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Auto Recycling Artist

Auto Recycling Artist

Our next story deviates from our typical topics of junk car towing, junk vehicle removal and the economics surrounding where to scrap my car providers. Yes, this topic is not about the value of a scrap car or scrap yards that buy cars; in fact, it discusses an artist who had a very creative idea. Cash 4 Cars Akron does not recycle electronics such as phones and computer; however, as a “scrap my car” service provider we support and endorse those who promote recycling and other environmentally-friendly endeavors.

In a November 17, 2015 story on thenewswheel.com[1] ‘Artist Uses Recycled Cell Phones to Build Car’ we learned the following about a Taiwanese artist who built an automobile out of junk and scrap mobile phones: “Recycling is an easy way to go green. Whether it’s separating your plastics & glass from the rest of your garbage or donating old electronics to those that need it, there are so many ways to reuse the various bits of junk lying. What if you used old junk as an art medium? This is exactly what Lin Shih-Pao, a Taiwanese artist, did with approximately 25K cellular phones.

Lin unveiled a new art installation at his old high school in New Taipei City. Using the used cell phones, he created a life-size car. The idea for this piece came to Lin four years ago, when he realized that more people need to recognize the importance of recycling. Lin explained his modern art, carved from recycled garbage, like a statue, slowly carved. Lin says that with this you can see the progression of art from traditional to modern–produced by our high-class garbage. It took Lin 4 years and $30K to collect discarded phones; for the shape of the car, he first built a wooden frame. The masterpiece installation now weighs about 2 tons”. It is pretty spectacular–check out the pictures of Lin’s life-size car above. The full story and video are available here.

I am interested in knowing what (if any) plans there are for this work of art. This guy invested a great deal of time and money in this project, so perhaps the value of a scrap car designed in this unusual fashion is destined for a museum someplace. Either way, we respect Mr. Shih-Pao’s vision, perseverance and creativity in this auto recycling related project.

Where to scrap my car?

Several times on the average week I speak with vehicle owners that are uncertain of where to scrap my car and have no idea about the value of a scrap car. These nice folks had never previously given thought to thejunk vehicle removal or scrap my car process. We certainly don’t blame them, as the junk car towing and auto scrap and recycling industry is far from glamourous. The junk vehicle removal and junk car towing providers are a necessity, as what happens to End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV’s) is critical because we cannot simply bury hundreds of old junk vehicles in landfills. The goal among those of us working in scrap yards that buy cars is ultimately to recycle 100% of the materials that compose the automobile. Although this goal is not yet a reality, it is getting close, as approximately 90% is the current average, which is impressive because the value of a scrap car has declined recently due to a drop in the market prices of several commodities.

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[1] The site has credited BBC with the origin of the article.