service contracts available. Products such as these that are specifically designed for BHPH dealers and the vehicles they sell continue to be more readily available at more reasonable cost. Competition alone continues to expand the number of dealers offering some kind of mechanical protection. If the car stops running, the customer generally stops paying.  Most dealers will work with customers in the event of a breakdown to get the vehicle repaired.” The full article is available here.

How do BHPH loans impact your credit rating?

Experian addressed this issue on Experian.com as follows: “Unfortunately, you will probably not be able to have the account reported. The lender (the car dealership) would have to report the loan, meet the legal requirements and fulfill Experian’s subscriber standards in order to do so. The dealership would have to report the account, update the payments regularly and have a system to respond to consumer disputes. It would also need to have the necessary security, computer systems and software to report; it will be cost prohibitive for an organization the size of a small car dealership.” The complete article is available here.

What percentage of BHPH deals end with the loan being paid off?

The precise percentage may be difficult to gauge; therefore, we’ll reference three different resources as follows:

  • Auto News: “JD Byrider franchisees can expect a loan default rate of about 25%.[1]    
  • Huffington Post: “At DriveTime, at any given moment about 45% of customers were delinquent on payments”[2]
  • Center for Responsible Lending: “Market data shows that 1 in every 5 BHPH car loans will default.”[3]

[1] http://www.autonews.com/article/20140625/FINANCE_AND_INSURANCE/306259994/for-some-buy-here-pay-here-makes-sense-%E2%80%93-and-profits

[2] http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/11/20/drivetime-fine-cfpb_n_6193002.html

[3] http://www.responsiblelending.org/other-consumer-loans/auto-financing/research-analysis/lisa_stifler_testimony_ny_senate_banks_23april2015.pdf

To sell a car for scrap in Summit County

At Cash 4 Cars Akron we buy any car in Sharon Center, Mogadore or Stow, in any condition. Our eco-friendly recycling processes are among the best of who buys junk cars since we generate less pollution. Old cars contain harmful chemicals that we process when you sell a car for scrap in an environmentally sound way to avoid any contamination. To junk your car for cash in Monroe Falls, East Akron, or Silver Lake, contact our scrap vehicle buyer at (330) 271-6464. We buy any car even if damaged or wrecked throughout the regions of Wadsworth, Kent, and New Franklin. Residents of Firestone Park, Highland Square, and Copley are in luck, as we now junk your car for cash with free towing in the area. Our ‘scrap my car’ service area now encompasses the areas of Barberton, Ravenna, and the Merriman Valley. Those residing in Brimfield, Tallmadge, and Peninsula should know that our auto recycling helps to reduce energy usage and lessens consumption of many raw materials.

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Buy Here Auto Lots 1.0

Buy Here Auto Lots 1.0

Cash 4 Cars Akron is back with the 1st of a two-part segment concerning “Buy Here, Pay Here” (BHPH) auto dealerships. First, an overview of whom we are! We are a scrap my car service provider that allows you to sell an old car. We are among who buys junk cars and who will buy used cars for scrap. Our scrap my car program allows you to sell an old car for fast cash in Summit, Medina and Portage Counties. We buy any car regardless of condition and are referred to a place that will buy used cars for scrap in Peninsula, Granger Township, and the old Rolling Acres area. Are you wondering who buys junk cars in Medina, Rootstown, or the Portage Lakes? Perhaps you seek to sell a car for scrap and need to locate who buys junk cars in Stow, Lakemore, or Clinton? Is your car: broken down, damaged, wrecked or totaled? Yes, we buy any car!

This segment will focus on (4) key topics within the BHPH industry as follows:

  • What differentiates them from more traditional auto dealers?
  • Who is their target customer market that the serve?
  • How is the process structured at a BHPH?
  • What are the overall (broad) positives or negatives from the customer’s standpoint?

Russ Heaps of autotrader.com paints a fairly accurate picture of what make BHPH shops different as follows:  “BHPH financing means that you obtain the loan and make payments on the vehicle at the dealer where you buy the car. It is a ‘one-stop shop’ process since the auto dealer is also the financier. Because loan decisions are made by the dealer, who wants to sell a car, approval is nearly guaranteed. If you have an address and steady income, your chances for approval are good. The dealer’s will probably make as much profit on the financing as they do on the car itself. You can expect a double-digit interest rate and it’s helpful to find a dealer close by since rather than mailing a payment, they may require you to make weekly or bi-weekly payments in person. Some traditional auto dealerships now offer BHPH financing. Rather than picking a car and then talking financing, a BHPH dealer will 1st qualify the customer to determine how much to lend. Vehicle choices will probably be limited.” The full article is available here.

The BHPH customer has a common denominator—lousy credit. An article by Peter Salinas on dealershipbusinessjournal.com titled ‘Just Who Are My BHPH Customers?’ attempted to define the demographics: “The characteristics of the BHPH customer? Well, they aren’t really poor because they sometimes have 2 or more people in the family who are working. And they all have credit issues or don’t have credit at all. They are both genders and are all ages. They tend to “job hop” and move their residence more than most. They are all ethnicities: White, Black, Hispanic, and European. They tend to be single parents, in the cities. Scott Carlson, CEO of AutoZoom, who produces buy here-pay here scoring models, says BHPH customers come from a large swath–with similarities. A common thread is credit issues; they don’t pay bills on time, or have had bankruptcies & repossessions. Typically are not well-educated & are often frowned upon by employers, relatives etc… These people get jobs that don’t pay well.” The full article is available at this link.

According to a BuyHere55.pdf from ‘The State of Lending in America & its Impact on U.S. Households’, the Subprime Analytics/National Association of BHPH Dealers these loans had these characteristics from 2006-2011:

  • Average number weekly of payments: 132 (meaning roughly 2.5 years was the loan term)
  • The average week payment was $84. ($336 per month, totaling over $11,000, plus their down payment)
  • The APR on these loans were about 24%
  • The average amount financed was 9K
  • Average down-payment around $1,000
  • Approximately 26% of these loans were written off and 20% were delinquent/in collections

The full report is available at http://www.responsiblelending.org. The BHPH industry is certainly near the bottom of an already somewhat troubling industry. In today’s market, a low-end compact such as the Nissan Versa is around 15K. A middle of the road Chevy Malibu is around $21K, meaning a 60 month loan @ 5% will be $400 per month. Over the 5-year span you will incur costs of fuel, insurance, oil changes, tires, brakes, washes and a battery. Essentially a new “average” car is about $500 a month. What is more disturbing is that the auto loans are commonly be extended to 72 and 84 month terms.

Looking to sell a car for scrap?

At Cash 4 Cars Akron we buy any car in virtually any condition throughout Fairlawn, Cuyahoga Falls, and Springfield Township. We are now who buys junk cars in both Portage and Medina County! To sell a car for scrap in Bath, Stow, or Lakemore—give our scrap vehicle buyer a call. We now buy used cars for scrap in Wadsworth, Ravenna, and Rootstown. Residents in Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls with an old clunker to junk are encouraged to call (330) 271-6464. We are ready to buy scrap cars in the Portage Lakes, Norton, and Brimfield. There are scrap yards that buy cars, but they aren’t as eco-conscious of an organization. Our buy my junk car program reduces water and land pollution, as landfills are a major source in hurting the natural environment.


