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Junk Vehicle Mudslide

Junk Vehicle Mudslide

Cash 4 Cars Akron is back with some further information relating to the old car scrap and junk car towing industry. In case you weren’t aware, C4C Akron is a service who buys old cars and offers fast price quotes for the value of a scrap car over the phone. I suspect that those in junk car towing were busy lately in Southern California, as a rare downpour caused landslides that buried highways several feet deep. Well it sounds like a nightmare for insurance companies, but an opportunity for any outfit who buys old cars or scrap vehicles. A recent report by Sean Rowe on myfox28columbus.com with the heading ‘CA Highway Buried in Vehicle, Junk-filled Mudslide’ tells us the following: “A section of Southern California (SoCal) found itself deep in mud and a highway overtaken by flowing rubble looked like a buried junkyard of cars. The thunderstorms had passed, but the chance of rain could hinder cleanup & relief efforts in LA County’s Antelope Valley. Those on scene described a chaotic scene that somehow left no injuries or deaths. Rhonda Flores of Bakersfield described it as a raging river of mud.

Rescuers helped the hundreds of trapped people from cars that got caught in the mud along State Route 58 east of Bakersfield. They were rescued about 10 hours after the storm hit. Sgt. Mario Lopez, of the CA Highway Patrol, was at the scene and said it was sheer chaos. The whole side of the hill came down onto State Route 58. The storms unleashed flooding & debris flows along the 58, Interstate 5 and in two mountainside communities, where at least a dozen homes were reported damaged. Lopez said it will take days to reopen State Route 58, a mile of which is choked with mud between 2 and 6 feet deep. About 200 cars & trucks were trapped in the hardened mud, frozen in place.

Lake Hughes, a tiny mountainside community in Los Angeles County, also was in the path of the storm. According to Melissa Nuesca, she, her husband and two children found themselves surrounded by mud & water. They fled their car and found their way to safety. Nuesca said the family got out of the car just in time. The mud covered their car, solidifying inside and filling up the front seat up to the dashboard.

The county department was going to have to move about 300,000 cubic yards of mud & rubbish. Bill Wells, a local rancher, was said all his livestock were swept away and penned against the fence–presumed dead. The thunderstorms were powered by a low pressure system pulling in moisture from the south. Historically, a warming of Pacific Ocean waters doesn’t usually bring heavy rain to SoCal before November.” The full article is available at this link.

As a resident of Northeast Ohio, the thought of rain causing such destruction is hard to grasp. The reality is that the Bakersfield region averages only 6” of rain per year, while here in Akron we average over 30”. Keep in mind that Northeast Ohio receives many inches of annual snowfall precipitation as well. The fact is that the region is so dry that when 4” of rain fell, any areas located on a decline essentially came crashing down.

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