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Damaged Vehicle Update

Damaged Vehicle Update

Cash 4 Cars Akron is where to get cash for a car in Bath, Stow and Lakemore.  We are the solution for where to scrap my car in Medina, Coventry Township and the Portage Lakes. We are a site who scraps cars in Green, Tallmadge, New Franklin. You can get cash for a car 6 days a week with C4C! Our next story involves a junk car that has therapeutic effects. In the December 2, 2015 edition of a story titled ‘Central students destroy a car to relieve finals stress’ compiled by Nicole Klauss outlined a unique means of stress relief as follows: “Central Washington University students took turns using a sledgehammer to bash in an old Ford Tempo on Tuesday morning on Central’s SURC patio. The car bash was an event designed to relieve anxiety caused by finals. Organizers estimated about 100 students had already participated about an hour after opening. Each person had to sign a waiver and then got three free swings.

CWU sophomore Matt Mihara said Tuesday was the first time he has had the opportunity to try a car bash, though he was familiar with the concept he says he’d seen it in movies, the typical high school let’s go beat up a car thing. Mihara put a hole in the front hood of the car. Event organizers said the first thing people tried to hit on the car were the headlights and taillights. They also made the biggest mess, and pieces were scattered around. Troy Thornton, a student in the elementary education program, stopped by and took a knife to the tires, making them all flat. He also cut some of the interior up. “I’ve always wanted to do that,” he said as he walked away. CWU freshman Eric Roberts participated in the bash and says he’s not really sure that three hits is really stress relieving, but it’s very satisfying when you break something. The event was sponsored by Winegar’s, and students were encouraged to post their best photos to social media for a chance to win a gift card from the shop. A&A Auto Wrecking and Towing donated the car. It was organized by the Central Communication Agency, which allows public relations students to work on projects for businesses and organizations. Students work on a variety of areas including event planning, market research, social media, website development, graphic design, media relations, marketing and more.” The full article is available here.

My first thought was where in the hell is Central Washington University located? This institution has approximately 10,000 undergraduate students and is situated in Ellensburg, WA, which is about 100 miles east of Seattle. The total population of Ellensburg is about 18,000 and being more inland receives about 25 inches of winter snowfall annually. They have (4) main educational divisions: the College of Arts & Humanities, the College of Business, the College of Education & Professional Studies, and College of the Sciences.[1]  CWU has a few majors that I noticed, which seem to offer very useful degrees in today’s economy such as: IT Management specializing in Cybersecurity, Global Wine Studies and Craft Brewing.

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