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Automobile Satisfaction Study for Leasing

Many of those serving as a wrecked car buyer in Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls can provide same-day junk car removal. The many who buys crashed cars in Medina, Springfield Township, and Kenmore and initiating the recycling processes. Yes, it is true that we buy scrap cars in North Akron, Sharon Center, and Mogadore now all year long. If you are stuck somewhere in Stow, Monroe Falls, or East Akron, wondering who buys junk cars—you are now aware! We strive to assist to form positive public opinions of the vehicle scrap and recycling community.

In the December 14, 2016 edition of Auto News, Hannah Lutz reported on the outcomes of leases in the mass-market and luxury segments as follow:   “With leasing making up roughly 1/3 of new-vehicle transactions, customer satisfaction at the end of the term is of great importance. But the secrets to satisfaction are different for luxury &mass-market customers. J.D. Power (JDP) indicates that dealers & lenders may need to better comprehend the differences.

The 2016 US Lease Satisfaction Study featured several lenders and finance companies that represented various brands across the high-end &mid-market segments at a large bank. The information was gathered from a wide-ranging of leasing consumers. Of the 1,986 that responded, 987 had leased luxury brands & 999 had leased mid-market brands. The data measured the pleasure of customers who were within 6 months of their lease’s completion. A satisfied shopper is likely to return to the dealer and more expected to stick with the brand. According to Jim Houston, Sr. Director at JDP’s auto finance division says that things can be done to insure the customer is satisfied.

Mid-market customers seemed most satisfied with a lease-end process where the bank contacted them 4-5 months prior to lease expiration. High-end customers merely wanted contact only 1-3 months prior. The mass market has some lessees that are relatively new. They are typically motivated by payment.  Higher-end lease customers have a greater tendency to be repeat customers, driven by the product more than the price.  For 1st first-time luxury lease customers, 27 % say they returned the car and leased again. Approximately 17% simply walked away. Of veteran lease customers, 33 % leased again. Overall, higher-end customers were happier than mass-market customers. These mid-market lease customers had differing expectations since the mass-market buyers are looking for low costs and consistency. There are more 1st-time lease consumers in the mass market, and newer banks in this market. Many high-end brands are truly focused on leasing, and in time the captive lending companies develop. Leases account for 51% of high-end brands’ transactions versus 30% industrywide.” The full story can be viewed here.

Portage County Wrecked Vehicle Buyer

Contacting a wrecked vehicle buyer on short notice in Silver Lake, Wadsworth, and Kent is now possible. Dial us up @ 33-271-6464 and ask who buys crashed cars in the areas of New Franklin, Firestone Park, and Highland Square. Proper environmental disposal techniques are employed when we buy scrap cars in Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna. When junking a motor vehicle in the Merriman Valley, Bath, or Lakemore areas, it’s helpful to know who buys junk cars. Were you aware that proper recycling reduces the pollution associated with manufacturing processes?