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Junk Car Complaints

Are you among the many people trying to determine how to sell a junk car? What is a junk car worth currently in the greater Akron area? Those of us who buys crashed cars will typically include junk car removal services in the quoted price. We are a long-standing wrecked vehicle buyer that is capable of same-day or next-day removal of your old vehicle. To receive cash for a damaged car we assume it is in poor to fair condition, yet mostly complete. We are currently striving to boost the positive public opinion of the auto junk and recycling community. It is likely both illegal and hazardous to dump used auto fluids near our water, land and other key resources.

In the June 27, 2016 edition of Trib Live an article posted by Jeff Himler titled ‘Ligonier Township may change rules on junk vehicles’ told us the following: “Ligonier Township offices have received multiple complaints about junk vehicles, but they say there is little they can do to address the problem under existing township laws. Solicitor Michael Korns is proposing that they can address the problem by passing an ordinance with more refined language. Ordinance enforcement officer Richard Bell says there have been many complaints about junk vehicles.

The current zoning ordinance includes a salvage yard as an exception in a commercial area. Bell says complaints he’s received have been about vehicles and haven’t had evidence of being a safety hazard as described by the ordinance. At last week’s township commission meeting, Korns reviewed an example of a nuisance ordinance he says is an improvement over the law from 2000 since it uses more specific verbage to differentiate between inoperable & junk vehicles.

Korns says that the definition of a nuisance itself is a very difficult thing to enforce and that it is easier to point to something specific. The sample ordinance classifies a junk vehicle as one that can’t move on its own power, lacks a valid registration and a current inspection sticker, and could have other problems — including a leaking oil pan or gas tank, body parts with sharp edges or no tires. Korns says they are considering a draft ordinance, taking into consideration the other commission members’ concerns.

Member Eric Schreiber said he wants to be sure the new law won’t prevent those who enjoy restoring vintage cars from pursuing their hobbies. He said junk vehicle rules should target mostly vehicles that are dangerous, not those that may simply be considered offensive by others. Schreiber questioned one of the junk vehicle defects listed in the sample— inoperable locks for doors or trunks. Township manager Terry Carcella said that provision is intended to address a safety concerns for children.

Korns told the planning commission that state property rules and provisions could provide them a tool for addressing complaints about buildings. He recommends adopting sections of that code that would relate to the exterior of structures, not to interiors.. While township leaders consider what measures to adopt, Bell said he is working with Korns to define the best way to seek correction of safety concerns at a residence in Darlington. Bell says that the owners moved after a 2006 fire wrecked their mobile home, leaving an unsecured basement with junk and a full swimming pool. Bell said the owners have not responded to requests to eliminate a ladder providing access to the pool. He says that options include filing a formal complaint before a judge or obtaining a civil judgment in the Westmoreland Common Pleas Court.” The complete story is available at

What is a junk car worth in Akron?

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