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Junk Car Nuisance Rules

The never-ending problem of neighborhoods being littered with junk cars doesn’t end. Why don’t these people contact a junk my car company to get money for a scrap car? Car buyers are in every city, yet some people feel the need to keep their scrap car in their driveway, backyard or even the front lawn! Damaged car removal is our specialty and we encourage those wanting to get cash for a car to give us a call.

In the May 4, 2016 edition of Lehigh Valley Live, Pamela Sroka-Holzmann produced a story titled ‘Would you violate Forks Twp.’s proposed vehicle-nuisance law?’ with the following details: “Forks Twp. supervisors are possibly revising a vehicle nuisance ordinance where property owners can be fined if their vehicles meet certain descriptions. This revision making homeowners paying at least $400-$600, plus court & attorney fees, if in violation. Every day the offending vehicle remains on the property would add to the offense. Cars that cannot move under their own power and those not registered at all or with an expired registration.

These are some factors for a car to be considered a public nuisance, under this proposal:

  • Flat tires: No tires that are flat or open–such to permit vermin to move inside.
  • Missing components: Vehicles missing any major parts are considered nuisances. Some examples are missing doors, windows, hoods, trunk lids or body panels, permitting animals to access the vehicle.
  • Holes in body: No sharp edges or those creating holes resulting in rust, are allowed
  • Torn upholstery: Interior upholstery, that is torn or open, is not allowed, resulting also in animals to get inside.
  • Suspended vehicles: You cannot have a car suspended above the ground on wobbly supports.
  • Vehicles with water or weeds: The car can’t house standing water or be amid weeds.
  • Exposed battery: No exposed batteries—these may can contain acid.
  • Doors and such that do not lock: Must have functional locking mechanisms.
  • No broken oil pan or gas tank: This can lead to leaking—possibly leading to a fire or explosion.”   The complete story is available here.

Where to get money for a scrap car?

We are car buyers serving Summit, Portage and Medina Counties 6 days a week. For fast damaged car removal plus cash for your clunker, contact Cash 4 Cars Akron at (330) 271-6464. Are you wondering where to junk my car? If you are tired of spending money on your old car, give us a call and know that you are actually protecting our environment! Contact us for eco-friendly vehicle recycling Monday-Saturday. As a proud supporter of the “green” crusade, we make sure that your vehicle becomes a recyclable resource.