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Scrap Recycling Bill

Scrap Recycling Bill

We are back with our latest installment from the perspective of those who buys junk cars, sell a car for scrap, and provide junk your car for cash services. Cash 4 Cars Akron is commonly referred to by terms such as people that buy junk cars, that guy who buys junk cars and the place where to sell a junk car. Being that we are among the people that buy junk cars, we keep a watchful eye on scrap-related issues that are reported. Operation such as ours that provide a place where to sell a junk car, often are involved in the recycling of many other commodities as well. In addition, we use this forum to report on these issues that financial impact those of us who buys junk cars and buy used cars for scrap. Our next topic takes us to WV, where a couple of “concerned” legislators are proposing a bill that could significantly impact the recyclers and other junk your car for cash type providers.

On February 6, 2016 an article posted by Daniel Tyson on register-herald.com titled ‘Bill might put scrap biz in the heap’ informed us of the following: “In legislative bills, the devil is often in the details. Several House of Delegates members, mainly from southern WV, introduced a bill regulating the recycling business. That part of the bill indicates that a buyer can no longer enter any cash transaction for the purchase of scrap. Payment for the purchase of these materials shall be made by check, payable to the seller. Each check for payment would be mailed directly to the home address of the seller. Payments would not be mailed to any post office boxes and would be mailed by the purchaser within two business days. Obviously, scrap recyclers are opposed to these new regulations. Cody Darby, the owner of Barker’s Junk Co. says the proposed regulation doesn’t make sense. This 5-page bill adds one new regulation for scrap recyclers, one that would hurt business. Darby says that sellers would begin crossing state lines to places VA and Ohio to sell their scrap. He fears that the end result will be lost jobs & businesses. The industry’s standard practice is that customers are paid in cash. Requiring this check-based payment, could add to his payroll to keep up with writing & sending checks. The industry is already feeling a pinch, and this would further hinder it.

In WV, the scrap recycling industry directly employs roughly 700 people; indirectly, the number swells to more than 2,000, according to the Institute for Scrap Recycling. The proposed law requires ID with a valid, current physical address which could also pose a problem. Many people don’t wish to pay to update their address on valid, government ID. Darby feels this proposal would hamper the business. Delegate Mick Bates, D-Raleigh says that H.B. 4342 is one of several bills in the House in response to the supply and demand of drugs. The bill was written by Delegate Matthew Rohrback, R-Cabell. Bates say that the cities of Beckley & Huntington are seeing crimes that are drug related and often funded via illegal sale of scrap materials. The intention is to stop criminals from stealing items such as AC units or pipe from a home to sell for drug. Bates, of the House Select Committee on Prevention & Treatment of Substance Abuse, believes the bill is worth considering, along with several others that related to WVs substance abuse concerns. The complete article is available at this link.

Who will buy used cars for scrap?

Are you wondering who buys junk cars in Summit County? Are you seeking to sell a car for scrap in Medina County? We buy used cars for scrap throughout both and in Portage County also. To junk your car for cash in the (330), contact our junk vehicle buyer today. You can sell a car for scrap to Cash 4 Cars 6 days a week. If you seek a ‘buy my junk car’ place – we are available! During non-business hours you can contact our buyer of junk cars by email or text. Our buyer of junk cars will expound that free scrap vehicle pick up is included.  Decisions of whether to simply get cash for my car and move isn’t always easy.  Same-day scrap vehicle hauling is included when using our cash for wrecked cars program. We are on hand to junk your car for cash and handle the damaged vehicle removal.

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Junk Auto Tires

Junk Auto Tires

Cash 4 Cars Akron is back with news relating to auto recycling and junk car removal. Are you wondering who buys junk cars? We buy used cars for scrap 6 days a week. To junk your car for cash, simply contact us to sell your scrap car, as we buy any car, regardless of condition. Our junk vehicle removal services are included when you sell your scrap car to us. Being among those who buys junk cars, we recognize the importance of protecting the environment when we buy used cars for scrap. As mentioned, we buy any car and to junk your car for cash you simply need the title and matching ID.

A February 2, 205 article titled ‘Tire regulations, registration atop 2016 agenda’ was posted on rubbernews.com by Miles Moore, which explained the following: “A provision requiring independent tire dealers to register tires they sell and transmit that information electronically to manufacturers, became law as part of a larger, 5-year surface transportation bill. One provision is to establish fuel economy & wet traction minimums for tires, and another for NHTSA to post a tire safety recall lookup engine on its website, navigable by tire ID number. The RMA was delighted by passage of the surface transportation bill in general and of its strategic initiatives in particular. According to Charles A. Cannon, RMA’s President, they agree with the NTSB that the recall system is broken and needs fixed. Turning over customer lists to tire makers is especially worrisome for independent dealers, he said. Not long ago the European Union established similar requirements for dealers to transmit registration information to manufacturers. In the1st year of the European regulations, online sales of tires rose over 20%, hurting dealers.

According to Dan Zielinski, RMA VP, South Carolina is the most likely state to consider a used tire bill in the coming year. Among the recommendations were two related to tire aging; one proposed plans to promote a tire aging test if tire safety & pressure monitoring system data show tire aging risk. The other recommended developing a document on tire aging with tire makers, vehicle makers & safety advocates that includes best practices on how to mitigate tire aging. He says the number of tire aging bills has really declined. More tire dealers are facing lawsuits for selling or servicing tires that exceed the age recommendations of tire or auto makers. There is no other product in America for which the retailer is held responsible.

New England has scrap tire problems caused by the closure of Oxford Energy. This was what motivated the Connecticut legislature to consider 2 bills that would have introduced a tire stewardship plan in CT. Some pulp & paper mills in Maine are increasing their use of tire-derived fuel. Diversification of scrap tire markets needs to be the goal in New England. A scrap-to-market conference in Albany, N.Y., in November 2015 helped to put New England regulators in touch with recycling industry professionals to advance the effort. California is poised to provide grants for state agencies & municipalities to use rubber-modified asphalt in highway & road projects. CA could use 24M scrap tires annually for highway projects, out of the 40M it generates. Many state highway administrators remember the rubberized asphalt mandates of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991, which proved to be so unworkable and Congress eventually repealed it. The technology of rubber-modified asphalt has improved demonstrably since then, and rubber-modified asphalt is cheaper in some ways than conventional asphalt.

In related news, the Small Business Administration has a proposal to redefine managers & assistant managers as hourly workers for the purpose of overtime pay. Most tire dealerships can’t afford overtime pay for these employees; most tire dealers already pay well beyond the minimum wage.” The full article is available at this link.

