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Cash 4 Cars Akron Junk Ordinance Passes

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Diamondville’s Town Council agreed on an Ordinance regarding junk cars at their meeting. This law had been debated by councilmembers and many residents over the last few years. Police Chief Mike Thompson expressed concerns about possible loopholes if continued changes to the wording continued. He reminded the town that the specific purpose of the rule was to give the PD more authority to enforce the hauling of junk cars and clean them up. A permit is required for those who have “hobby cars” that would generally allow them to remain. These times of permits will be a way for the administration and the police to be certain that residents are cleaning up their hobby cars, as these licenses require a renewal every 2 years. Council and onlookers agree the ordinance will help clean up the town, and ensure the current problem of seeing scattered junk vehicles in plain sight will be eliminated. Clint Bowen mentioned his concern that the rules would be “nipping away at people’s person freedom”. Alyssa Hartmann says the ordinance is designed not to impact those legitimately repairing their vehicles. Abandoned property has proven to be a common place to notice the presence of junk cars. The full article is available here.

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