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Junk Vehicle Abandonment

We are the Akron area’s home for getting cash for wrecked cars and other unwanted vehicles. The logical step when you realize that your car is not worth fixing it is time to junk your car for cash. We are essentially a scrap car buyer servicing the greater Summit County area. When you choose to sell us your car, truck or SUV, you can be certain that it will be recycled in accordance with best environmental practices. Those who are in market to scrap a vehicle should contact our office to determine the value of a junk car. Our auto recycling process at Cash 4 Cars Akron helps to reduce excessive energy usage and consumption of scarce raw materials.

Nick Draper posted a story titled ‘Group turning its attention to abandoned cars’ in the July 7, 2016 edition of the Jacksonville Journal Courier with the following details: “A committee is examining whether the city ordinance dealing with abandoned vehicles needs to be altered to allow for improved enforcement. The JAX Public Protection Committee started considering the idea because of residents’ concerns over junked or abandoned cars that were eyesores, according to chairman Tony Williams. In some cases, the cars have been abandoned for months or years. According to it has somehow fallen between the cracks because it hasn’t really been handled within the ordinance. We want to adjust it to insure Jacksonville is moving forward, as nobody wants blight & abandoned vehicle related problems.

City ordinance now expresses abandoned vehicles as one in the public view on private property for a period of 10 days or on public property for over a period of 24 hours. It doesn’t apply to vehicles outside of public view. Alderman Marcy Patterson said in some city council meetings that those vehicles that have been covered up by tarps seem to fit this requirement and couldn’t be moved, despite being motionless for months. Williams said the committee is in the early stages of considering this issue. Williams says that they are always concerned any time there’s something that breeds negativity or blight in our city and that they haven’t reached the point of finalizing anything yet. The committee has decided to allow Police Chief Grootens and ordinance enforcement officer Loren Hamilton to work with City Attorney Dan Beard to arrange the details to present to the committee. Williams said they will also review other communities that have had to deal with the problem to see how they handled it.” The full article is available here:

Obtaining cash for wrecked cars

Do you need an old car to be scrapped? Junk your car for cash with us! Contact our scrap car buyer to sell an old car, truck, van or SUV for scrap. When you sell us your car you are doing a service to the natural environment by initiating the recycling process.  What is the value of a junk car that has been totaled?  The eco-friendly ways that we process recycling helps in conservation of key raw materials & protects various habitats. As an eco-conscious organization, our auto scrap program reduces water and land pollution, as well as a group of other environmental benefits.