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Junk Collector Enforcement

We buy junk cars in Ohio rapidly and the towing is always included. To determine the price for a junk car, there are factors such as the vehicle’s age, weight and pick up location that come into play. What is the price for a junk car with rear-end damage in the Summit County area? A quote for an old car is often made with the understanding that it is essentially a piece of junk. If it weren’t for scrap car removal handlers, your neighborhood could look like a scene from Sanford & Son. Most people seem to have an overinflated idea of what the value of a scrap car should be. Environmental pollution resulting for junk cars can occur within the day-to-day scrap car operations. Recycling helps to reduce the pollution commonly emitted with manufacturing processes.

Tim Saunders authored a story on WDBJ 7 titled ‘Bedford County man jailed for failing to clean up property’, which told us the following: “Accumulated junk has landed a Bedford County man in a local jail. Raymond Cassidy will be an inmate for the remainder of this month, after failing to remove old cars and tons of clutter from his property in Goodview. David Scheffer, a neighbor who has lived across the street from Cassidy for ten years, says he had a couple of vehicles laying around that I thought he was going to repair; as time went by he gathered more and more junk.

Bedford County’s zoning department logged a complaint against Cassidy in 2015. He classified Cassidy’s yard as a “junkyard” and an “automotive graveyard,” which aren’t allowed in most residential areas. A woman who says she has lived with this guy for more than 30 years told WDBJ7 he has tried to follow the court’s orders. She says that he has removed several cars from his property, but his bad health conditions have hindered him from doing anything more.

A judge stalled taking action on two previous occasions this year to give the 71 year old additional time to bring his property into proper compliance. The list enforcement efforts go back as far as 1994. Scheffer says he’s glad to see the county take some action, since he believes the clutter is hurting property values and preventing him from selling to possible buyers.” The full story is available here.

The value of a scrap car

Typically, junk cars in Ohio are worth a miniscule amount of cash to scrappers. Are you on a mission to find out the price for a junk car that you own? To accurately appraise the value of your old car simply contact us for a quote for an old car. Those in need of scrap car removal must first be sure that they have the title for the vehicle or get a copy from a local title office. Many of the auto recycling sites that dismantle vehicles will recover fluids and components for many different uses. Where you aware that most of the materials that your car is comprised of can be reclaimed, repurposed and remanufactured?