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End-Of-Life Car Scrap

Where can I scrap my car today without much hassle? To sell a car for scrap to Cash 4 Cars Akron, the process is streamlined for simplicity. The vehicle title and ID with name matching the listed owner is required when selling a junk car. Do you know where to junk a car that is no longer running? We most definitely have a guy who scraps cars and haul them away quickly for you.

In a 2016 an article by Maura Keller on American Recycler, we learned the following: “In the US, we scrap 10-12 million autos a year, fueling a $20B industry in recycled auto products such as steel, copper, plastic, glass and rubber. Automotive recycling companies are an important source of salvaged car components for consumers, providing them with significantly more affordable alternatives. Selling scrap from old cars has historically been a large business; today’s low scrap prices have reduced scrap volume, slowed the junk car recycling industry and forced companies to hold onto their junk vehicles in hopes of as rebound. This slowdown in junk auto salvage arena has spurred consumers to utilize innovation to dispose of their junk vehicles.

Jordan Perch with says the main changes to the process of selling junk cars have to do with the way consumers promote their cars. In the past, mostly newspapers or magazines were utilized to advertise the cars they wanted to sell. How consumers sell end-of-life vehicles (ELV) now greatly impacts the auto recyclers. The use of the internet increased ways to sell and buy used cars and helped the auto scrap industry. Perch feels that the internet is being used since it only takes a few minutes to post an ad, and it’s a way to reach a lot of possible buyers. There are plenty of companies buying & selling junk cars, and people needing to sell their car only have to do some research online and find the sites of the companies located nearby. Utilizing an effective website that clearly states your organization buys junk cars is great for getting consumers to recognize you. Today’s recycling companies also are utilizing the internet to buy scrap vehicles in creative ways. Sims Metal Mgmt. claims to have 270 locations that will take in such vehicles and pay cash. Many sites allow consumers and insurance companies to request a quote for recycling their old car.

According to the Automobile Recyclers Association (ARA), challenges remain for pro auto recyclers as consumers find different ways to sell their junk cars, such as:

  • Heightened competition from unlicensed buyers at auctions, with a lack of oversight and uniform standards for online auctions.
  • A lack of uniformity in vehicle titling.
  • Lack of consumer knowledge on the value and usage of recycled auto components.
  • The increasing volume of vehicles being exported abroad.

ARA supports the acquisition, sale and dismantling of scrap or ELVs and oversees activities to insure they are performed and conducted by licensed pros qualified and equipped to purchase ELVs in accordance with laws and regulations. While many U.S. consumers sell their vehicles to US-based entities, others are finding higher prices for their vehicle abroad. Recently, the export of these cars has changed and is having a big impact on the US auto recycling industry. In the past, consumers would either donate their cars to charity or sell them to local scrappers; however, the market has now gone global.” The complete story is available here.

Where to junk a car for cash

We have offered scrap my car solutions in the greater Akron area for years and include complimentary junk car retrieval. If pondering how to sell a car for scrap, simply contact our junk car buyer. Selling a junk car with us is made nice and easy. One phone call to our junk car buyer and the wheels are in motion. Anybody who scraps cars will tell you that a non-running car serves you no clear purpose. Automobile solid and liquid wastes are kept from contaminating the local environment. We will strive to have a positive environmental impression for the preservation of the vast resources.