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5 Ways to Prevent Rust on Your Old Car in Akron

If you find yourself prematurely locating where to junk a car in Firestone Park, Highland Square, or Copley, it could be due to a lack of maintenance. We buy junk cars that are faced with expensive repair bills at a Midas, NTB, or Mr. Tire repair facility. Rust will ultimately sabotage the value of a scrap car in the areas of Barberton, Ravenna, or the Merriman Valley. When you decide to initiate the process of selling an old car in Monroe Falls or Cuyahoga Falls—give us a call.

Northeast Ohio winters can create havoc for your car, truck, van, or SUV as it related to body rust. Obviously, it is best to take the car through a wash during the winter on days that are above freezing. Often people forget the importance of having the underside of the car cleaned, meaning one of the automatic car wash facilities. The underside of the vehicle, particularly brake lines, wheel wells, and the vehicle frame can often begin deteriorating after only 4 or 5 rough winters. Road salt, which is used extensively, is one of the primary agents which leads to the body rust, thus you need to proactively prevent it.

What is rust? Rust is a form of corrosion impacting iron (a form of steel). When oxygen encounters rugged air or ay forms of moisture, the problem begins. Once it begins it is quite difficult to stop. This really occurs frequently when grime, ice and snow within the vehicle underbody. Rust is a concern that progresses like a weed, negatively impacting the value of automobiles.

Rust Prevention on Vehicles: 5 Tips

  • Avoid buying the dealer’s “rustproofing plans”, most experts feel it is not really worth the extra expense.
  • Check your car for spots where the finish has left the metal exposed. Often a rock will hit the base of your door panels which chips off the paint. This allows moisture to access the metal directly. Keep a touch up paint supply on hand to address these problems.
  • Look for darker segments of paint that are early indicators of corrosion within the body panel.
  • Use a powerful flashlight to examine the base and underside of the car.
  • Stop small problems quickly, before they progress. We recommend that each spring you locate any areas of concern and take the car to a body shop for repair. It will be relatively inexpensive for them to “touch-up” these areas and reapply a finish to protect the area.

Where to Junk a Car for Cash

Are you are sitting in Norton, Brimfield, or Tallmadge wondering where to junk a car? We are pleased to announce that we buy junk cars now throughout Peninsula, Granger Township, and the Rolling Acres area. The true value of a scrap car can be quickly assessed in the regions of Coventry Township, Chapel Hill, and Hudson. The good news is that we can pick up non-running cars, trucks, and vans from Conrad’s locations, transmission shops, and Goodyear stores. Were you aware the recycling reduces the harmful pollution related with the manufacturing process?