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Landfill Scrap in PA

Landfill Scrap in PA

Are you wondering where to find the people that buy junk cars in Green, Fairlawn, or Cuyahoga Falls? Did you know that at Cash 4 Cars Akron we buy any car, even a salvage car is fine to sell a car for scrap. That is right, we buy any car, even a wrecked, totaled or salvage car. When you sell a car for scrap you will want to insure that the people that buy junk cars operate in a manner that is eco-friendly. When you sell an old car to us for vehicle scrap, you can rest-assured that the car is scrapped and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. We have best practices in place to insure that vehicle scrap components such as fuel, oil, transmission fluid and antifreeze are drained and properly contained. We now have expanded service area in Medina County, including the cities of Sharon Center, Wadsworth and Granger Township. Additionally, our coverage area for you to sell an old car has grown to encompass the Portage County cities of Kent, Ravenna, Brimfield and Rootstown. Our next topic discusses a Pennsylvania-based landfill that erroneously accused of being the source of an extremely foul odor.

In a January 28, 2016 article composed by Arlene Karidis on with the headline “Pennsylvania landfill leachate not responsible for foul odor, despite earlier reports” we learned the following: “A foul-smelling fluid forced evacuation of St. Joseph’s Center & Sleep Inn & Suites in Dunmore, PA last September. The source of the problem is still unknown. This conclusion follows an inaccurate assessment that the fluid was leachate discharged from Keystone Sanitary Landfill through a different sewer line when workers were fixing/repairing a pump. The Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) has confirmed the landfill hadn’t released leachate on the night of the evacuation. Al Magnotta of Keystone says he didn’t contact the press to clarify the situation because a DEP investigation was underway testing another possibility of an open valve, which was also later also ruled out as the source of the fluid.

Landfill leachate is to be taken seriously, even after it is treated, it can contain toxic chemicals. The miscommunication began when the DEP informed Keystone Manager Dan O’Brien that there was a significant flow. O’Brien says that in retrospect, he should have asked some questions, which would have probably eliminated the confusion. DEP staff visited the landfill looking for the problem, leaving the suspect valve partially open, and saw no increased flow in the line.  The Friends of Lackawanna Group wasn’t happy with the outcome of the investigation, saying it is unacceptable that the DEP’s final answer only serves to raise more questions.” The complete article is available at this link.

According to Merriam Webster (MW), the term leachate is “a solution or product obtained by leaching”. Well, that tells me nothing!  Leaching is defined by MW as “removal from a substance by the action of a liquid passing through it, or to dissolve through percolation”.  In a study on, the Keystone Sanitary Landfill is explained as “A privately owned, 700+ acre municipal solid waste landfill located in Dunmore that processes 5,000 tons of sanitary wastewater per day. The landfill operates under the revised Commonwealth of PA regulations which conform to Sub Title and is in full compliance with 25 PA Code, Chapter 273.“ The full study can be read at this link.  A couple of points reflecting on this article:

  • Although the landfill was falsely accused, the suggestion that the strong odor was coming from it does seem logical.
  • Was the odor so strong (or dangerous) that it required evacuation of a hospital and a hotel at 3AM?
  • The Friends of Lackawanna weighing in on the topic is not surprising—their website cites the landfill and its expansion as one of their primary targets for health & safety. Perhaps we should take all of the solid waste and pipe it into the properties of Pat Clark & Michele Dempsey—since obviously they are both experts that can provide the best solutions for our municipal waste.

People that buy junk cars

Cash 4 Cars Akron has been in the salvage car market for several years throughout the regions of Springfield Township, Kenmore, and North Akron. We buy any car that is towable, allowing the public to sell a car for scrap and protect the environment. We qualified as a ‘Commitment to Green’ organization and in most cases are able to recycle over 84% of a vehicle’s composition. We encourage those with an old car to recycle in Mogadore, East Akron, and Silver Lake to contact our scrap vehicle buyer. Residents of New Franklin, Firestone Park, and Highland Square are able to receive same-day junk vehicle removal. The requirements for scrapping an junk vehicle in Barberton, Merriman Valley, and Bath are in accordance with state law that includes possession of the vehicle title by the owner, verified via a valid ID.