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Economic Changes in Automobile Market

Abandoned and unwanted cars, trucks and vans in Tallmadge, Peninsula, and Granger Township should be directed to our auto buyer.  Those located in the areas such as Rolling Acres, Coventry Township, and Chapel Hill should make efforts to reduce auto junk. We can retrieve junk yard bound vehicles from the Hudson area, Firestone Service Centers, and Conrad’s locations to buy junk cars. Owners of junky unwanted vehicles in the Portage Lakes, Norton, and Brimfield can rest assured that we buy cars for cash. Did you know that it can be hazardous to drain used auto fluids is ways that could harm our water, land and other key needs?

Matthew DeBord in a November 2016 article in Business Insider predicts as follows: “Trump won the presidential vote by winning the American heartland, the base of the auto industry. Ohio went for Trump, and in a real shocker, Michigan leaned for him also. Trump tangled with auto-industry leaders during the vote, including Ford CEO Mark Fields, over starting manufacturing actions in Mexico and taking credit for retaining production back to the US from Mexico. With US auto sales at high levels, the 2009 bailouts & bankruptcies of GM and Chrysler weren’t talked about, but they remain a notable legacy of the Obama team. What does Trump in the top seat mean for the US auto industry?

The auto manufacturers want to build cars in Mexico so that they can better make smaller vehicles that otherwise lack profit, with SUV & crossovers leading the US market. NAFTA allows them to utilize cheaper labor, in an area that has committed to being an auto-making powerhouse now. This can become politically more difficult, based on what really happens with NAFTA over the next 4 years. With a possible structural change in the US & other global markets toward SUVS, it’s going to gradually be a losing effort for the carmakers to build compact vehicles in the US. If unable to move production around, they have to limit US production, which will hurt if gas prices rise and consumers change their buying habits.

Trump already mistakenly to some credit for preventing a Ford plant from relocating to Mexico. He thought it was a Lincoln plant, but only a tiny number of Lincoln SUVs are made there, compared with the same truck as a Ford Escape. US auto number will likley match last year’s record total of 17.5M. Most market experts think that will continue through 2017 before dipping as the market drops back to something in around 16M. Overall market instability, combined with consumer fear about the future, could carry on a cyclical decline. Trump feelings on Wall Street led to a short-term stock rally, the Federal Reserve could — given the present full-employment — decide to heighten interest rates to cool off the economy, prevent inflation, and provide necessary space to reduce rates if a recession arrives.

That would hinder auto sales, although other things, such as low gas prices and high average vehicle age, could maintain a bit longer. Automakers could get a pause on higher fuel-economy standards. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) principles are supposed to rise considerably for automakers retailing vehicles in the US by 2025 — that’s the MPGs that the car makers have to reach on average for all their vehicles to satisfy regulators. The majority of vehicles sold are currently bigger trucks and SUV, the lofty new CAFE goals are at running counter to the market. Electric vehicles & hybrid cars have not been selling, making it harder for carmakers to make these vehicles for compliance. Automakers have been pushing back against the restrictions, and a Republican Administration is likely to be more help to their case. The article can be viewed in its entirety at

An Established Junk Auto Buyer

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