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California Automobile Compliance History

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The University of Indiana’s 2017 study regarding the auto industry and environmental compliance told us some interesting historical information as follows: “Traditionally California has taken an aggressive leadership role in seeking to reduce auto emissions. In the late 1960’s, the state pioneered the plan, which is over a decade prior to the federal government’s initial programs. During the Clinton and George W. Bush governments, environmental proponents and their allies among the CA lawmakers started increasingly disenchanted with the U.S government’s management of the CAFE program. Despite oppositions from the auto makers and dealerships, the state legislature passed AB 1493, which set limits on GHG emissions from new automobiles vehicles sold in the state. The law called for CARB to generate significant reductions in GHGs, and it set some standards for cars starting in the 2009 model year.

This level for year 2016 is approximately 36 miles per gallon. The state governments in NY and MA have also pursued some goals regarding these issues. Opponents claimed that the state did not have the independent authority to set their own set of standards, citing federal priority. A federal court back in 2007 did confirm that CA may proceed with their regulations. The Obama environmental departments took sought guidance from CA when working through their policies based on their longer period of handling these issues. Ultimately, the federal goals became fairly similar to those in California. In 2012, automakers that were compliant could basically use either regulation as their barometer because they were essentially the same. Currently, the state’s standards extend no further than the federal ones as it relates to compliance.” The full study is available here.

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