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Companies on the move

Companies of the move

Welcome back to our news forum that reports on topics such as old car scrap, the value of a junk car and about how we buy scrap cars. Cash 4 Cars Akron is an outfit who will buy scrap cars in any condition and provides a quote for the value of a junk car right over the phone. Auto junk related articles are not all that we discuss, in fact, this topic involves how Texas is creating an attractive business climate. In the November 16, 2015 edition of an article titled ‘Why companies leave California for Texas’ was composed by Bill Hethcock with the following information: “My story about a study indicating that California lost 9,000 business headquarters & expansions over the past 7 years — many of them to Texas — struck a chord with some. The Bay Area Economic Institute indicates that the Bay Area is on fire with business and job creation. San Francisco, along with Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Austin, lead the nation in job growth.

Joseph Vranich is a site selection consultant & president of Spectrum Location Solutions. I asked Vranich about his main takeaway from the study and he says it’s easy to do business in Texas. He breaks down the destination cities benefiting from CA disinvestment events. In Texas, Austin tops the list–others include Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and more.  Here are companies that recently moved or expanded in Texas:

MonkeySports Inc. will relocate its HQ and distribution to Allen, from Corona, CA. President Tom Arnold says they seek a more favorable business climate. Allen, TX, in particular, rates highly in economic climate, growth prospects, available labor, regulatory environment and quality of life. The online retailer of hockey & lacrosse merchandise with superstores in CA, MA, NJ and Sweden purchased a 261,000-square-foot building in Allen with a warehouse for expansion. Capital investment will total $30 million and they plan to relocate 25 employees from CA and plans to hire 200+ employees in the next two years.

CellPoint Corp. opened a new facility in Fort Worth. They specialize in repairing and refurbishing LCDs, touch panels, and LCMs, the facility takes in scrap displays and fixes them at a lower cost than buying new. Ehsan Gharatappeh, the CEO, says that even if CA eliminated the state income taxes, it wouldn’t be enough to put manufacturing operations back in CA.

Curls, a hair products company relocated its HQ from Sacramento to Frisco. Its new 3,500SF office could hire up to 40 once it begins manufacturing. CEO Mahisha Dellinger says that TX is more business friendly with fewer regulations & taxes.

Toyota Motor Corp., the world’s largest automaker, will move most its North American HQ to Plano. Toyota’s U.S. sales unit has been based in Southern CA since 1957. They indicated that it’s seeking efficiencies through consolidation. TX is emerging as a major player in the US auto industry and Torrance officials are trying to determine how to fill the hole the company will leave behind when it vacates and moves 3,000 jobs away. The cost for the new campus is estimated at $350 million. Saatchi LA, Toyota’s longtime advertising agency, will move a number of employees also in response to the automaker’s relocation.

True Mileage is a startup company, which markets a device that tracks miles driven & may bring about lower car insurance rates, moved to Dallas because of the region’s startup activity & resources. President Ryan Morrison says the startup scene in Dallas is vibrant & you can develop many contacts, in explaining relocation from Long Beach. The complete article is available here.

For several years now I have heard about Texas attracting new and expanding businesses with incentives and creating a “business-friendly” approach. California’s taxes are out of control. They have a sales tax of 7.5% to 10.0% and state income taxes are a staggering 8% for those earning over $37,000. Let’s take a look:

Income $40,000; Federal Taxes: -$5,800; State Taxes: -$3200; Minimum Take-Home Pay= $31,000; Purchases then subject to sales tax is 8%

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