We buy used cars for scrap

We are who buys junk cars for cash in Fairlawn, Cuyahoga Falls, and Springfield Township. Those in North Akron, Sharon Center, and Mogadore, looking to junk your car for cash are encouraged to call. We currently buy used cars for scrap in Monroe Falls, East Akron, and Silver Lake. We buy any car that is non-running or damaged throughout the areas of Wadsworth, Kent, or New Franklin. We now offer junk vehicle removal services in the regions of Firestone Park, Highland Square and Copley. Our cash for cars program includes complimentary scrap car hauling service in Barberton, Ravenna, and the Merriman Valley. The good news is that our scrap my car program is now available in Bath, Stow, and Lakemore. Residents of Clinton, Medina, and Rootstown can contact our junk vehicle buyer for a junk car quote by calling (330) 271-6464.


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Landfill Scrap in PA

Landfill Scrap in PA

Are you wondering where to find the people that buy junk cars in Green, Fairlawn, or Cuyahoga Falls? Did you know that at Cash 4 Cars Akron we buy any car, even a salvage car is fine to sell a car for scrap. That is right, we buy any car, even a wrecked, totaled or salvage car. When you sell a car for scrap you will want to insure that the people that buy junk cars operate in a manner that is eco-friendly. When you sell an old car to us for vehicle scrap, you can rest-assured that the car is scrapped and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. We have best practices in place to insure that vehicle scrap components such as fuel, oil, transmission fluid and antifreeze are drained and properly contained. We now have expanded service area in Medina County, including the cities of Sharon Center, Wadsworth and Granger Township. Additionally, our coverage area for you to sell an old car has grown to encompass the Portage County cities of Kent, Ravenna, Brimfield and Rootstown. Our next topic discusses a Pennsylvania-based landfill that erroneously accused of being the source of an extremely foul odor.

In a January 28, 2016 article composed by Arlene Karidis on wastedive.com with the headline “Pennsylvania landfill leachate not responsible for foul odor, despite earlier reports” we learned the following: “A foul-smelling fluid forced evacuation of St. Joseph’s Center & Sleep Inn & Suites in Dunmore, PA last September. The source of the problem is still unknown. This conclusion follows an inaccurate assessment that the fluid was leachate discharged from Keystone Sanitary Landfill through a different sewer line when workers were fixing/repairing a pump. The Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) has confirmed the landfill hadn’t released leachate on the night of the evacuation. Al Magnotta of Keystone says he didn’t contact the press to clarify the situation because a DEP investigation was underway testing another possibility of an open valve, which was also later also ruled out as the source of the fluid.

Landfill leachate is to be taken seriously, even after it is treated, it can contain toxic chemicals. The miscommunication began when the DEP informed Keystone Manager Dan O’Brien that there was a significant flow. O’Brien says that in retrospect, he should have asked some questions, which would have probably eliminated the confusion. DEP staff visited the landfill looking for the problem, leaving the suspect valve partially open, and saw no increased flow in the line.  The Friends of Lackawanna Group wasn’t happy with the outcome of the investigation, saying it is unacceptable that the DEP’s final answer only serves to raise more questions.” The complete article is available at this link.

According to Merriam Webster (MW), the term leachate is “a solution or product obtained by leaching”. Well, that tells me nothing!  Leaching is defined by MW as “removal from a substance by the action of a liquid passing through it, or to dissolve through percolation”.  In a study on headworksinternational.com, the Keystone Sanitary Landfill is explained as “A privately owned, 700+ acre municipal solid waste landfill located in Dunmore that processes 5,000 tons of sanitary wastewater per day. The landfill operates under the revised Commonwealth of PA regulations which conform to Sub Title and is in full compliance with 25 PA Code, Chapter 273.“ The full study can be read at this link.  A couple of points reflecting on this article:

  • Although the landfill was falsely accused, the suggestion that the strong odor was coming from it does seem logical.
  • Was the odor so strong (or dangerous) that it required evacuation of a hospital and a hotel at 3AM?
  • The Friends of Lackawanna weighing in on the topic is not surprising—their website cites the landfill and its expansion as one of their primary targets for health & safety. Perhaps we should take all of the solid waste and pipe it into the properties of Pat Clark & Michele Dempsey—since obviously they are both experts that can provide the best solutions for our municipal waste.

People that buy junk cars

Cash 4 Cars Akron has been in the salvage car market for several years throughout the regions of Springfield Township, Kenmore, and North Akron. We buy any car that is towable, allowing the public to sell a car for scrap and protect the environment. We qualified as a ‘Commitment to Green’ organization and in most cases are able to recycle over 84% of a vehicle’s composition. We encourage those with an old car to recycle in Mogadore, East Akron, and Silver Lake to contact our scrap vehicle buyer. Residents of New Franklin, Firestone Park, and Highland Square are able to receive same-day junk vehicle removal. The requirements for scrapping an junk vehicle in Barberton, Merriman Valley, and Bath are in accordance with state law that includes possession of the vehicle title by the owner, verified via a valid ID.

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Scrap Recycling Downturn

Scrap Recycling Downturn

Cash 4 Cars Akron is a salvage vehicle and wrecked car buyer that pays money for a scrap car in Cuyahoga Falls, Springfield Township, and North Akron. The junk car scrap business has been in a slump recently due to the money for a scrap car or salvage vehicle decrease in value. It is widely known the global commodity prices are slumping, thus putting the damaged or wrecked car buyer market in a pinch. Some products derived from old car scrap and junk car scrap like aluminum, have been impacted to a lesser extent. Our next article looks at how others have experienced financial problems within the realm of buying and selling a scrap car.

In a January 21, 2016 article by Brian Nearing that was posted on timesunion.com with the headline ‘Economy putting crunch on recycling businesses’, we learned the following: “A $12M recyclables-sorting machine opened near the Port of Albany 5 years ago, its owners hoped it could produce up to $1M a month in revenue from selling recovered steel, paper & plastic. Today, due to collapsing oil prices and the Chinese economy, prices for recyclables have plummeted. The massive 1,000-horsepower sorting machine is struggling financially. Dan Kurtz, District GM for Sierra Processing says they are doing their best to avoid charging customers for recycling. The company is affiliated with County Waste & Recycling, a trash hauler that serves more than 180K customers across many counties. He hopes that the markets for recyclables improve quickly. At the Ben Weitsman of Albany scrap yard, a ton of scrap steel last year fetched about $380 and now is about $160.

Adam Weitsman says their volume of metal brought in for recycling dropped about 25% recently. His business has been family-owned for about 25 years and this is the hardest time in recent memory. The scrap & recycling business has dipped from just a few years ago, when the County and local law had to prevent residents from scavenging metal from trash. Pricing for steel, plastic & paper has collapsed.

According to Kurtz, as oil prices plunged last year, it took the price of recycled plastic down with it. A ton of recycled plastic was about $420 one year ago and now is only about $200. A low oil price makes new plastic cheaper than the recycled product. Vermont-based Casella Resource Solutions started assessing trash-hauling customers a fee on their pickup to cover mounting expenses. In December, Pure Metal Recycling, the largest recycler in Chicago, abruptly closed 6 sites while filing for bankruptcy protection. At the Port of Albany, they are still planning to eventually install a 3,000-horsepower auto shredder, which have been on hold for a couple of years. The Albany shredder plan is still viable, but subject to market conditions to move forward.” The full article is available here.

