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Automotive Education

Automotive Education

Old car scrap and the value of a junk car are typical topics that we discuss on this blog. We certainly do not wish to limit the news and information that we cover, so we continuously look into other related issues. Cash 4 Cars Akron is who buys old cars in Kenmore, Portage County and Medina. Those seeking a quote for an old car in Mogadore, Ravenna and Wadsworth can call us 6 days a week for the value of a junk car. Be forewarned, the value of a junk car has dipped quite a bit in 2015, as a result of a steep decline in the commodity markets among several metals. To sell your scrap car to us, you can call, text or send your vehicle information to our junk car buyer through our website. On November 30, 2015 an editorial titled ‘FCA’s degrees program a smart move all around’ was posted on autonews.com with the following details: “Fiat Chrysler and its U.S. dealers are offering the ‘Degrees@Work’ free-college program nationally and expanding it to include employees’ spouses & children. Dealers always struggle to attract & retain good employees, a concern that will only grow as baby boomers retire. This perk should attract better job candidates and encourage workers to stay while they complete their education.

At participating FCA U.S. dealerships, any employee can take a class or pursue an associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree — online or in person at any of Strayer University’s 77 campuses. Employees pay nothing toward tuition, fees or books. Strayer is an accredited, private, for-profit university based in Washington, D.C., with an enrollment of 40,000. As FCA expands the program from its Southeast region to all of its 2,600 U.S. dealerships, it has added an optional second level that extends education benefits to employees’ spouses & children. FCA underwrites part of the cost. Participating dealers pay a monthly flat fee based on store size: $400 to $1,000 for employees only and up to an additional $2,500 for families.

Employees, and at some dealerships, their families, get free education. For a modest cost, dealers can offer a benefit to help attract & retain talent. By negotiating a national package with Strayer, FCA earns goodwill with dealers while helping to strengthen its 118,000-employee retail base. It’s a voluntary program, but it’s taking off faster than FCA expected since the pilot started in May. Daytona Beach, Fla., dealer Randy Dye says 1/3 of his 130 employees are enrolled. He calls the program “the answer” for employees struggling to educate their children. As middle-class concerns about education costs mount, kudos to FCA and its dealers for a bold and innovative approach.” The complete story is available at this link.

The above editorial discusses a strategy by Fiat/Chrysler to improve on attracting, retaining and educating it staff by offering college level education. In pondering the program the first aspect we considered is the value of the benefit itself. In doing so, we decided to find out more about Strayer University and its educational profile. Strayer is among the for-profit US schools that recently have been criticized for a variety of reasons. Many of these schools have been cited for maintaining low standards on admission and enticing enrollees through encouragement of enjoying student loan funding as a source of income. According to Wiki: “Strayer has shown higher rates of student retention than other for-profit schools. Withdrawal percentages ranged from 17.9% to 48.8% for students seeking a degree. In 2011, the Washington Post claimed that Strayer had a 15% graduation rate, listing it among the lowest college graduation rates in the DC area. Strayer claimed the graduation rate for bachelor’s students was 33%. In 2013, USA Today listed Strayer University of Washington D.C. as a “red flag” institution for posting a student loan default rate that surpassed its graduation rate.” [1]  Based on the school’s reputation, it seems that it would be an average incentive at best. It seems a better option would be to offer to pay a percentage of the tuition to a better school.

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Cash 4 Cars is among those of us who buys old cars in Summit, Portage and Medina County. We give you cash for the value of a junk car and include complimentary junk car towing. Are you asking yourself who buys old cars in Cuyahoga Falls, Stow or Fairlawn? Are you seeking a processor of old car scrap in Green, Firestone Park or North Akron? We are a ‘cash for junk vehicle’ buyer in the greater Akron, OH area.  For scrap cars service provider that will retrieve your car whether it is broken down or not—give us a call. Sell a scrap car or junk car in Barberton quickly, with one call to 330-732-JUNK.  Is your junk vehicle in need of costly repairs that actually cost more than the car is worth?

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strayer_University