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Flood Damaged Cars

Flood Damaged Cars

Cash 4 Cars Akron is back with another auto scrap related article. We are in the auto junk business and will make you an offer to get cash for a car regardless of condition, which includes complimentary vehicle removal. Recently, many areas of South Carolina were flooded out by Hurricane Joaquin. My initial reaction is: Really? In 2015 nice residential neighborhoods have turned into rivers? Looking through the history, you will see one devastating hurricane event after another. I fully understand that the winds from such events are going to uproot trees, powerlines and such, but over all this time it seems that people in these regions would have adopted a means to manage the in-land water flooding.

The top (5) dumbest things that hurricane “victims” repeatedly do:

  1. Planning to “ride out” the hurricane, rather than evacuate. If you endure loss of life—was it worth it?
  2. Failure to move your car to higher ground. If vehicle removal was handled these wouldn’t become flooded auto junk.
  3. Refusal to heed the warnings. This is the information age. You cannot turn on the TV, open a newspaper either in print or on-line, or listen to the radio without knowing about the coming storm for days in advance.
  4. Decide that they don’t want to pay for flood insurance and then whine to news crews in the aftermath.
  5. Figure out a way to manage the flow of water away from your property. There has to be a better way!

In the Oct 11, 2015 of The Post & Courier and article titled ‘From flood-damaged cars to phony charities and phone scams, beware flood-related fraud’ was composed by David Slade with the following information: “After record-breaking rain and flooding hit SC, huge numbers of frogs & mosquitoes appeared, and another pesky population multiplied — fraud perpetrators and scammers. State officials have warned of dishonest home-repair schemes, and the NICB has dispatched teams to try and get ahead of fraud involving flood-damaged cars. Dishonest people jump into action following disasters, seeking to take advantage of people who may be vulnerable. Some scams are an immediate concern, while others, such as the fraudulent resale of flood-damaged vehicles, could be playing out for months or longer.

You’ve probably seen the photos of cars stuck in floodwater, or submerged to the rooftop. Floods destroy vehicles — engines, electronics, computers & upholstery. Those with comprehensive auto insurance can claim the damage, and if the vehicle is a total loss it may get sold for particular componenets. However, flood-damaged vehicles frequently reappear on the resale market without disclosure of the damage. The NICB calls these vehicles “rolling coffins” because electronic and computer failures can cause life-saving components like brakes & airbags to malfunction. Be suspicious if you see a used car or truck offered for a surprisingly low price. The NICB offers a free vehicle history check for flood-damaged vehicles using VIN numbers. The NICB’s free VINCheck can be found at, but you should know that you’ll find reported flood damage there only if an insurance claim was filed.

The organization recommends visually checking for vehicle flood damage by looking for mud or grit in unusual places, checking for rust in places water usually wouldn’t reach, checking door speakers (which could have been damaged if the car was flooded) and ideally having a trusted, independent mechanic inspect a vehicle before purchase.” The complete article is available here.

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