Salvage vehicle buyer

Here at Cash 4 Cars Akron we are paying money for a scrap car and old car scrap. When selling a scrap car to a damaged a damaged or wrecked car buyer in Sharon Center, Mogadore, or East Akron, the vehicle title is always required. The State of Ohio requires that even when selling for junk car scrap, that ownership is verified.  Are you looking to get cash for a car in Wadsworth, Kent, or New Franklin?  Those needing cash for cars in Peninsula, Firestone Park, and Highland Square are encouraged to call. Will it cost more to fix your old car than it is worth? Residents of Ravenna, Merriman Valley, and Bath can contact or junk car buyer at (330) 271-6464 6 days a week. We have now expanded our junk car removal service area to include the regions of Clinton, the Portage Lakes and Coventry Township.  Even if your car is broken down at a local Goodyear, Midas or Firestone Service Center, we can typically arrive to tow it away and pay you cash fast. Same-day cash for clunkers is available throughout Norton, Monroe Falls, and Tallmadge also.

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Scrap Tire Options 1.2

Scrap Tire Options 1.2

Cash 4 Cars Akron is back with our latest post from the world of a wrecked car buyer & salvage vehicle processor. We are a scrap vehicle buyer that pays money for a scrap car in areas like Springfield Township, North Akron, and Mogadore. Those wondering where to scrap a car and how to sell us your car, we will elaborate. The solution for receiving cash from a damaged or wrecked car buyer is to begin by calling our salvage vehicle purchasing guy to obtain a quote for the amount of money for a scrap car that you can expect. How much cash is typically out when you sell us your car in Wadsworth, Kent, New Franklin? Currently, the scrap vehicle buyer market is offering between $100-$120 for old cars and $120-$145 for larger vehicles, which should be fairly consistent throughout Summit, Portage and Medina Counties. In this post we will provide an overview of Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA), discuss how it is processed, and outline the quality considerations for TDA. In a follow-up later this week, we will examine the applications for which TDA is a good fit.

Scrap Tire News brings us further into the scrap tire recycling realm with information regarding Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA) as follows: “Tire derived aggregate (TDA) consists of scrap tires cut into pieces that have a basic geometrical shape and range between 2” and 12“in size and are intended for use in civil engineering applications.

There are (2) types of TDA: Type A with a maximum size of 3” and Type B with a maximum size of 12”. While these are the most commonly used sizes, TDA specs are driven by the end use and will differ based on the contractor’s many requirements for the project. TDA has become the commonly used term for this material because it better describes the engineering value of size-specific scrap tire fragments as compared to the term tire chip or tire shred. The properties of TDA that create this engineering value are:

  • Lightweight (weighs 1/3 of what soil weighs)
  • Low earth pressure (1/2 that of soil)
  • Good thermal insulation (8x better than gravel)
  • Good drainage (10 times better)
  • Compressible
  • Vibration mitigation
  • Low cost

TDA has been a construction material for 20+ years for many uses including lightweight fill, insulation, and more. Since 1992, when first introduced to the marketplace, the range of uses has grown. In virtually all civil engineering applications, this product replaces some other material, including soil, clean fill, drainage aggregate, and lightweight fill materials such as expanded shale & polystyrene insulation blocks. For many projects needing its unique assets TDA is often the least costly solution; TDA is also good material for large-scale projects.

To create TDA, tires are fed into a main shredder that cuts them with rotating knives. The most popular type of primary shredder uses groups of circular blades. Opposite each blade on one shaft, a spacer of equal width on the other shaft allows them to counter-rotate and overlap. Another type of main shredder uses knife rotors and rotor spacers that are attached to the rotors. Wear plates or liners are also secured to each side of the rotor to protect against wear. This machine design permits closer spacing tolerance between the edges of the adjacent blade than can be achieved with conventional hook and shear.

The quality of TDA is determined by the sharpness of the knives & blades. Sharpness insures a clean-cut TDA with few exposed steel belts, cords or wire. Dull knives can produce pieces with a larger width since they may not completely separate the two. There are (2) types of wire in the tire. Bead wire is larger in diameter (about 1/8” diameter) and belt wire that is even smaller. Wire removal is often done using magnets. The 1st pass through the main shredder produces average TDA, while additional passes through increase quality in the desired sizes.” The report is available in its entirety at this link.

Do you have a salvage vehicle and want to sell us your car in areas like Firestone Park, Highland Square, or Copley? Do you wish to get money for a scrap car quickly from a damaged or wrecked car buyer that serves the regions of Ravenna, Merriman Valley, and Bath? We are where to scrap a car quickly regardless if the vehicle is located in Clinton, Medina, or the Portage Lakes. To receive money for a scrap car or unwanted vehicle in Norton, Monroe Falls, or Tallmadge, contact our scrap vehicle buyer @ (330) 271-6464 today.

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Scrap Car Tires 1.1

Scrap Car Tires 1.1

Cash 4 Cars Akron is back with the latest news surrounding the auto scrap and recycling arena. We pay money for a scrap car and are among the many people that buy junk cars in Northeast Ohio. We are a salvage car buyer, and process junk car scrap in Green, Silver Lake, and Cuyahoga Falls. To receive money for a scrap car, the people that buy junk cars are required to verify that the seller has the title and a matching ID. In Ohio, the state law requires those two documents; therefore, regardless of which salvage car buyer you call, these will be the requirements associated with junk car scrap. Those wondering who buys junk cars in Springfield Township, North Akron, or Mogadore should call. Even if you have a totaled car in East Akron, Wadsworth, Kent, you should be aware that C4C is the place to go!

Next we proceed on with our 2nd installment regarding the solutions for recycling junk vehicle tires. On scraptirenews.com they have a fantastic Tire Derived Fuel (TDF) report which goes as follows: “TDF has the flexibility to be used in variety of industries. These include:

Cement manufacturing companies use whole tires and TDF to supplement their primary fuel for firing kilns. The very high temperatures and long fuel residence time in the kiln allow total combustion of the tires. There isn’t smoke, odor or emissions from the tires, since the ash goes into the final product, there isn’t any waste. The metallic wire material is captured for use as an ingredient in the cement making process. Vehicle tires contains over (2) lbs. of steel; this also becomes a component of the cement product, replacing some of the needed iron required in the process. In a study by US Dept. of Energy, it’s estimated that the combustion of TDF produces less carbon dioxide per unit of energy compared to coal.

Pulp and paper companies use TDF as a supplement to wood waste-the typical fuel used for its boilers. The technology has been in use in the U.S. since the 1980s. The heating value of the wood waste fuel ranges from 7K-9K, TDF heat value is about of 15K. TDF facilitates uniform boiler combustion, and helps overcome some operating concerns caused by low heat fuel. Pulp and paper mills are increasing their use of TDF to help lower fuel costs and improve emissions.

