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Debris & Junk Cars a Nuisance

Debris & Junk Cars a Nuisance

We are an outfit who junks cars for cash and deals in old car scrap and other auto scrap related activities. We offer vehicle owners the opportunity to get cash for a car and manage the old car scrap process. In these ventures we regularly encounter properties that are in very rough condition. Our next topic centers on a city in South Dakota who is attempting to clean up such properties that have become a nuisance. These properties may have overgrown weeds; auto scrap related junk, old appliances and old car scrap lingering about. As a company who junks cars we have come across some homes where trash as accumulated for up to one year or so. These are particularly disturbing as they become havens for unwanted rodents, insects and are likely a health risk. In a November 10, 2015 article composed by John Taylor on rapidcityjournal.com titled ‘City approves nuisance property alternative’ the following details were described: “The Hot Springs City Council gave its approval to move forward with Planning Administrator Kim Barbieri’s way of dealing with the city’s nuisance properties at their Nov. 2 meeting. Barbieri has been trying to work with residents whose properties are considered a nuisance rather than the city’s previous approach to handling these properties. In the past, the city would do the clean-up work required to bring the exterior of a property up to code – clearing away accumulated garbage, brush and other collected debris – then slap a lien on the home for the cost of doing this work. Problem was, this wasn’t successful, and it was costing the city money in court costs, paperwork, etc.

Barbieri tried a different approach – a letter and talking to property owners, asking what’s behind the lack of maintenance and actually working with property owners to resolve the problems. In October, Barbieri informed council of her results. She called the city’s former policy a system that stopped talking to its citizens. She’d discovered that most property owners really wanted to keep their grounds clean, but often lacked the financial resources or physical abilities to do so. In some cases, people were making an effort, just not fast enough to suit the city. Barbieri cited two examples: In one case, a property accumulated junk & debris for more than a decade. The owners were older and on disability, unable to physically remove their junk from the property. Their son, caring for them, does his best, but doesn’t have money to cover clean-up costs, and despite taking frequent loads to the dump, it doesn’t appear much progress is being made. In another case, a young couple inherited a city property from a relative. They spent all of their savings they had after paying their own bills on cleaning up the property. They still have 120 tires each costing between $4 and $10 to dispose of.

Barbieri said in both cases they were putting the effort out, they just lacked the means to complete the job. Barbieri wondered if the city might go further to help people and talked about neighborhood volunteers helping people clean up their properties, perhaps the city paying for a dumpster (a cost she estimated at about $850) then applying a lien on the property for the cost of the dumpster and tipping fee (due when it is sold), or perhaps writing this off as a community improvement effort. Barbieri returned with some additional cost estimates: Dumpsters, depending on the size, would cost between $200 and $500, plus a tipping fee of $65 to $100 per ton, depending on the company used.  Disposal costs for tires were $2 for motorcycle tires, $4 for passenger tires, $10 for truck tires and $20 for tractor tires. Barbieri found a company willing to take dumpster loads of metal objects, and return any cash leftover from delivery and pick up charges to the city. They could also take vehicles, provided the battery was removed and all fluids drained. The complete article is available here.

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