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Economic Woes in Recycling

Cash 4 Cars Akron is back with the latest information centered on recycling and scrap. We are an outfit who buys crashed cars and is often among the highest paying for junk cars in the greater Akron area. Are you wondering how to scrap my car, or what is a junk car worth? Those of us who buys crashed cars can tell you the answer to what is a junk car worth are that the car’s age, location and commodity prices are factors. Are we the highest paying for junk cars in the region? Not always, but we strive to always deliver fast scrap car removal, professional customer service and fair pricing!

For those that may not be aware, governments nation-wide are struggling with the costs associated with facilitating their recycling programs. The costs of so many products, mostly commodities that are destined for recycling, have sunk to levels not seen before. In the March 14, 2016 edition of Triple Pundit there was an article composed by Bill Roth titled ‘How America’s Recycling Crisis Threatens You’ that outlined the following: “America is going to trash–that is the state of recycling today. Even California, the US’s greenest state, is at the tip of the trash can on this national trend. CA can proudly point to recycling 19% of the nation’s beverage containers. In the last year, a third of the state’s recycling centers have closed. The global crash in commodity prices is one of the two major reasons why recycling economics have collapsed. Slow global economic growth is depressing all commodity prices. The price of PET plastic is less than half its 2011 levels and aluminum prices have fallen over 40%. It’s now cheaper for beverage container companies to use new plastic rather than recycled product.

The 2nd major reason why recycling is economically threatened is because consumers & businesses love the idea of trash being government’s responsibility. In California’s case, government fees collected for recycling have always had tedious political support. With the drop in commodity prices they aren’t sufficient enough to support mass recycling. The economics of recycling now threatens our beliefs, the environment and our wallets. The consumer love of our disposable economy is the foundational reason why recycling is failing. We buy, we consume and then we throw away. Imagine how you would shop if the environmental impacts were included in the prices for goods & services. This would reshape what we buy and how we shop. Such a commercial system would financially empower the concept of cradle-to-consumption-to-cradle, where goods are manufactured to be recycled and repurposed. The result would be less trash, better products and increased national competitive advantage gained through more efficient use of resources.

Businesses are also conflicted over recycling. Imagine taxing businesses for the waste stream created after consumption. This would reshape most businesses & their practices. Yet some businesses are pioneering zero-waste practices for two reasons. The first is that it is proven to make money. Companies like Walmart & GM have proven that zero-waste practices can generate millions in annual savings. Another reason why businesses support recycling is that it improves their branding; the recycling logo is one of the most recognized & trusted logos that you will see. A recycling bin in front of a store is viewed by consumers as a sign of business integrity.

Trash created through consumer consumption is not recorded as a cost on a business’ income statement or as a liability on its balance sheet. Trash is not free–it is a waste of resources. This is harmful to economic productivity and the environment. One cost is climate change and another is a stagnant economy seeking breakout productivity gains achieved through more efficient uses of resources. Consumption has made the boomer generation the fattest generation in history; this consumption economy has costs tied to sugar, fat and sat are ignored as 50% of Generation Z, the first generation born in the 21st century, being obese. We must propel our economy to buy renewable energy & solutions that will limit electricity bills. The question is whether we can come together as consumers to create a Green Economic Revolution that will restore our incomes, health and the environment.” The complete article is located at this link.

Who is the highest paying for junk cars?

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