Electric power utilities use TDF as a supplemental fuel to produce power in boiler units. Electric power plants have boilers needing fuel to power their municipalities & industries. In the electric power industry, TDF is used mainly as an additive to coal. In these sites TDF must be correctly sized to fit and be well mixed to ensure correct combustion. In electric power utility situations, TDFs offers you an economic option, with constant BTU content & low moisture. Electric utilities also found that the quality of emissions actually improves with the increased use of TDF as a supplemental fuel and is a great all-around option for these sites.

Industrial Boilers: For industrial & institutional boiler systems, TDF must be sized 2“x2” or less and 95% wire-free. In industrial boilers, combustion TDF produces energy in the form of steam and/or electricity, displacing the need to generate energy from other facilities and fuel such as coal. This also offsets the pollution emitted from other fuels—predominately coal. TDF use in these sites is steady but faces challenges for higher use due to plant closings and overall economic conditions.

Tires-to-Energy Facilities: One facility specifically designed to burn whole tires or TDF as its only fuel is fully operational in the U.S. This tires-to-energy site is a 25MW electric-generating facility that has combusted tires to produce electricity for nearly 20 years using 10M tires a year. Historically, these plants have achieved lower emission rates that with other fuel options.

Disposal of scrap tires in tire piles isn’t an acceptable practice due to risks of fires, and furthering a habitat for mosquitoes. The use of scrap tires as TDF is one of several viable alternatives to prevent newly generated scrap tires from inappropriate disposal. EPA testing has shown that TDF has a higher BTU value than coal and recognizes that the use of TDF is a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

Did you know that you can receive money for a scrap car from us throughout the areas of Peninsula, Firestone Park, and Highland Square? Keep in mind that in Ohio, those people that buy junk cars will require you to have the vehicle title and an ID. Our salvage car buyer can be reached at (330) 271-6464 6 days a week to pay you cash for junk car scrap in Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna. Those wondering who buys junk cars in the Merriman Valley, Bath, or Stow will be delighted to know that free junk vehicle removal is included. Even if you have a totaled car or other damaged or non-running vehicle, we are glad to pick it up.

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Scrap Vehicle Tires 1.0

Scrap Vehicle Tires 1.0

At Cash 4 Cars Akron we buy junk cars, paying money for a junk car in any condition. Salvage car buyers have been impacted by the recent decline in the value of a scrap car which stems from the drop in market commodity pricing. Our latest installment here in our blog discussing auto scrap and recycling will cover the topic of scrap vehicle tires. Salvage car buyers everywhere share the same problem associated with proper disposal of worn out vehicle tires. It is not as simple as merely putting them in the trash. Finding a disposal solution for these is not that easy because they require environmentally mandated restrictions and they certainly cannot be buried or burned.

Scrap Tire News (scraptirenews.com) has a very detailed report about how tires are recycled. The initial aspect that we will analyze is the process of creating tire-derived fuel (TDF) as follows: “A major use for scrap tires is fuel. (TDF) may be generated using whole tire or tires processed into uniform pieces that meet the specifications of the end-user. They are used as fuel either shredded or whole depending on the type of combustion unit. TDF is the oldest & most advanced market for scrap tires in U.S. industrial sites such as cement kilns, pulp and paper mills and electric utilities. This fuel acts as a supplemental fuel to increase boiler efficiency, decrease emissions & lower costs. Over 52% of the 300M units generated annually are consumed in these sites as a clean and economical alternative fuel.

The U.S. EPA described TDF as a high Btu-value fuel with lower emissions, including lower greenhouse gas emissions, than other traditional fuels. These units make an excellent fuel because of their high heat value. The heating value of an average size passenger unit is between 13K and 15K BTU/lb., which compares with about 10K to 12K/lb. for coal. The primary reason for using these fuels is to lower costs. Another major reason for combusting tires as fuel is to decrease the volume of units disposed in landfills or stockpiles. Nationally scrap tires represent a potential energy source of 1.01 quadrillion BTU per year– equivalent to 17M barrels of crude oil. Clearly, these units compete with comparable traditional fuels including coal, petroleum and wood.

While some combustion units such as cement kilns can accept tires whole, most require the units to be processed to certain sizes & purity to ensure consistency for the user. Shredding these uses standard processing technology including shredding and removing dirt and contaminants. There are (2) steps: chipping/shredding and metal removal. Each one is either fed into the shredder whole or have the beads removed prior to shredding. Scrap passenger and truck units up to 48 inches in outside diameter can be initially reduced to pieces ranging in size from 1” to 4”, depending on the end-use. For TDF, whole tires are reduced to 2” pieces; magnetic separators are required to remove the steel and a screen controls the shred/chip size and larger material is re-circulated back to the shredder.” To read the complete report, visit this link.

There are 3 critical reasons the recycling of tires is critical in the scrap and salvage car buyer market:

  • The units take up too much physical space whether in storage, landfills etc…
  • When stored, they can gather water & moisture creating potentially toxic run-off and thus creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • The recycling of scrap auto tires has lagged behind the development of most other aspects of auto recycling; most car buyers and others who face managing high volumes of these units must pay for removal.

Due to the seriousness of the issue, we will address this topic on an ongoing basis. It is a major benefit to our country to have cost-effective and simplistic recycling solutions for these potentially toxic and cumbersome units. The science in this aspect of recycling is currently evolving and it is long overdue.

Cash 4 Cars Akron is a salvage car buyer and is among the car buyers who uphold an eco-friendly set of best practices in the industry. Those seeking money for a junk car in Northeast Ohio, including the counties of Summit, Portage and Medina are encouraged to contact us for a price quote for the value of a scrap car. Obtaining money for a junk car is much faster and easier with Cash 4 Cars Akron. We buy junk cars 6 days a week and our junk vehicle buyer is awaiting your call!

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Women in Auto Recycling

Women in Auto Recycling

Cash 4 Cars Akron is among those people that buy junk cars in Green, Silver Lake, and Cuyahoga Falls. Those with a salvage car seeking junk car scrap services are encouraged to contact our scrap vehicle buyer. We provide same-day cash for cars service which includes complimentary vehicle removal and junk car towing. Those looking for a scrap vehicle buyer or other people that buy junk cars in Springfield Township, North Akron, or Mogadore should give us a call! The salvage car and junk car scrap business has traditionally been comprised mostly of men. In recent times, more women have emerged in the industry, which is a welcome change.

Caryn Smith composed a story titled ‘Women with a Why’ on a-r-a.org with the following information. “The Ladies of the Automotive Recycling Association (LARA) is a part of the ARA that promotes auto recycling to females, and encourages mentorship and learning among the members. Women ARA members & their employees share stories, history, and they shed light on beating obstacles and advice to others.

Rachel Egelseer of Smart/Global Solutions & Transport discussed her story explaining that she started as a dismantler in the garage and quickly performed almost every job at the site including the scrapping of cars, sales of components, shipping, receiving, and vehicle inventory. Today, her role is Inventory Manager, which involves being the first one to inspect the end-of-life vehicles upon arrival. She then reviews the specs and helps the sales team understand the items available. She finds it gratifying to help the environment and save people money at the same time.

Betsy Finnell, Co-owner Hotlines, Inc, talks about her experience which began with her liking cars. Her 1st was a ‘59 T-Bird. She married at 22, began in a Smart salvage operation, a family business which grew to 82 employees. In the early years she lacked technical automotive knowledge, but then the computer solved that! Her advice to others is to work hard to be a clean, organized, and professional.” To read Ms. Smith’s article in its entirety visit this link.

As the salvage car, junk car scrap and auto recycling industry evolves, it naturally is beginning to have more females in the mix. Having long been a male-dominated industry, it is a refreshing sign of the times. I hope that all younger people, (females included) consider the many career paths within the vast automotive-related industries. There is certainly an opportunity for everyone from mechanics, engineers, marketing experts, sales professionals, management paths and many more…

Cash 4 Cars Akron is comprised of people that buy junk cars in East Akron, Wadsworth and Kent. Residents of New Franklin, Peninsula, and Firestone Park, with a salvage car to sell are encouraged to call (330) 271-6464. Our scrap vehicle buyer is available 6 days a week to handle vehicle removal in the Merriman Valley, Bath, and Stow. Our junk car scrap operation which culminates with junk car towing is proud to serve the areas of Norton, Monroe Falls, and Tallmadge. Even if your car is wrecked or damaged, we will pay you cash for it and tow it away regardless of whether it is located in Coventry Township, Kenmore, or the Chapel Hill neighborhood.

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Oil Price Impacts Recycling

Oil Price Impacts Recycling

Cash 4 Cars Akron is among the car buyers that offer money for a scrap car and handles salvage vehicle removal. As a scrap vehicle buyer, we have witnessed first-hand the price for a junk car continuing to decline. Many people with old vehicles may themselves where to scrap my car in Green, Silver Lake or Cuyahoga Falls? These individuals are encouraged to contact us for a price for a junk car and consider our salvage vehicle removal program.  We are currently paying money for a scrap car 6 days a week throughout Springfield Township, North Akron and Mogadore.  Due to recent service area expansions we are now car buyers in Summit, Portage and Medina Counties.

Our next piece of news relating to the auto scrap and recycling business focuses on how the market price for oil has impacted many US recyclers. On Saturday January 2, 2016 the site pressofatlanticcity.com posted an article titled ‘Recycling industry a victim of cheaper oil’ authored by Maxwell Reil, which told us the following: “Lower oil costs cost has meant cheaper gas & heating bills for consumers; for many recycling companies, it has led to a decrease in revenue. As oil prices fall, so have the value of plastics made with oil.

Bob Anderson, Regional Development Manager for ReCommunity Recycling, says low oil prices are affecting revenue for recycling companies. The commodity markets are at historic lows & we’ve seen steep reduction in the value of scrap materials. Spot prices for oil were around $36/ barrel last week, according to the U.S. EIA, compared with $98.89 in 2014 and $108.56 in 2013.   Scrap plastic was selling at $2,000/ton, and now has fallen to $30/ton. The material comes in fast every week, and in NJ recycling is mandatory.  Kim Holmes, Director of Recycling at SPI, says it’s a challenging time in the recycling industry. Holmes says recycling companies should take advantage of the market & seek companies that want to work specifically with recyclable materials.

Anderson’s experts expect to see the same pricing for 3-5 years. He said the company has hired more workers for a higher quality product, something buyers are interested in; buyers have higher tolerance with non-recoverable items, and when demand is low you must produce a better product. When competing versus competitors, the cleaner the product is then the better chance you have. Those choosing to use recycled content cite cost savings as the main reason, but another reason was because companies had internally stated eco-goals requested by customers.” The complete article is available at this link.

Where to scrap my car

Cash 4 Cars Akron pays money for a scrap car in the regions of East Akron, Wadsworth and Kent. Our scrap vehicle buyer is available to provide you a quote for your salvage vehicle regardless of whether your clunker is located in New Franklin, Peninsula or Firestone Park. Our car buyers treat vehicle sellers with a simple and professional approach that can only be offered by a local scrap vehicle buyer. The national “cash for cars” companies that use a central answering service are less concerned with local Akron area residents and often their junk car removal process takes too long. These national outfits with their 800 numbers basically provide you a low price for your salvage vehicle and then attempt to hand off the junk car towing and removal to someone in the area. We ARE a local scrap vehicle buyer that proudly services the areas of Highland Square, Copley and Barberton. Residents of the Merriman Valley, Bath and Stow should know that our car buyers are a product of your community.  If you need same-day pick up and money for a scrap car in Lakemore, Clinton, or Medina—call (330) 271-6464 today!

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Auto Scrapper to Close

Auto Scrapper to Close

In the salvage vehicle business recently, the money for a junk car being paid out has dipped. As a scrap vehicle buyer and wrecked car buyer, I do not recall the per-ton scrap price being this low. Those of us in the auto buyer community are unfortunately feeling the effects and those selling an old car are seeing it reflecting in the amount of money for a junk car that they are receiving. We in the scrap car buyer arena are hoping that 2016 brings us resurgence in the scrap prices relating to automobiles. Our next story discusses an iconic salvage vehicle graveyard in Southern CA that is closing up shop. An Associated Press story by John Rogers ‘Final curtain coming down on giant Hollywood junkyard’ posted on December 28, 2015 in the napavalleyregister.com told us the following: “For 54 years, Aadlen Brothers Auto Wrecking, in the San Fernando Valley, has handled any TV prop imaginable while serving as the site of more than 200 Hollywood film shoots. The last surviving Bruce The Shark, made from the mold for the 1975 Steven Spielberg film ‘Jaws’ resides there near an entrance. With its huge mouth agape, it appears ready to devour anyone foolish enough to try to sneak off the lot with, say, a pilfered power train from a ‘32 Ford.

Nearby, sits the giant boom box that Usher danced on for a 1997 music video. It’s actually a 53-foot-long big-rig trailer painted to look like the ‘80s-era music machine. Nathan Adlen, is the owner of this hybrid junkyard-Hollywood backlot that’s been in his family since 1961. By New Year’s Eve, he promises, it will be 26 acres of bare land surrounded largely by warehouses and car-repair places as he contemplates what to do next with the property. Adlen says it’s gotten harder to make money in the junk business, as he walks past thousands of automobiles piled high, each destined for the giant car-crushing machine that will squash them into scrap metal. The Chinese aren’t buying that scrap like they once did, causing the price to plummet while his wage and insurance costs continue to rise.

But Adlen says that Hollywood cash isn’t enough these days to subsidize a business that for decades was also the go-to place for seemingly every shade-tree mechanic in the San Fernando Valley looking to dress up his ride with a cheap turbocharger, a shiny grill or chrome wheels pulled off everything from wrecked Rolls-Royces to VW bugs.

Over the years, the lot has appeared briefly in “The Hangover,” ‘’The Fall Guy,” ‘’The A-Team,” ‘’Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and other shows. Soon there will be nothing left to film. The “RoboCop 3” car has already headed out the door, followed by two of the armored vehicles from the film “Universal Soldier.” The complete article is available here.

Tough times for an auto buyer

Those selling an old car in Green, Silver Lake and Cuyahoga Falls are in luck, as we now offer our wrecked car buyer service in these areas. Do you have a salvage vehicle to sell in Coventry Township, Kenmore, or Chapel Hill? Those seeking to get cash for cars in Medina, the Portage Lakes and Fairlawn should contact our scrap vehicle buyer. We pay money for a junk car throughout the regions of Springfield Township, North Akron and Mogadore. We purchase junk vehicles in any condition and our wrecked car buyer is standing by to provide you a junk car quote at (330) 271-6464. Residents of East Akron, Wadsworth and Kent, will an old car to scrap can contact us 6 days a week. We are a scrap vehicle buyer that offers junk car hauling services throughout Clinton, the Rolling Acres area and Firestone Park.

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Scrap Market Update

Scrap Market Update

Cash 4 Cars Akron is among the many of those people that buy junk cars. A salvage car buyer is responsible for processing end-of-life vehicles through recycling. The amount of money for a scrap car that sellers receive hinges upon several variables. Car buyers will typically break out reusable components for resale either “as-is” or after being remanufactured or refurbished. Once the vehicle is reduced to its shell, the majority of which is composed of steel, then the people that buy junk cars will take them to a scrap processor. The core problem for car buyers is that the per-ton price for scrap steel has fallen by over 50%. This post cites examples of two such processors in the US, that are dealing with this issue.

A December 15, 2015 story on chicagobusiness.com by Micah Maidenberg titled ‘Hundreds of jobs at risk as Chicago scrap metal recycler closes’ tells us the following: “Amid a meltdown in prices, one of the biggest scrap recyclers has abruptly ceased operating. Chicago-based Pure Metal Recycling shut down (3) sites in the Bridgeport neighborhood, as well as in Blue Island, Elgin and Joliet. Pure also closed down a facility in South Bend, IN; the notice says the firm was unable to secure funding from any lender for the sale of its assets and closed Dec. 4, meaning hundreds of layoffs.

Pure employed about 400 people and had $465M in sales last year, according to a Crain’s 2014 list. The firm was the second-largest private scrap processor in the region. The scrap recycling industry struggles through one of the worst downturns in years; scrap recyclers collect metals & prep them to sell to steel mills & foundries, which use the materials for new products. Falling prices squeeze profit margins for recyclers; the midpoint price for one type of scrap metal in the U.S. was $169 per long ton earlier this month, down 50 percent over a year, per Bloomberg.

Michelle Applebaum, a veteran steel industry analyst says prices are falling due to overcapacity of iron ore, which can be turned into new products & is the main substitute for scrap. Steel imports are surging in the U.S., making it difficult for steel mills to justify making new steel.” The article can be read in its entirety at this link.

Hearing of closures and layoffs is never a good thing. As a salvage car buyer, we feel the impact, as the amount of money for a scrap car recently has dipped near $100 each. People that buy junk cars in the salvage car buyer market realize that the vehicle sellers have difficulty accepting this harsh reality. Just over one year ago, car buyers were paying upwards of $300 for larger vehicles—but those days have passed.

This week an article posted on the advocate.com by Ted Griggs with the headline ‘Nucor to shut St. James mill until prices improve’ reported similar problems to the aforementioned story as follows: “A Nucor Corp. decision to temporarily halt production at its St. James steel mill because of market conditions clouds the future of Convent as the site of a much larger proposed $3.4 billion steel complex. Nucor said that its plant is shut down for maintenance and will suspend the St. James facility until market conditions improve. About 170 people work at the plant and St. James Parish President Timmy Roussel said plant manager Les Hart told him none of the employees at the plant would be laid off.  A 2009 story by Bloomberg.com said Nucor hadn’t laid off anyone since 1966, instead going to shorter work weeks. Roussel says he hopes the plant could restart production in January, if market conditions improve. Spokeswoman Katherine Miller says that when the market improves, Nucor has the ability to quickly ramp up. Nucor invested $750M in the mill, a direct reduced iron plant that uses natural gas to make high-purity steel pellets from iron ore. Nucor mixes the pellets with scrap metal to make steel.” The full article is available here.

We are a salvage car buyer

Did you know that a salvage car buyer will provide you money for a scrap car? Cash 4 Cars Akron will give you a quote for an old car in the areas of Norton, Monroe Falls and Tallmadge. Even if the vehicle is a wrecked or totaled car, those in Cuyahoga Falls, Springfield Township, or Mogadore can sell it. Residents of Copley, the Rolling Acres area and New Franklin are encouraged to call our junk vehicle buyer for a quote for an old car or totaled car. We have recently broadened our junk vehicle hauling service area to include Medina, Wadsworth and Ravenna. Complimentary junk vehicle removal is included in our “junk car quote” price, regardless of whether the automobile is located in Fairlawn, the Chapel Hill area, or Kent. If you determine that an old car is no worth fixing and we can pick it up from such places as Firestone Service Centers, Conrad’s locations, transmission shops, or Goodyear stores.

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Recycling of Water

Recycling of Water

Those of us who buys scrap cars are referred to as working in the End-of-Life Vehicle process. Seeking money for a junk car is something you may have to do at some point with a salvage vehicle. Here at Cash 4 Cars Akron, a damaged and wrecked vehicle buyer, we process junk car scrap. Selling a junk car is made easy with us, as your salvage car is towed away quickly and you receive money for a junk car. We’re proudly are among those who buys scrap cars in the Summit, Medina and Portage Counties. In a December 14, 2015 story by Jessica Lyons Hardcastle on environmentalleader.com titled ‘Toilet-to-Tap’ Wastewater Recycling Takes Off as Water Supplies Shrink’ explained the following: “Recycled wastewater has been used for decades to irrigate crops, golf courses & landscapes. Now, with water scarcity affecting areas, more are turning to treated sewage into potable water creating an opportunity for companies like Dow Chemical that provide toilet-to-tap technology. Many are increasingly realizing the economic value of clean water and its driving growth in Dow’s water business.

In 2007, Orange County, CA opened the world’s largest sewage purification system to increase drinking water and produces 100M gallons of water per day. El Paso, TX also treats its wastewater; the treated water is sent through an aquifer prior to pumping & cleaning. Drought conditions in CA lead Governor Brown to sign a bill requiring state health & water officials to report by 2016 on developing standards for recycling wastewater for direct reuse. Last month the Metro Water District of Southern CA approved $15M for a wastewater recycling demonstration plant, which initially would be used to recycled water to recharge groundwater basins. The major hurdle is known as the ‘ick factor’, among the public. Singapore’s new plant treats wastewater for drinking and meets about 30% of the country’s water demand. The best way to handle the ‘ick factor’ is to educate the public about the process and its advantages. In the long run, this will be a better strategy vs relying on consumers to change their behavior, which has a limited effect and is more difficult to achieve.” The full article is available in its entirety at this link.

Please note from the above article, how aquifer is defined according to National Geographic: “An underground layer of permeable rock, meaning it has openings for liquids or gases to pass through. Sedimentary rock such as sandstone, sand and gravel are examples. The top of the water level in an aquifer is called the water table. An aquifer fills with water from rain or melted snow, often through the soil, joints, or cracks, until it meets less permeable rock. Aquifers act as reservoirs for groundwater and often flow out in springs”.[1]

A wrecked car buyer

The process selling a junk car to a junk car scrap site like Cash 4 Cars is not complicated. The first step is to contact our junk and wrecked car buyer for a price quote, which is the amount of money for a junk car that you can expect. This price does include the towing of the salvage vehicle regardless of whether you are located in Green, Silver Lake, or North Akron. Residents of Cuyahoga Falls, Springfield Township and Mogadore should call for a junk car quote on their old car, truck or van. If your vehicle is broken down and not worth fixing at a location such as Conrad’s, Firestone, Midas or Tuffy—consider scrapping it! We are a junk car hauler and scrap vehicle buyer that services the areas of Wadsworth, Kent and Peninsula. Those seeking cash for cars in the (330) are encouraged to call us for fast scrap car removal. If you have an old clunker parked somewhere in the Merriman Valley, Bath, or Stow, you can reach out to us. Complimentary junk car hauling services are now offered 6 days a week in the regions of Lakemore, Clinton and Medina.

[1] http://education.nationalgeographic.org/encyclopedia/aquifer/

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New Vehicle Development

New Vehicle Development

Cash 4 Cars Akron is an outfit gives you a quote for the value of a scrap car and who junks cars throughout the areas of North Akron, Monroe Falls and Green. To sell a junk car, those in Rolling Acres, Cuyahoga Falls and Copley simply need to contact our junk car buyer. When you scrap a car for cash with us, complimentary scrap car hauler services and removal are included. Those of us who junks cars in this area can allow you to scrap a car for cash as long as you have the vehicle title and matching identification. Our next topic takes about new EV plans for a US-based automaker. Christina Rogers composed an article titled ‘Ford to Spend $4.5B in Electric Vehicle (EV) Development’ in the December 10, 2015 edition of wsj.com with the following news: “Ford Motor Company plans to roll out an electric version of the Focus next year, the 1st of 13 new EVs to develop in the next (4) years under a $4.5B investment. General Motors Co., their rival, committed to offering a wider array of longer-range EVs even as low gasoline prices persist. Most auto makers will build these cars to meet tougher fuel economy regulations globally.

Ford’s upgraded EV Focus will be capable of going 100 miles on a charge, up from 73 miles on the current version; Tesla Motors and GM have EVs in the 200- 300 mile range. In addition to not seeing strong economic value in electric cars, customers have worried about the potential of electric cars running short of juice. The new Focus will allow drivers to charge the battery 80% in 30 minutes, significantly cutting down the plug-in time for charging. Ford’s Chief Executive Mark Fields says the investment will increase the share of electrified vehicles in Ford’s portfolio to 40% by the end of the decade–up from 13% now. Despite development of more plug-in cars & other alternative vehicles, sales of these vehicles have fallen like gas prices, accounting for less than 3% of the U.S. market.  The complete article is available at this link.

The evolution of the EV continues among the auto manufacturing community. There is little question that EVs are better for the environment, particularly in limiting air pollution and reducing oil dependency. The timing is not perfect as the US now seems to have an abundance of low priced fuel at their disposal. My opinion is that the EVs thus far have simply been perceived as being too expensive. Most analysis thus far which compare the costs over the life of a vehicle in EV vs gasoline powered vehicles seem unconvincing. If the sticker price for EVs is lowered while automakers establish the means of lowering their costs in development, materials and production—sales should increase.

The Value of a Scrap Car

Are you wondering who junks cars in New Franklin, Kenmore or Chapel Hill? Are you seeking the value of a scrap car that you wish to discard? To sell a junk car in Fairlawn, Norton, or Tallmadge, call the area’s preferred scrap car hauler at (330) 271-6464. To scrap a car for cash in Hudson, Wadsworth or Coventry Township contact our junk car buyer 6 days a week for a fast quote for the value of a scrap car.

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Damaged Vehicle Update

Damaged Vehicle Update

Cash 4 Cars Akron is where to get cash for a car in Bath, Stow and Lakemore.  We are the solution for where to scrap my car in Medina, Coventry Township and the Portage Lakes. We are a site who scraps cars in Green, Tallmadge, New Franklin. You can get cash for a car 6 days a week with C4C! Our next story involves a junk car that has therapeutic effects. In the December 2, 2015 edition of dailyrecordnews.com a story titled ‘Central students destroy a car to relieve finals stress’ compiled by Nicole Klauss outlined a unique means of stress relief as follows: “Central Washington University students took turns using a sledgehammer to bash in an old Ford Tempo on Tuesday morning on Central’s SURC patio. The car bash was an event designed to relieve anxiety caused by finals. Organizers estimated about 100 students had already participated about an hour after opening. Each person had to sign a waiver and then got three free swings.

CWU sophomore Matt Mihara said Tuesday was the first time he has had the opportunity to try a car bash, though he was familiar with the concept he says he’d seen it in movies, the typical high school let’s go beat up a car thing. Mihara put a hole in the front hood of the car. Event organizers said the first thing people tried to hit on the car were the headlights and taillights. They also made the biggest mess, and pieces were scattered around. Troy Thornton, a student in the elementary education program, stopped by and took a knife to the tires, making them all flat. He also cut some of the interior up. “I’ve always wanted to do that,” he said as he walked away. CWU freshman Eric Roberts participated in the bash and says he’s not really sure that three hits is really stress relieving, but it’s very satisfying when you break something. The event was sponsored by Winegar’s, and students were encouraged to post their best photos to social media for a chance to win a gift card from the shop. A&A Auto Wrecking and Towing donated the car. It was organized by the Central Communication Agency, which allows public relations students to work on projects for businesses and organizations. Students work on a variety of areas including event planning, market research, social media, website development, graphic design, media relations, marketing and more.” The full article is available here.

My first thought was where in the hell is Central Washington University located? This institution has approximately 10,000 undergraduate students and is situated in Ellensburg, WA, which is about 100 miles east of Seattle. The total population of Ellensburg is about 18,000 and being more inland receives about 25 inches of winter snowfall annually. They have (4) main educational divisions: the College of Arts & Humanities, the College of Business, the College of Education & Professional Studies, and College of the Sciences.[1]  CWU has a few majors that I noticed, which seem to offer very useful degrees in today’s economy such as: IT Management specializing in Cybersecurity, Global Wine Studies and Craft Brewing.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Washington_University